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  1. PNP - Renee Reisch - Finding Your Voice Using The VOICE blueprint We are so excited to have our incredible guest on the podcast today who is going to talk to us about finding your voice. Renee has cultivated and inspired individuals and teams for over a decade. You immediately feel her energy when she enters a room. After over twenty-five years working in Corporate America, Renee decided it was time to hang up the corporate ladder. She started her professional training and speaking as an instructor at WHW (Women Helping Women), a non-profit organization, where she donated her time helping the unemployed and underemployed find and keep their jobs. Renee has received numerous awards over the years for bringing her teams to the number one position. Both her years and experience in the corporate world have taught her that in order to move the bar and increase profit, you must first invest in people. After suffering a devastating illness that took away her voice, then a few years later the loss of her best friend and then father, Renee decided to follow their example to Never Give Up. Now, that legacy is how Renee has chosen to live her life and help others, showing them that just when they feel life is closing in on them, there is always a way out. Today, Renee is a Four Times #1 Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and a Transformational/Mindset Coach and Creator of the V.O.I.C.E. Blueprint. She works with those suffocating in silence to find their true voice so they can express themselves with confidence and go from surviving to thriving. In this episode we cover: The #1 reason why people are afraid to speak up and use their voice; What part codependency had in her life when it came to her losing her voice and being afraid to speak up; The impact intuition has on your life when it comes to finding your voice; How you may start to find your voice and your inner purpose; The dangers of being stuck in your comfort zone and avoiding growth; The power of journaling by hand; and So much more...
  2. Andrea Isaacs - Delving into the 9 Enneagrams and integrating them with Emotions and Somatic Awareness In this interview, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the most incredible souls I know. Her name is Andrea Isaacs and she is incredibly gifted and tapped into her superconscious. I spoke to her about a topic that I am fascinated with and that I really love to talk about and that is emotions. However, the conversation will be slightly different because emotions is one thing but when you add the concept of the enneagram with it, it truly becomes something else. Another definition of the superconscious you may not have heard about; What Energy is; How Energy and Emotions are connected; What the Enneagram is and how you can integrate it with emotions to move forward; The gifts and challenges associated with all 9 enneagrams and how you can embrace the gifts and loosen the challenge; How to use your intuition to guide you towards your tribe; What somatic awareness is and the benefits associated with it; The importance of inner child healing; and So much more. Andrea's Website: http://www.andrea-isaacs.com Podcast Episode Page: https://www.superconscioussuccess.com/andreaisaacs
  3. RPC - Laurina Anderson - The Energy Shifter – Bringing Prosperity and Abundance Into Our Lives Utilising Consciousness and the Magic Moment Today I am absolutely thrilled to have “The Energy Shifter” on the podcast to discuss money mindset and changing our money blocks to bring more prosperity and success into our lives. Her name is Laurina Anderson and she is a world class life and energy coach who empowers her students to live life on a whole new level. Like many, Laurina had her own set of challenges growing up. She was raised in a basement apartment on the south side of Chicago, she became a high school dropout, she was married at 18 and was a single mother to two beautiful daughters by the age of 26. Barely managing to make ends meet, she was all too familiar with the lack mentality. Now she guides people on how they can shift their energy so they may create abundance in their lives. In this episode we cover: What energy is and why it is so important when it comes to manifestation; The power of self worth when it comes to manifestation and to creating the life you were designed to live; The #1 thing that is stopping people from manifesting abundance into their lives; How you can begin to tap into the messages from source and from your higher self to follow the path of least resistance; Why being present (the magic moment) is so important; 3 tips that you can start implementing today to help you begin manifesting more money into your life; and So much more...
