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  1. We sat down again with Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, Strathclyde Business School, University of Strathclyde colleagues, Lucrezia Casulli, Emilee Lauran Simmons and Suzanne Mawson. On the back of the last episode, this time they discussed what is meant by the term 'entrepreneurial mindset', changing perceptions of 'failure' and 'success', overcoming the fear of taking risks, and self-reflection!
  2. Director of the Glasgow City Innovation District, Alisdair Gunn, sat down with Neil Logan, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of digital technology specialist, Incremental Group. Neil is a Senior Enterprise Fellow at the University of Strathclyde, where he is working with Strathclyde Inspire to help inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. Neil outlines his career journey to date, offers advice to budding entrepreneurs, and shares what excites him in the future of tech innovation.
  3. Manish Joshi, CEO of Strathclyde Students Union, sat down with the inspirational Gurjit Singh Lalli, Curator and Founder of TEDxGlasgow, winner of the Businessman of the Year Award at the Scottish Asian Business Awards and Strathclyde Senior Enterprise Fellow, who is working to help inspire Strathclyde's next generation of entrepreneurs.
  4. As part of our new 'Let's Talk Entrepreneurship...' podcast series, Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship colleagues, Lucrezia Casulli, Emilee Simmons and Suzanne Mawson, sit down to dispel misconceptions and myths about Entrepreneurship. They discuss the importance of resilience and overcoming setbacks, debate whether entrepreneurs are team players or lone wolves, and ask if entrepreneurial mindsets are hereditary. You won't want to miss this!
  5. Strathclyde Inspire sits down with Susan Aktemel, Founder & Executive Director of Homes for Good, Scotland's first social enterprise letting agency. Susan is one of Scotland’s most successful entrepreneurs. In this Inspiring Conversation with Manish Joshi, Susan talks about social entrepreneurship, heart versus head in business and shares with us what attributes she thinks makes a successful entrepreneur.
  6. We sat down with Dr Susie Mitchell, Programme Director for Glasgow City of Science and Innovation. Susie is an inspirational entrepreneurial leader who, throughout her career, has championed diversity and equality in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. In 2016, Susie was recognised by Equate Scotland as a Leading Woman of Scotland for her contributions to STEM and Scotland’s advancement. With a passion for creativity and science, Susie is interested in how multidisciplinary working can generate radical, responsible innovation that tackles societal challenges.
  7. Strathclyde Inspire supports any University of Strathclyde student, staff or graduate. Strathclyde Inspire supports and encourages entrepreneurship in all its forms, so whether you want to explore your entrepreneurial potential, have an idea for a business, or are considering commercialising your research, we will support you at every stage of your journey.
  8. We speak to Claire Nelson, Chief Executive Officer of Netball Scotland and Strathclyde Sirens. Claire is a truly inspirational and entrepreneurial female leader, who was most recently named 'Game Changer in Sport'. As one of the most influential women working in UK sport today, Claire is recognised for pioneering industry-leading advancements in women’s sport and has clear ambitions of where netball should be in the future. Claire talks to us about her entrepreneurial journey so far.
  9. Brie Read, founder of Snag, the ethical and inclusive fashion brand, chats to Manish Joshi, from Strathclyde Students' Union, about how Snag came about, how a customer idea saved the business and how you shouldn’t listen to other people’s ideas!
  10. Join us for our first episode of Exploring Entrepreneurship, as Manish chats with Vicky Hamilton, inventor of Recoil Kneepads, founder of VH Innovation and Strathclyde's own Enterprise Fellow at the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship. Manish will be chatting to Vicky about her experience with abandoning the traditional graduate scheme route and launching a successful business instead.
  11. We ask Professor Janice Kirkpatrick what she thinks it means to have an entrepreneurial mindset before finding out about her own entrepreneurial journey.
  12. Mark Logan & Eleanor Shaw chat on this episode of Inspiring Conversations.
  13. We were delighted to announce our institution-wide entrepreneurship strategy, Strathclyde Inspire, during Global Entrepreneurship Week. Strathclyde Inspire embodies our entrepreneurial spirit and will help University of Strathclyde students and staff realise their creativity and ambition, empowering them to make an impact on the world around them. To find out more about Strathclyde Inspire, check out this video. Speakers include Professor Sir Jim McDonald (University of Strathclyde Principal and Vice Chancellor), Professor Mark Logan (Start-up Advisor & former COO, Skyscanner), Professor Janice Kirkpatrick OBE (Founder and Director, Graven) and Professor David Onions (Advisor, Norcliffe Capital). SHOW LESS

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