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  1. This episode is a recap of the recent North America KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2022 organized in Detroit, MI, last October. Storage is a bit ignored by this community speaking a different language, interesting. Enjoy.
  2. This episode is about the recent OCP Global Summit 2022 that took place mid-October in San Jose, California. The main topic was Empowering Open with optics, CXL (Compute Express Link) and networking fueled by keynotes, sessions, workshops, forum and symposium. Enjoy.
  3. The IT Press Tour delivered a new edition, the number 46, in California last October to meet 10 companies I should 9 as Pavilion Data exploded the same week 2 days before our meeting with them. The others are AuriStor, Data Dynamics, GRAID Technology, HYCU, N-able, Panzura, Protocol Labs, ScaleFlux and Smart IOPS. I invite you to listen to this recap and summary of this 46th edition, Enjoy.
  4. Existing for a few decades this DFS, AFS and more recent OpenAFS and well promoted by AuriStor, a software company based in New-York, dedicated to this domain. We met again AuriStor during the recent IT Press Tour and it was the perfect opportunity to record this podcast and discuss with Jeffrey Altman, CEO and founder of AuriStor, the only active ISV in the area. With Jeffrey, we spoke about the history part of AFS with university aspect with Carnegie Mellon, and companies Transarc, IBM or Coda instance. We discussed about the philosophy of the product, how it works, why users adopt AFS-based solutions, use cases and deployments examples, also the go-to-market and pricing model and of course some future directions. Enjoy the listening. Thank you Jeffrey.
  5. Recorded during the recent Open Compute Project Summit in San Jose, ScaleFlux also joined the IT Press Tour the week before also in the valley. It was the perfect opportunity to discuss with Hao Zhong, CEO and co-founder of ScaleFlux, a emerging leader in Computational Storage. We talked about the roots of the projet, what challenges Hao wished to address, details on the SSD product line as well, the evolution with PCIe Gen 3 and 4 and soon Gen 5, CXL of course that promises to be a real big step, the go-to-market model with oems, the associated pricing model and obviously some future directions. Enjoy the listening. Thank you Hao.
  6. Smart IOPS joined the recent IT Press Tour in California, it was the right moment as the company started to accelerate on the sales side and also plan to release some new stuff. So I recorded a new interview with Ashutosh Das, CEO and co-founder of Smart IOPS, a pretty confidential SSD vendor that deserves a stop as they develop some interesting products. We spoke about the genesis of the company, what kind of product they design for which use cases offering which characteristics, their current generation with Gen 3 and 4, their plan for Gen 5 and CXL and also covering some development of a new special device. We also discussed about their recent big deals, their go-to-market and pricing model with the next product line in perspective. Enjoy the listening. Thank you Ashutosh.
  7. Panzura recently participated to the 46th edition of The IT Press Tour in California and I took advantage of the visit to record a podcast episode with Jill Stelfox, CEO of the company for two and alf years now. It is really the episode 5 of Panzura as the company has several lives with a strong technology since the origin and more recently a better focus to precise use cases and execution. We spoke about all that with Jill but also covered some products aspects, the business rapidly growing, the competition, the go-to-market strategy, the pricing model and a bit of future directions as well. Enjoy the listening. Thank you Jill.
  8. GRAID Technology joined the 46th edition of The IT Press Tour in California this week and it was the perfect opportunity to record a new podcast episode with Leander Yu, CEO and founder of the company. The company designs, develops and builds a GPU-based RAID PCIe card to protect NVMe SSDs. We spoke about the roots of the project, its financial profile, the product, how does it work, the use cases ad workloads support, the got-to-market, the pricing and a bit of future directions as well. Enjoy the listening. Thank you Leander.
