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  1. One of the hottest up and coming music producers with a following of 64K on Youtube, Stoic Beats shares some of the biggest insights he has gained on his journey from "making hundreds of terrible beats" to making a full-time living selling beats online and doing what he loves every single day. We also discuss the many nuances of music production, the creative process, and the current and future state of hip hop and music in general.
  2. Virginia based rapper Austin Fox discusses the journey of being a self-sustaining artist, the search for the perfect type beat, and the release of his latest studio album, Ranger396V. In today’s episode, we are joined by Virginia-based rapper, Austin Fox. He has just released his third and latest studio album, Ranger 396V. Austin has a Soundcloud catalog of over 70 tracks that span for 6 years, with a unique message in his diversity of songs. He joins us to discuss the journey of being a self-sustaining artist, the search for the perfect type beat, and the release of his latest studio album. Key Highlights [01:20] Recent album feedback [06:16] The type of music that Austin creates [08:15] The search for the perfect beat type [11:28] The hard and tricky game of finding the right beat on YouTube [15:11] The process of communicating with producers [18:06] How to earn by selling your music [22:25] How the internet has changed the music industry. [26:55] Taking it back: Austin’s first rap [36:46] Remembering college life. [37:32] Austin’s plan and vision to make his music self-sustainable. [42:39] The biggest revenue streams in music [46:35] Austin’s favorite song on the Ranger396V album. [50:06] What’s coming up for Austin? [53:19] Where to listen to Austin’s work Notable Quotes I was able to write a bunch of verses that the actual songs didn’t even make it on the album. But it was just a great feeling for me to get me in that writing mood. For my whole career up until now, I have been a YouTube-type beat-fiend! The beats that you don’t find on YouTube are the beats that I’m trying to get on. When I’m finding a beat on YouTube, it’s a very tricky game. There’s a mix between you wanting a super flamey beat but you want one that doesn’t have too many views. 9 times out of 10 when I listen to a song, I’m going to hear some type of auto-tuned type. If you love making music, people will love hearing it. In the nowadays world of music, if you want to be an artist, you really need to have multiple hats. Resources Listen to Austin Fox’s music on: SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/AustinFoxx Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/60r0IwmjOfQ0SsGWll2GrH
  3. UK based rapper TheSwiftHD shares insights into his craft and his approach to creating hip hop music This episode's guest is TheSwiftHD, an 18 year old UK based rapper who has built an already impressive catalogue of songs which he releases primarily through his youtube channel. Callum shares his journey from hobbyist to proficient independent artist, his unique approach to improving and growing as a rapper and music artist, and insights into the lyrics and creation of his latest single, "Walking to Wisdom", produced by Quietfire Beats!
  4. Cheshire Cat Kid & Quietfire Beats talk about new vs old school rap, winning a Busta Rhymes contest, and motivations for writing & recording music.

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