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  1. Find Ugly Houses, Get Big Checks! This weeks episode, we're breaking down 10 skills to master to become an unstoppable force in real estate. Of course, we are going to be answering your questions and RINGING THAT BELL for you!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!
  2. Talk To People! Need the check list for cold calling? Brent breaks it down! check out the perfect cold call check list!
  3. Financial Freedom! HIGH INFLATION! HIGH INTREST RATE! Is the housing market going to crash? What is going to happen in 2022? Ryan and Brent talk all about the shift that is happening to the market. Wholesale is here to stay! Find how you an PIVOT your company to stay with the times!!
  4. Creative Finance Have you ever wanted to work for Pace? Why do you think that will be helpful? Listen to this as Pace tells you why it's MORE VALUABLE to get a deal done first before working him. Pace goes through all the reasons why he requires that but also tells you where to get all your questions answered without working for him! CHECK HIS YOUTUBE OUT! ITS ALL FREE!!!!!!! Pace Morby Youtube Page
  5. Talk To People! Have you ever gotten angry people from cold calling? How did you handle it? What do you do when you get cussed out? Check out this week episode from the Wholesale HotLine where Brent and Jamil break it down and show you how to over come angry callers! If you need any more support check us for free content, support: TTP Links!
  6. Wholesale Real Estate with BEST Coaches! 2022 has already been a CRAZY year! Highest of interest rates, super high rate for housing market, a recession is looming in the background. What is going to happen with the real estate market? Can I keep the insane deal sizes? Can I do the same amount of deals? How should I structure my company to handle the income from this? Brent and Jamil conquer answering these questions this week. They also are taking questions from the Live Q and A! So CHECK THIS OUT1
  7. To The Moon! Why You NEED To DISCLOSE Your Buy Price Disclose your buy price when you have that initial conversation with the listing agent. Your initial conversation would reveal how the agent feels about your buy price. You, not disclosing your buy price on that conversation may often send the wrong message. The listing agent may think that you are not serious at all. So get it out on that conversation. Disclose your buy price. This helps you know outright, if the listing agent will even mention or show your offer to the seller. Being hesitant to disclose your buy price on the initial conversation does not help you at all. Don't have that conversation and then end it by saying you'll email your buy price. Whether or not the agent asks, it's your responsibility on that conversation to get to that part where you disclose your buy price. This way, you won't be wasting time. When you disclose your buy price, you'll be able to more accurately gauge if the agent is comfortable with it or if you'll have to wait and follow-up after a few days or a few weeks. This is much better than waiting and speculating if the agent showed your offer to the seller after you email your buy price.
  8. Talk To People! Having a hard time getting the seller to tell you price? Are you tired of small deal sizes? Then get your seller to tell you the price! Brent breaks it down and how to get the price from the seller.
  9. Creative Finance and To the Moon! Inflation has gone CRAZY! What does it look like and how does it work?? Pace and Jamil breaks it down and tells how the Fed does it!
  10. Talk To People! For SO long Brent gave and gave and gave to my business and didn't take enough home. Once Brent flipped the way he thought about profit (thanks to Profit First model), Brent stayed more focused on growing the business and made way more...
  11. Creative Finance! Want to know what the big dogs are buying with their money in 2022? In this video I interview my good friend and expert wholesaler Jamil Damji. Get Jamil's List: Message or DM his Instagram (@jdamji) Link To Jamil's Youtube: @Jamil Damji
  12. Talk To People! After personally having over 45,000 conversations with property owners here is a list of the top tips for becoming an absolute motivated appointment setting machine!
  13. Wholesaling with the best Coaches in the Biz! Brent Daniels, Jamil Damji, Pace Morby! This week on Wholesale Hotline, we are bringing it back to the basics and answering your questions on wholesaling real estate! Don't miss this live Q&A every week 5pm MST!
  14. To The Moon! From knowing nothing about wholesaling to being a successful Astro student who crushes it in doing deals and rising up the ranks as a part of my Astroflipping team as a community manager and my right hand guy. Austin Bozek has been such a go giver in supporting the Astro community, helping the students in their journey and being there for them 100%. I am extremely honored to be doing this episode of To The Moon, sitting with Austin as he shares with you all his own journey and learnings, how he started in this path and what got him to this point of success. Austin's incredible story started like how most people's journey did. He was with a different wholesale real estate education company which provided a mentorship that did not work out since there was no real "mentorship". Many of you can relate to Austin's experience as to how he first got exposed into the world of wholesaling and how he was pulled into it by that amazing idea that someone inexperienced can actually learn and get into real estate investing and realistically make decent money.
  15. Ugly Houses! Big Checks! Are you just getting started in wholesaling real estate? Get my free wholesale for beginners course and cold call script: https://www.talktopeople.com/insider/

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