  9. Taking advantage of being at the N-able Empower conference in Las Vegas this week, I recorded a new episode with John Pagliuca, CEO of the company. We spoke about the genesis of the company being a spin-off of SolarWinds, its mission for MSPs, its Cove Data Protection solution, a pretty comprehensive endpoint and server backup software specifically developed for MSPs, but also about the competition and especially the recent Datto acquisition by Kaseya, the go-to-market, the pricing model and a bit of future directions. This podcast is produced just a few days before N-able joins the 46th IT Press Tour in California. Enjoy the listening. Thank you John.
  10. Well established and recognized worldwide, The IT Press Tour has extended its coverage to Europe beyond its classic US and Israeli editions. This very first European edition, globally the 45th tour, took place in Paris, France early September and it was the perfect opportunity to meet 6 companies, 5 from Europe and 1 from US. I invited Biomemory Labs from France, DataCore from US, Nodeum from Belgium, PoINT Software & Systems from Germany, Storadera from Estonia and StorPool from Bulgaria. I invite you to listen to this recap and summary of this Paris edition, Enjoy.
  11. PoINT Software & Systems joined the recent 45th edition of The IT Press Tour early September in Paris, France. Thomas Thalmann, CEO of the company, updated the group on the company and the product line with Storage Manager, Archival Gateway and Data Replicator. Thomas also announced a new product, I should say an extension, to Archival Gateway with Unified Object Storage. It couples disk and tape under a single namespace and I anticipate some others in the future. We spoke about the genesis of the company, almost 3 decades ago, the various products, the new one, the installed base, the go-to-market model, the pricing philosophy and a bit of future. A very good episode and for sure with a company that many listeners will discover as the company is a bit confidential. Enjoy the listening. Thank you Thomas.
  12. For the first time, Nodeum joined The IT Press Tour, it was a few days ago in Paris for the 45th edition. With Valery Guilleaume, CEO of Nodeum, we covered the market trend, the mission of Nodeum, the 3 key pillars of the company, what the company develops in term of data mover, various uses cases and success stories, the ransomware threat, the go-to-market strategy with key partners such DataCore and Quantum and pricing model and we conclude with a bit of future. A very interesting episode with a European company already identified by a few key vendors for its deep expertise. Enjoy the listening. Thank you Valery.
  13. DataCore and its CEO Dave Zabrowski joined the recent 45th edition of The IT Press Tour in Paris. In fact it was the European press launch for DataCore new vision DataCore NEXT, Edge Computing strategy, Perifery, as a new Swarm object storage iteration dedicated to that domain and new partnership with Symply for Media archiving announced at IBC today, Friday September 9th. So as you can imagine it was the perfect opportunity to discuss with Dave about all of these news, get an update on DataCore as a company and other product lines and speak a bit about future directions as well. I hope you will find this episode as much interesting as the pleasure I had to record it so enjoy its listening. Thank you Dave.
  14. I visited Liqid at his HQ on Broomfield, CO, last June for the 44th IT Press Tour and clearly I realized that something is happening. This team is shaking the server and infrastructure established positions. So this interview became obvious and we decided with Sumit Puri, CEO of Liqid, to record it during VMware Explore. We covered the genesis of the company, the business and IT need of composability, the market dynamism around Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure or CDI, how the product works, the various use cases, the partner ecosystem and go-to-market, the pricing and of course the future. Lots of informations, Sumit shared lots of very interesting points and we anticipate a rapid acceleration in the coming months. Enjoy the listening, it is a great one, thank you Sumit.
  15. The recent Fujifilm Summit last June in San Diego was the perfect opportunity to share and discuss various industry directions regarding technologies, use cases and state of the art for long term data preservation. I had the privilege to attend this conference, deliver a keynote and meet other colleagues all involved in this key secondary storage domain. And what we learnt deserves an episode and I've jut made it in less than 10 minutes. I spoke about primary versus secondary storage, tape, LTO-9, its disastrous roadmap, the Fujifilm/IBM 580TB tape project, hyperscalers needs and challenges for the industry, HDD, Flash, active and instant archive, optical, glass, holographic and DNA Data Storage. Enjoy the listening.

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