  4. PNP - Noha Essop - The Power of Retreats to Build Your Soul Tribe and Discover Your Purpose We are so excited to be chatting to our guest on today’s podcast, none other than Noha Essop. Noha is The Conscious Maverick, your Supernova Coach and your Business Rainmaker. She is an internationally certified NLP trainer and master practitioner, business consultant and coach, clinical hypnotherapist and a demartini method facilitator. NLP came into her life when her son was recovering from his 1st brain tumor and she decided she was no longer satisfied with the business she was running. This is when she changed direction and took the plunge into her coaching practice. Today she has an established global coaching and training practice, serving in over 20 countries. In this interview we cover: What consciousness is and how we may begin to integrate source into our business; The importance of quiet time and living in the present moment; How you can set up retreats to advance your business and connect with your soul tribe; What NLP is and how it can actually help you to tap into your past life issues also; What beliefs are and how altering these beliefs can lead us towards our highest good; What impact unworthiness has on leading people towards their ultimate vision; How she actually helps children tap into their unlimited potential and create their own businesses; and So much more...
  5. Nicole Alesios - Breaking Down the 8 Money Personality Types - Which One Are You? I am so excited to have my guest here all the way from Melbourne, Australia. Her name is Nicole Alesios and she is a money mindset coach whose focus is to support women to have easier money conversations with both themselves and their clients. In this episode I will be delving into the 8 different types of money personalities and how each of these types determine your relationship with money. What the number one block is that is stopping women from becoming the bad ass's that they were designed to be; Why it is that people doubt themselves when it comes to asking for the money? How you can start to build your confidence when it comes to asking for what you are worth; How you can begin to work in alignment or flow when it comes to business so that you may be a rockin success; What is meant by the term money personality? What each of the 8 money personalities are and how each of them depict your relationship with money; and Much more... Nicole's Website: http://www.nicolealesios.com To check out this episode in both audio and video, go to: https://www.superconscioussuccess.com/nicolealesios Don't forget to sign up for the Superconscious Success Inner Circle at https://www.superconscioussuccess.com/innercircle and get exclusive content.
  6. SEE - Is Your Relationship Healthy or Toxic? In this episode, Lisa and Jen take you through 16 traits that you may find in a healthy relationship and 16 traits you will see in a toxic one. We hope you are on the side of the healthy relationships but if not, at least understanding the signs allows you to make a choice.
  7. RPC - Petia Kolibova - Manifesting Money and Soul Clients utilising the “Matters” Method I am so excited to have our guest on today. Yet another awesome guest that is going to talk to us about manifesting money and bringing soul clients into your business. Peta Kolibova is an alignment coach who guides women to intuitively connect with their inner vision so that they may experience personal and professional magnetism and become unapologetically abundant. Her mission is to empower visionaries who are on the path to embody their fullest self-expression to soulfully expand into a quantum leap in all dimensions of their lives. Petia gives immense clarity + exact steps to unlock women’s divine feminine and abundance mindset. Through subconscious work as a certified breathwork facilitator, reiki, NLP & Human Design practitioner, she leads her 6 and 7 figure clients to their next level in life and business. If she is not interviewing fellow experts on her podcast Unapologetically Abundant, traveling the world with her husband, hosting retreats, or reading, you will find her in nature disconnecting from the world, connecting even deeper to herself. What the higher self is and the relationship our higher self has to success; The importance of self worth when it comes to manifesting money and success into your life; How you can begin to build that self worth; Her 7 step money matters method; How you can begin to change your beliefs surrounding money; What is meant by the term aspirations and how you can begin to move towards your highest aspirations; How to build a relationship with money and why that is so important; The importance of trusting in yourself, source and your higher power in order to bring wealth and abundance into your life; Why expansion is our ultimate goal and how visualising this expansion is so powerful; and So much more...
