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  1. The power of forgiveness and why you should integrate forgiveness in your life. In this episode, I share my thoughts around forgiveness, what science says about forgiveness, practical ways to exercise forgiveness and why you should look into forgiving anyone that has wronged you in the past. The mindvalley 6 phase meditation program I mention in this episode. https://www.mindvalley.com/learn-meditation
  2. The benefits of keeping things simple and living a simplicity centered life. In this episode, my guest Bill Donato and I talk about the importance of keeping things simple. We also talk about why having a simplistic approach to happiness, gratitude, and business are extremely beneficial in your day to day life.
  3. Fear and why we should not let it stop us. In this episode I talk about fear and how to get over it. I share how I got out of a fearful mindset and stepped into my power to be who I have to be to do what I have to do. Fear is the real virus and staying out of it can be extremely beneficial.
  4. The power of the words you use. In this episode I talk about the importance of being aware of the words you use in everyday life. How our word is our "magical" wand and how we can improve the words we use be simple being more aware of them.
  5. How we are always being programmed by the world around us. In this episode I talk about how we are always being programmed by the content we consume including tv, social media, the news, music and many more. I share some tools and tips on how we can start programming our own minds.
  6. The importance of being in a state of gratitude. In this episode I share a story I had about gratitude and how we always have something to be grateful for. It is just a matter of changing our perspective and being grateful for this amazing world.
  7. Are your beliefs true? Where do your beliefs come from? In this episode I share some beliefs that I had that were not true, how I changed them and how you guys can do the same. I encourage all you guys to question your beliefs and to change them to beliefs that help you and empower you.
  8. The power of feelings/emotions on the wellbeings of others and outselves. In this episode I talk about feelings/emotions. What they mean to me and also some stories on why it is extremely important to manage your emotions. I also share some tools that can help you shift your emotional state.
  9. What are thoughts and how to deal with the ones you do not want! In this episode I share what I know about thoughts, what science says about thoughts and some great tools on how to deal with thoughts you do not want! Link to the Master Thought Formula: https://www.jimfortin.com/eliminate-fear-and-negativity/ Link to the film Water: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_(2006_film) Link to Cleve Backster Plan Experiment: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleve_Backster Link Double Slit Experiment:
  10. The importance of self-talk and how it can change your life. In this episode I talk about the importance of self-talk (internal monologue) and how to improve it. I also share a story about my dads negative self-talk and how it is hurting him in his post-stroke recovery. So, what kind of self-talk do you guys have? It is positive? Is it negative? Are you aware of yourself talk?
  11. Personal growth and evolvement through self-realization and self-reflection. Take a self-realization journey with me through my own personal experience in personal growth, evolvement, and self-reflection. This is the start of our journey, who knows where it will end.
  12. Levels of awareness In this episode I talk about what I call "levels of awareness" and how to start your own personal path through asking questions and becoming more aware.

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