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  1. Woodland WOODLAND CAMPUS | Pastor Jeffrey shares about disappointment. Disappointment is very real, but it doesn't have to define our lives and we don't need to draw our identify from our disappointments.
  2. Longview LONGVIEW CAMPUS | Pastor Nick shares on stepping into the impossible and leaning on the Holy Spirit for the fruit in our lives.
  3. Woodland WOODLAND CAMPUS | Pastor Jonathan shares some wins from the past season, changes for the future, and the culture of the Promise Church.
  4. Woodland WOODLAND CAMPUS | Pastor Doug shares on the attributes of an Apostolic church and stewarding the move of God in the church.
  5. Longview LONGVIEW CAMPUS | Guest speaker Pastor Daryl Boucher shares on Holy Spirit led communication with God and allowing Jesus to elevate our understanding from human reasoning to Godly wisdom.
  6. Woodland WOODLAND CAMPUS | Guest Speaker Pastor David Popovici shares about Jesus being the center of our lives and the fruit of beholding the face of Jesus.
  7. Longview LONGVIEW CAMPUS | Pastor Luke Donald shares how our faith and our lives come from the foundation of Jesus and not our circumstances.
  8. Woodland WOODLAND CAMPUS | Pastor Chris shares on living in holiness and obedience by walking with the Holy Spirit through personal encounters.
  9. Woodland LONGVIEW CAMPUS | Pastor Nick shares on the heroes of the bible, their relationship and obedience to God by faith, and how our lives are meant to look the same.
  10. Woodland WOODLAND CAMPUS | Pastor Casey shares on fostering friendship in your relationship with God.
  11. Longview LONGVIEW CAMPUS | Pastor Nick gives a window into time with the Lord in the secret place by communing with God through scripture.
  12. Woodland WOODLAND CAMPUS | Pastor Nathaniel shares on finding freedom from sin by the full work of the cross in Jesus.
  13. Longview LONGVIEW CAMPUS | Pastor Luke Donald shares on making a habitation in the presence of God, and how spending time with Him is the only way to receive His anointing.
  14. Woodland WOODLAND CAMPUS | Pastor Aaron Christopherson shares on how laying your past, your problems, and your circumstances on the altar of the Lord brings freedom, as well as drawing you closer to God and His plan for your life.

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