  8. RACH - Tia Fagan - Moving From Authoritarian to Authentic as a Conscious Parent Wow did we have an awesome episode talking to Tia about all things Conscious Parenting, Emotions, Authentic Parenting, Setting Intentions and more. Tia was an absolute delight to have on the show and shared a wealth of knowledge that we are so grateful for. Tia Fagan is a Conscious Parenting and Authenticity Coach and mom to twin daughters in their 20s, who has been coaching and guiding parents and nonparents since 2016. Tia is Certified with Dr. Shefali Tsabary (Oprah's favorite parenting expert) and the Jai Institute for Parenting. As a registered Professional Engineer, Tia is able to blend the analytical brain and the emotional heart. Tia is here to share her ideas on Conscious and Authority Parenting. In this episode, Ilene and Jen talked to her about: What her definition of conscious parenting is and how it differs from our current system of parenting (i.e. authoritarian, passive etc); What an authentic parent is and why authenticity is so important when building a relationship with your child; How a conscious parent may deal with mistakes that children make as opposed to other parenting styles; What the difference is between setting goals and setting intentions and why it is an important difference; What it means to hold space for your child, even when they are driving you crazy; The importance of promoting your child to feel their emotions and to work through them; Why Conscious Parents need to look inside and not outside for the answers to their parenting; What shadow work is and why it is critical for the evolvement of the parent/child relationship; and So much more... Tia's Website: http://www.tiafagan.com
  9. Marika Nayan - Body, Mind and Soul Transformation Utilising NLP and Shamanic Healing Today I have a fantastic guest that I am excited to bring to you, whom I connected with instantly. Her name is Marika Nayan, and she is 5th generational shamanic healer as well as a results and performance coach. After suffering from anxiety and depression 13 years ago she began her own journey of self discovery and this led her to what she is doing now. What a results and performance coach is and who may benefit from these services; The 3 categories of transformation; The importance of values, habits, beliefs and self esteem when it comes to truly succeeding in life; What Shamanic Healing is; What spirit guides are and which spirit guides are called upon during Shamanic Healing sessions; Can you go into spirit guides and power animals, which are two categories of spirits that are used in shamanic healing; The 3 main causes of mental, emotional and physical healing, according to the shamans; What soul retrieval is and how it can help with transformation; What you can expect during and after a shamanic healing session; and So much more...
  10. Samantha Fey - Power Up As The Enlightened Empath You Were Designed To Be I was so excited to have this guest on the Self Empowered Empath segment. Unfortunately Lisa was unable to be with me on this episode but I thoroughly enjoyed chatting to Samantha fey, an intuitive for over 15 years, as well as a self professed empath. She is the host of two podcasts – Psychic teachers and Enlightened empaths and her mission is to teach people to embrace their true gifts and to help people see their connection to spirit. In today’s episode, I spoke to Samantha about what being an empath is all about and how we can harness this gift instead of constantly seeing it as a curse. Samantha has just written a book “The Awake Dreamer” and so we briefly discussed the journey our soul takes as we dream. 1. What empaths are and some signs that you may be an empath; 2. Why empaths are often targeted by narcissists and energy vampires; 3. How empathic mothers and fathers can set appropriate boundaries and nurture their own children's 'beingness'; 4. The power of experiencing the 'dark night of the soul' and dealing with the shadows; 5. The importance of self care for empaths and learning to say no; 6. Why cord cutting is so beneficial when it comes to healing; 7. How our soul takes it's own incredible journey throughout our sleep time (according to her new book "The Awake Dreamer"); and 8 So much more... Samantha's Website: http://www.samanthafey.com Podcast Episode Page: https://www.superconscioussuccess.com/samanthafey.com
  11. Lael Stone - Deal With Your Own Stuff To Help Your Child Foster Emotional Intelligence We are so excited to have our guest on the podcast today to discuss a topic that is dear to our heart and that is the topic of raising emotionally intelligent children when it comes to conscious parenting. Lael Stone is a parenting educator and consultant all the way from Melbourne, Australia and is the host of the Aware Parenting Project, as well as a speaker for the resilience project. We were so thrilled to have Lael on to discuss the topic of dealing with our own stuff to foster emotional intelligence in children. Lael’s Definition of Conscious Parenting; How Conscious Parenting differs from Authoritarian and Permissive Parenting; How parents dealing with their generational trauma can help with Conscious Parenting; Children living life as an independent soul; Importance of kids feeling their feelings and being able to express their emotions; How you can help build a strong emotional foundation for your children; The importance of instilling love in your child every single day; What the Aware Parenting Project and the Connection Program/Reslience Project; What the Woodline Primary School is; and So much more... Lael's Website: http://www.laelstone.com.au Podcast Episode Page: https://www.superconscioussuccess.com/laelstone
