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  1. WE'RE BACK!!! After a brief hiatus, Late to the Breakdown is back with a great interview with Jim McGeady of Courtney Rugby Club, a newer club operating out of Camp Courtney on the American military base in Okinawa. This was a really great, informative interview and I hope you enjoy it!
  2. I had the pleasure and privilege of spending some time talking to USA Eagles and Bristol Bears flyhalf AJ MacGinty. We talked about his time growing up in Ireland, playing at NYAC and Life University, his time with the national team and his experience in the Premiership with Sale Sharks and soon to be Bristol Bears. AJ is a joy to speak with and I hope you enjoy!
  3. ~surprise bonus content~ For the past several months, I've been writing a book titled This is Rugby. It's still in progress, with my goal for completion being the beginning of August. This evening, however, I wrote what will be the last three pages of the book. I felt them deeply and I wanted to share them with you right now because I think they're timely and speak to where we are as a sport, a society, and a country. I hope you enjoy, and we'll be back on Friday with a regular episode. Onward.
  4. Join me for a conversation with Buzzy Rudzinsky, president of Mystic River RFC and chairman of Maccabi USA Rugby. Buzzy is a world-class rugby conversationalist and his stories and involvement in different areas of American rugby are invaluable. Hope you enjoy listening as much as I did.
  5. I enjoyed a great conversation with Kat Aversano about the US Women's Rugby History Project, the new rugby program at Howard University, rugby at HBCUs, and so much more. Also, before the interview, I talk about mental health, anxiety, stress, struggles, and community. Join me and thanks as always for being a part.
  6. Join me for a conversation with Avery Watts, the founder of the South LA Soul, a largely BIPOC rugby club in South Central Los Angeles. We discuss inclusivity, diversity, and representation within rugby and what that looks like and how the sport can continue to grow in communities like South Central LA.
  7. Join me for a supersized episode as I talk to BT Shea, founder of Rugby Rent Scholarships in Denver, Colorado. BT and I talk about RRS, the Denver Barbarians, the American rugby landscape in general, and much more!
  8. Today I interview Blake Pellerin from the Arrows RFC in Houston, TX. The Arrows are the only senior club in the nation who have direct ties to the Catholic Church. Blake and I talk about what it means to be a Catholic club, how the club ensures and maintains inclusivity while also being true to its foundations, and what kind of trash talk a Catholic rugby club hears from opponents. Grab a drink and settle in for a great conversation.
  9. I'm joined on this episode by former United States Eagles coach Mike Tolkin. Tolks and I talk about his time at Xavier High School, New York Athletic Club, the US national team, Rugby United New York in MLR, and his current gig with Premier Rugby Sevens. We discuss the 7s game, the growth of rugby in the US, and what it will take for rugby to take the next steps toward growing in the national conversation.
  10. Join me for a powerful and exciting conversation with Timaris Montano, the founder and head coach of Indigenous Warriors Rugby Club. We discuss her time founding and running Gallup Youth Rugby, life in Gallup, NM on the edge of the Navajo Reservation, native life, as well as being the recipient of a Premiership Rugby Scholarship and the journey of the Indigenous Warriors Rugby Club.
  11. I'm joined today by Eagles and Bath RFC legend, Dan Lyle. We talk about his rugby journey from American football to the USA rugby national team, about collegiate rugby, putting on a 7s tournament, and the possibility of the USA hosting the 2031 and 2033 Rugby World Cups!
  12. Join me for a conversation with Ryan Gray, one of the founders of the West Des Moines Wombats rugby club. We talk about starting a rugby club, promoting a culture of inclusivity and balancing the social with the competitive. Also, find out the three degrees of separation in rugby between me and Des Moines, Iowa. Also, an announcement about my rugby career that no one asked for.
  13. This episode features Samantha Lovett who is on the forefront of spreading rugby via social media. Her videos on TikTok and elsewhere have been viewed by people all over the world and she has worked with organizations like World Rugby, Six Nations, and Ball Carrier. Sam is a great person spreading not just the fun parts of rugby, but also bringing awareness to bigger issues like equality and mental health.
  14. Join me for a conversation with NYAC's Bruce McLane. We talk about a wide range of topics, including coaching, rugby culture, 9/11, and a well-placed 4/20 reference. I hope you enjoy this supersized episode as much as I did!
  15. I sat down with Arilene, Susan, and Kerry from the brand new El Paso Rugby Club. We talked about starting a new club in the midst of a pandemic, about building a women's rugby club in El Paso, and unexpected joys along the way.
  16. Join me for a conversation with Kevin Flynn, president of Seattle Rugby Club. We talk about what it means to be a community rugby club, the different initiatives Seattle RFC has going on, and what it means to build a rugby culture. Also, pet dogs and what rugby position they'd play.
  17. Alex and I discuss Old Breed Rugby and how military and rugby culture overlaps so much. We also discuss his new job at Longwood University men's rugby and his youth rugby organization, Battlefield Rugby.
  18. The beginning! Welcome to Late to the Breakdown! Join Adam Hughes as we explore the landscape and culture of American rugby.
  19. The Story, Culture, and Future of American Rugby A deep dive into all aspects of American rugby culture. We go beyond the beer, bruises, and meathead stereotypes and hear stories from across the rugby landscape - youth, grassroots, local clubs, professionals, social, and national team members all sharing their stories of what rugby has meant to them. Join Adam Hughes for a weekly podcast with guests from across the American rugby landscape - from grassroots to Eagles, men's and women's, youth to college to professional, Alaska to Florida, Maine to Hawaii. Wherever rugby is played in the US, we're telling their stories.

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