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My name is Robert Cruise, I am the sole host and creator of this podcast, this is my first foray into the world of podcasting, and I am still working on my public speaking and audio editing skills. I am producing this podcast on a minimal budget, and I have had to make some sacrifices that I hope to rectify over the next several months as I can save up to improve the quality and production of Indy Broadcast. I am a mental health advocate and a student working toward my Honours Bachelor of History with a specialization in modern European history. The definition of “modern” is a debatable area. What I term as “modern” is from 1789-1990, which corresponds with the French Revolution to the fall of the Soviet Union. I am must less concerned about the specific dates and event as much as I am interested in the interdisciplinary study of the social-historical impact of the event in this era.

I have a touch of Amish in me. I am middle-aged, and I do not have a strong desire to have a substantial social footprint on the internet, with that said in response to the starting of this podcast I have decided to start up on three platforms, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The accounts are barren now. However, I intend to struggle through and get the hang of interacting with you all on these sites. This podcast is an evolving entity, and I suspect it will take me several months until I have it set up the way I want it. Unlike many content creators out there I find podcasting financially restrictive, I currently have $4.00 in my bank account, and it will take some time to get some of the techniques and ancillary aspects of podcasting, such as graphic and webpage design. I desire to get some professional logos and banners for my social media accounts by next month, and I hope that will be a little more attractive and draw in more listeners. Until then, you will have to put up with my limited production values and to create a podcast that is less worried about the quantity of the content and more on the quality of the content.

The production value, as well as my speaking skills and charisma, is being developed, will be a matter of evolution, I know my quality in my podcasts is lacking. Still, I hope to evolve and work hard to get myself into the 21st Century. Ultimately, I would like to set up a YouTube channel and create video content. However, I simply cannot afford any proper equipment and skill to gradually to video recordings. Hell, II can barely figure out how the use the audio equipment I have so the idea of a YouTube channel is little more than a dream now. Indy Broadcast is a one-person show, and I am working hard to get over the difficulties of producing quality content when it is just me doing everything. I am on a learning curve, and I do make a promise that the content will improve as I learn more about the age of information. We shall get to know each other over time. So, please subscribe, there is nowhere to go but up from here.

Please subscribe and going on this journey with me from the bottom up, and do not hesitate to share the podcast with others as word of mouth is one f the most fundamental way of growing my audience. In the Age of Trump, I intend my primary focus for the next month will be mostly election-related. However, I may attempt to broaden my knowledge and evolve personally as an online talent after the results of the election and the hopeful calming of partisan politics that is plaguing the United States in these days. I am a Mental Health Advocate and an armchair sociologist, not to mention a news-junkie, so I am leaving this platform with open for discussions on many topics and am hoping to comment on the issues of the days as a thought-provoking process for you the listener as well.

Robert Cruise


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