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  1. How to grow Psilocybin I guess we talk some science Discuss Evolution & UFO's
  2. we talk about The Tank Battles pushing towards Hitler Apes are evolving.
  3. New JFK Assassination insights Appropriation of Taliban Culture
  4. I proposed to my dumb girlfriend Ted Bundy has some ideas about Defunding the Police Law Enforcement Appreciation Day - discussed
  5. Wizard of Oz stories about "little people" (formerly known as Midgets) partying and having orgies. Ghislaine (Jizzlane) Maxwell's trial. Bill Clinton UFO connection
  6. Joe Nami

    I'm Back!

    I got caught doing something naughty by my neighbor.
  7. Family drinks 12 Gallons of Milk a week apparently. Rats at Popeye's increases business.
  8. Alec Baldwin has fun on Halloween after shooting a woman dead a few days ago. Instagram Influencer poses by her Daddy's Open Coffin in a Sexy Photoshoot. Halloween Joker - stabs 17 people on a Train.
  9. ISIS threatens Virginia Mall. ISIS threatens Virginia Mall. Bill & Jeff are getting closer. Turkey is Pro Cat, Anti gay.
  10. Some funny stories Pope Biden & President Francis sit down & talk Climate change. Can we Google Translate Whale talk?
  11. War Stories from the Middle East Tiger King & Florida Discussion. Elon Musk set to become Trillionaire.
  12. Dangerous Story - My Dad in the Middle East as a Teenager. New Victims identified by DNA. Turbans being used to save lives.
  13. Jesus Actor 'Jim Caviezel' from Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ joined a Qanon adjacent group and peddles insane conspiracy theories.
  14. Fun Story up top about my life in crime News: Woman hiding 26 kids behind fake wall. Main Story: A.I. robots now giving sermons (as well as doing sex)
  15. Parents compared to "domestic terrorists" threatening school board. Saudi Arabia letting women drive to their husbands.

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