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  1. Coach Dan Hughes, two times WNBA Champion and two times WNBA Coach of the Year, also Assistant Coach with Ladies' Team USA shares his vision with Mental Performance Coach Nico Bourgade on how to be a successful Coach on the long run. From the importance of being a great communicator to letting his ego aside, from a young coach to a more experienced one, from understanding the roots of motivation to learning from his players, Coach Hughes gives great insights of why he is such a successful Coach. A great reminder for all Coaches who want to build a successful program with the right foundations...
  2. Andrius Liachovicius, sports psychologist who just spent the 2021-2022 season with the Zalgiris Kaunas squad in Euroleague and Lithuanian league, shares his experience of a day to day member of the staff. You will learn the ins and outs of the job, the exact role and approach of a sport psychologist and how it can be useful to both players and organizations.
  3. How coaching Basketball is about teaching the right values first Nico Bourgade invites Jorge Franco Martin, a passionate Coach who has been sharing his knowledge with the Spanish Youth National Teams, the pro team of Estudiantes Madrid and now within the NBA association in Europe. Jorge shares his approach of the mental game according to his rich experiences. Learn what the mindset is about in NBA schools as well as in the professional world over in Spain. We hope that you manage to get value out of this show and that it helps you keep growing to reach your goals.
  4. The beauty of mental skills coaching, detailed and argued with passion for the game Mental Performance Coaches Brian Levenson and Nico Bourgade discuss the thoughts shared by many players and how to get the best out of them to enjoy peak performance. How to be both humble and arrogant, accept fear and be fearless, know when to be selfish and when to be selfless... Listen to what Brian Levenson has to say about the mindset of athletes thanks to his experience dealing with NBA, NHL, and MLS players as well as many top level performers and leaders while explaining his approach of when to ask questions and when to provide tools. Brian is the founder of www.strongskills.co , the author of 'Shift your mind', as well as the host of the podcast "Intentional Performers". Go check out his work where you will find great resources that will help you grow.
  5. Discover Erdem Can, Utah Jazz Assistant Coach and Former Fenerbahce Ass. Coach Listen to what Coach Erdem Can has to say about the evolution of the Mind Game in Basketball both in NBA and in Euroleague the last ten years. Coach Can and Nico Bourgade discussed the importance as a Coach and a leader to understand and know every single person who is taking part in your staff. How Coach Can works himself on specific techniques to stay on top of his game but to also keep growing as a human on and off the court. Learn his approach on the science of mental training and its effect on the body: lowering blood pressure and heart beat, relaxation, better focus. A few advise: To stay mentally strong, practice practice practice, no matter what you do in life, you'll be more confident, more successful, and learn about yourself by finding the right help from the right people. Coach Can's philosophy goes far beyond Basketball as he also discussed with Nico Bourgade about educating kids at school about the mental game and teaching them life lessons. Enjoy, Take care of your game
  6. You want a better shooting percentage? Learn how to handle pressure better? Feel like you're not having fun like before? Nico Bourgade and Stuart Wade (4 time Taekwondo World Champion, now Clinical Hypnotherapist) discuss the techniques used by hypnotists with athletes to help them increase focus, remove their limits, help the players change their self image, grow confidence and motivation, manage anxiety through reframing, positive reinforcement, breathing techniques, self hypnosis, anchoring, and many more techniques. Hypnosis has been used by top athletes for decades and is now more accessible than ever.
  7. Find your balance, be committed and have fun!!! Thank you for listening to this podcast episode with Nico Bourgade and Ganon Baker. Ganon Baker Basketball has been doing camps, clinics, team training, motivational speaking, personal training, and Pro-Training all over the World for the past 20 years. Ganon Baker is a Nike Skill Development Trainer and Workout Director. During these years Ganon has worked with players ranging from the grassroots level to the professional ranks. He has been a Nike Basketball Skills Director in North America and he is the Jordan Brand Classic Director in Europe. Ganon is mentored by some of the best coaches and basketball minds in the World and is always eager to pass this on to everyone he comes in contact with through our events. Ganon trains over 3,000 players per year and always preaches intensity, consistency, persistence, faith, and love. In order to continue growing in your skills, we would like to offer all listeners our newly released Become Unstoppable program, a simple 3-step system to build elite players that become irreplaceable in any high school, college, and pro-level team. In order to gain instant access, please scan the QR code in the bottom left corner, or CLICK HERE https://ganonbakerbasketball.activehosted.com/f/19. Go ahead, create an account and browse. There is a lot of content that will help you get better. Recorded on May 17th, 2020
  8. From the use of Self talk to complete mental education Founder of Evolution Mental Performance Coaching, Jason Payne has also been coaching Basketball at the high school level both for boys and girls for the last decades. His goal is now to share his experience and knowledge to all players with a growth mindset. Recorded on May 16th, 2020
  9. Former Pro player and Korac Cup winner, Marco Palumbo is now a Mental Performance Coach in Europe Nico Bourgade invites Marco Palumbo to discuss how to get the best out of the players when they meet adversity in a different country/league through positive communication, the importance of the words you choose and how mental performance coaches can help players in these situations using techniques like Neuro Linguistic Programming to help players perform better. Recorded on May 16th, 2020
  10. Alan Stein Jr reveals the methods used by the top Basketball players to gain a mental edge over the competition From NBA players to young kids at the corner of your street, Alan and Nico go deep into the basic but most important fundamentals of the mental game: how to deal with your emotions and what it takes to be performing as an elite level player... Recorded on May 10th, 2022
  11. with Lukas Grabauskas, Manager at Lietkabelis (Lithuania) Lukas Grabauskas, Team Manager at Lietkabelis, Lithuania, discusses what appears to be the most important steps, from a mental approach, to become a winning team. You will benefit from the several years of experience of Lukas Grabauskas to hear the inside of one of the most growing organizations in European Basketball. Recorded on May 11th, 2022
  12. From laughing at mindfulness to becoming a mindfulness teacher Greg Graber (Former Mindfulness Coach for Memphis Grizzlies) and Nico Bourgade discuss how to slow down the way your mind works to be more focused, regulate your emotions, gain confidence and perform. Learn breathing techniques to help you through shooting free-throws, understand mental resets and what it is like to have a successful relationship with a mental performance Coach and a Mindfulness teacher. Recorded on May 11th 2022
  13. a long game that Graham teaches both to 5 years old kids and to NBA players Listen to Nico Bourgade with Graham Betchart, one of the World's leading Mental Performance Coaches who has been working with NBA players, the Utah Jazz and....so many kids and discover how the most simple mental approaches become the more efficient They discuss how to focus on living the moment and learning how to appreciate what you love and be around who you love. How to handle adversity from the fans being open minded through awareness. Practice useful techniques like 'palms down' to keep it simple and come back after you lose your focus... Enjoy having access to one of the best and a great guy... Check out his terrific website www.trainthemind.com and get his book, "Play present" that is just great for kids too. Recorded on May 13th, 2022
  14. Discover the techniques and routines used by the best in the NBA and in Europe to master your mental and reach your full potential. The Mind Game of Basketball introduces you to some of the top peak performers in the World of Basketball...We are privileged to welcome Alan Stein Jr, Graham Betchart, Lukas Grabauskas, Ganon Baker, Marco Palumbo, Greg Graber, Brian Levenson, Erdem Can, Jason Payne and Stuart Wade who all bring their passion for the game of basketball and their professional knowledge on mental performance. All members of the Basketball community can benefit from this unbelievable experience through small episodes of 15 to 30 minutes. You will find inspiration, motivation and practical steps to help you reach your full potential and become the best version of yourself. Enjoy, Have Fun, Get to Work...

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