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  1. Discuss the September window results, and World Cup warm-up We got two games from the USMNT in the September International window. First against Japan, and second against Saudi Arabia. I looked at both games as a whole, where the USMNT is on the journey. Also, what are next steps in their development. Lastly, we talk through the USMNT group, and each match-up. We also walk through scenarios on what it will take for the USA to advance out of the group stage.
  2. We discuss Matchday 8, cup changes and Pulisic book excerpts. We do a quick look at Matchday 8 recap. Also, we look around at other leagues. Discuss which coach may be fired next, and if any are appealing to Thomas Tuchel. Also, discuss form on teams in the Premier League. Also, dive into the proposed changes for champs league, FA Cup, and Carabao cup competitions. Also, Christian Pulisic has a book coming out, and some excerpts are making the rounds.
  3. We discuss what led to Tuchel being fired, Americanizing the EPL, and compare USMNT roster In-depth look at what led to Todd Boehly firing Thomas Tuchel, a champions league winning coach, 7 games into the new ownership era. Also, Todd Boehly gives an interview this week, that creates headlines. We look at the viability of an English Premier League All-Star game. Also, we discuss the USMNT roster for the September International window. We also compare the roster of today verse what faced England in the 2010 World Cup. Decide if we are better equipped to face a much tougher English side.
  4. Discuss the numbers that came in for deadline day along with EPL & Champs league results We go over transfer news citing the USMNT players that moved. Also, discuss information about how the Todd Boehly ownership will work. Lastly, we highlight results from the EPL & Champs league.
  5. Take a quick look at results, and the table. Discuss USMNT transfer news, and dig into the crazy story coming from Paul Pogba & family. The games are coming fast and heavy now with games midweek. We discuss how the table is starting to shape up. Which teams are in real danger of being in a relegation battle. There are some teams that have just got poor results, and have the quality to avoid a relegation battle. We discuss Logan becoming a closet Arsenal fan boy, and the amazing Yunus Musah goal that was not to be. Lastly, we dig into the crazy details of Paul Pogba being extorted over claims of witch craft. It's pretty typical of France national team stories, but crazy for any where else in the world.
  6. Discuss Matchday 3 highlighting Liverpool, Man U, Chelsea, and Leeds United America Colin joins SOS as the Liverpool correspondent. He had noticed something wrong with VVD before the season began, and we dive into it. Also, discuss Man U and if what they did is sustainable. A big upset on the week was Leeds beating Chelsea 3-0. Discuss how there are more worries with the selections of Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel, and his refusal to accept reality. We wrap up with quick hits around the EPL, Barcelona saga, and Mbappe with PSG drama.
  7. Discuss the battle between Tuchel & Conte, as well as all the things wrong with Man U. The game of the week provided all the drama on the field as well as off it. Discuss the managers going after each other, a little added substance behind their reactions. Also, dissect the game, and what happened with referee decisions. We also look at a different viewpoint for the happenings at Manchester United. Lastly, there is a little talked about feud beginning to show up in Paris. We discuss what's brewing.
  8. We discuss results of opening weekend of EPL, and also keep peeling back layers of the Barcelona saga. The next layer is the Catalan Mafia. Opening weekend brought a few good games, and a couple duds. We discuss the results, and some teams that are flying under the radar. Also, discuss USMNT players that performed well in Match Day 1. Look to upcoming fixtures for the 2nd weekend. Lastly, we peel back more layers of the onion that is the ongoing saga of Barcelona. They are up against the clock to get players registered in time. Also, they are releasing the Catalan Mafia to do their bidding now on a few players.
  9. In depth on hidden value for a left footed defender, and predictions for opening week of EPL! Logan & Estevan are joined by Uncle T and E to discuss why a left footed defender gets sold for a premium. Certain teams will pay extra for a strong left footed defender. Also, discuss bold predictions for the upcoming start to the English Premier League. Also, this is the christening of Logan sharing a half-baked idea, and he does not disappoint. Haaland or Gabriel Jesus?
  10. That's what your instagram says lol.... as you do beer curls
  11. Get into the demise of Chelsea, Barcelona, and how the Super League is inevitable. With the English Premier League only a week away, we discuss the demise of Chelsea, and how what is happening now, has been becoming. Unpack the beginning of the Todd Boehly era, Thomas Tuchel, and departures from key directors. We go in depth in the ludicrous spending of Barcelona, their poor treatment of players. Also Logan and Estevan discuss how this is all pointing to the inevitably of the European Super League. Or it could just be a game of chicken. Listen and decide for yourself.
  12. The largest underground supporters group in the Texas Panhandle, and the most amazing fantasy soccer league on the planet. We talk to the President of the largest underground supporters group in the Texas Panhandle. Discover their birth, and what membership is like. Also, we dissect one of the most in-depth fantasy soccer leagues on the planet. Get a behind the scenes look at how it came to be, as well as how there is a premier league/championship, and Manager of the Month awards.

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