  12. Brent Bruning - Using Hand Analysis To Release Your Shadow and Discover Your Purpose In today’s podcast I have an exciting guest that is going to introduce myself and possibly you to a whole new way of discovering your purpose and releasing those shadow sides that you may be struggling with. His name is Brent Bruning and he is a master hand analyst and life transformation coach and he has studied over 20,000 pairs of hands, including those from Tony Robbins, Eminem, Ben Stiller, Richard Branson, Snoop Dog and so many more… His method is not palmistry and is actually a way for him to see who you really are and the life you are meant for. In today's episode we will be discussing: What Hand Analysis is and what it tells us; What the difference is between hand analysis and palmistry; Why hand analysis and fingerprint analysis go hand in hand; How the fingerprints form when the soul enters the body; What the different lines are and what they mean; What the 4 elements are, being earth, fire, air and water and what they have to do with hand analysis; How hand analysis allows us to release our shadow and discover our purpose; and So much more... To learn more about Brent, visit his website at: http://www.thepowerinyourhands.com
  13. Susan Kennard - Connecting with your Universal Team to Heal from Within Susan Kennard is our guest on today’s show, and she is known as a Spiritual Scientist who bridges the Science and the Spiritual closing the gap of skepticism with her intuitive skills and scientific knowledge. As a psychologist, psychotherapist and neuro-psychologist she blends these science skills with her inner work and intuition to help understand the best way people can heal from within. Over the years, she has used different tools, processes, and activations to help people to access their self-love and let go of the past. Susan was given the gift of clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience, which she combines her knowledge of the spiritual world. She is a teacher and works with many guides, the ascended masters, angels, and galactic guides. She also uses light language, sings tones, and sees DNA transform during these sessions. Not only is she the host of her own show, The Spiritual Awakener Podcast, but she is the creator of a new Galactic Healing Technology, which enables people to simply trust and surrender as they are symbolically taken into the Galactic Crystal Chambers. In this interview we covered the following: Listening to the messages that source is trying to send to you; The expansion of consciousness that is happening around us right now; Clearing blocks from past lives to help you move forward; Why clearing parents karma is so important; The importance of contrast; Healing our shadow side; Beautiful live “light language” session discussing the message of mission; How we as humans can absorb the light language; The real message of Jeshua; How we may tap into our own mediumship capacities; The power of healing from within; and So much more…
  14. Naima Mokhtar - The Vampire Slayer - Helping Empaths Heal from the Toxic Energies of the Narcissist Today we have a guest whom I have had the pleasure of speaking to previously about her incredible work with empaths and energy vampires. She is known as the vampire slayer and we are not talking about the vampires that suck your blood, but instead the vampires that suck your energy, known as energy vampires. Her name is Naima Mokhtar and she is the founder and host of Empaths Unity as a place where victims of narcissistic abuse can visit. In this interview we are going to talk to her about empaths, narcissistic abuse, energy vampires and also how Empaths Unity may help you. In this episode we discuss: Exactly what an empath is; What the 3 types of empaths are; Exactly what an energy vampire is; Why empaths are attracted to the narcissists and vice versa; The signs you have been attacked by an energy vampire; How you may heal from narcissistic abuse and power up to be in your best power; and What the goal of Empaths Unity is and how all empaths may support each other to help people recover from narcissistic abuse; and So much more...
  15. Tanya Pluckrose - Alter Your Paradigm to Quantum Leap Your Business Today we have brought you an amazing guest who developed the rich results thinking method, a method designed to quantum leap your business by changing your mindset. After experiencing burnout in all areas of her life, Tanya began to fall in love with the teachings of the late Bob Proctor. These teachings showed her that success is 95% mindset and 5% strategy. This mess became her mission to help other entrepreneurs quantum leap the growth of their businesses by developing the right mindset and help business owners create more money, impact and luxury living without struggle. In today's episode we discuss: The 3 planes of existence; How to alter your paradigms to breed success; The necessity to being clear and detailed when asking the universe for your desires; The power of scripting and visualisation when it comes to success; The impact self image and self worth has on manifesting your desire; The power of repetition with reprogramming the subconscious mind; How to alter your self image to create the success you were meant to have; How to quantum leap your business by altering your mindset and acting as if; How to manifest ideal clients into your life; and So much more... To learn more about Tanya, visit her website http://www.tanyapluckrose.com

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