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  1. A couple of years ago, Valerie and I lost a parent (my dad to a heart disease and her mom to cancer) within a very short space time between those two moments. In those trying times, all I could remember was trying to get back up on my feet and trying my best to move forward because it really felt like the world was caving in.. Needless to say, as much as I wanted too, it wasn't easy as A,B,C! Having each other as best friends certainly helped us both understand the magnitude of this moment and we then understood time may not necessarily heal everything. We gave ourselves the time to get better - it wasn't a day, a week, a month, a year but as time passed us by, eventually everything will be okay - we said. After about a year of planning and speaking about it, we finally wrote "Lost" together where it truly allowed us to channel the tiny but important moments we both individually had with our loved ones. The thought process and emotions that went with it is something we will cherish because let's be honest it's not the most easiest of things to talk about, a subject nothing would prepare us for. As we both celebrated significant dates for my dad yesterday (We would be celebrating his 61st) and her mom today (Heaven welcomed an angel) - We thought what better way to honour them by sharing with you that despite the constant changes in life, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, there are always legacies to be kept, and there is always a chance to move forward. Here's to the people we love, the people we will give anything for, and the the people that will live in us forever. Proudly with The Wolf Peg Podcast - we share with you Kings For The Night with our original song "Lost".
  2. Our first ever special and its all about Christmas. Joining the show for this unique episode is my other best friend, Karyn Anne.
  3. Sitting down with an ex-boss is never easy? Say's who? Its always been a pleasure to sit down with a guy whom I've learned so much from and continue to grow in our friendship till this very day. Our conversation ranged from movies to dating apps to everything in between! It's kind of cool to listen to how it all ties in together - joining me as a fellow "GoodFeller" is a guy whose friendship I really cherish, Jeremy "JC" Chelliah.
  4. After a 1 month mini-break - The Wolf Peg Podcast is back in its latest episode entitled "The Bad-Man Who Laughs" The title in itself is a tribute to my next guest Nat aka Bud as we both appreciate The Joker but believes Batman's morality is something to behold. Having said that, she's my friend of 15 years and we had some pretty interesting stories to talk about as we went from Christmas Caroling in the malls to who we are today. This episode is one for the ages, an episode where we remembered age old stories, and definitely the episode that will keep us going.
  5. "Colored People" is a song from one of our favorite bands - DC Talk. It speaks a lot about being different, yet the same. It speaks on being united, because divided we fall. Today, we got to talk a little bit about finding the beauty in ourselves, regardless of perspective. My two part conversation with Emma comes to a beautiful end.
  6. 15th October 2018 - A day that changed the course of our lives forever. On a day we reflect on the stories about our late father, we remember fondly the stories, the love that his legacy continues to inspire us to be the best version of ourselves. Joining me today is my amazing sister Emma as we speak about the unspoken in the "The Glorious Goodbye"
  7. In this episode I'm joined by The Wolf Peg Podcast official bartender / audio video guy who I also call the "Free Guy" and my very own brother, Emmanuel, to speak on the journey we've had so far. The major back and forth theme is about the life and times of a one Mr. Samuel and how we reflect on him and carrying on an important legacy we were left behind with. There's no need for tissues (hopefully) but this experience should show us that love is without expectations.
  8. Selamat Hari Malaysia my fellow Malaysians – in the spirit of Malaysia Day I present to you the very first episode of “The Wolf Peg Podcast” entitled “In the Beginning”. Joining me as my very first guest on the show is my best friend Aaron G and we go through memory lane on stories of our friendships, hardships, and a little bit of fun in between. We also discussed a little bit of what the future holds and in true Malaysian spirit, MALAYSIAN FOOD!
  9. Stories on love, life and the lies in between It's cool to remember the days gone by. It's even cooler to give them something to remember us by. The Wolf Peg Podcast is created for the future from the reminders of our past - where love, life and the lies in between played a big part in shaping who we are.

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