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  1. Jan. 15, 2022 USU basketball looses a close one in the Spectrum against Wyoming, 69-71. Hear reactions from Coach Ryan Odom, players and fans.
  2. Jan. 15, 2022 Pregame show before USU basketball's home game against the Wyoming Cowboys. Including comments from head coaches Ryan Odom and Jeff Linder.
  3. Jan. 15, 2022 Sunshine Terrace hosting Dementia Dialogues in February
  4. Hour 2: Jan. 14, 2022 FTP Movie Show: Tragedy of Macbeth , The 355
  5. Hour 1: Jan. 14, 2022 Gov. Cox press conference on schools, Omicron -- Rep. Petersen on digital drivers' license conspiracy
  6. AJ & McCall Show 01-14-22 Nostalgia is running high, but a museum for Gen X's childhood? What would you put in it? Friday is for confessions, starting with AJ's favorite game, Little Kid or Drunk Adult, which comes with a weird realization for him. Cache Valley Secrets is a reminder you shouldn't be rude to people who can mess things up for you. Going through life is about dealing with crap, in relationships and work, as you figure out what's best for you. AJ traded bad work stories with a friend where she stormed out, what's yours? And his friend may never settle down BUT he does have some
  7. Debate At 8 01-14-22 In love and in life pretty much everyone is gonna have to sort through a little crap before they get to the perfect situation. AJ and a friend were exchanging first job stories and both quit because of bad bosses. What's your crazy job story, the thing that made you want to leave? 'Satchel guy' AJ's friend that seems like he'll never settle down shared more of his stories, but if you're settled down you've just gotta send strength to those still out in the dating pool. What made you walk out of a date?
  8. Florida Or Not 01-14-22 Story #1 - Guy busted for drunk driving only for his wife to get in the driver seat and immediately crash into a pole Story #2 - Man stole an alligator from an enclosure and swung it around to 'teach it a lesson'
  9. Hour 2: Jan. 13, 2022 Dueling income tax cut proposals -- Water bills
  10. Hour 1: Jan. 13, 2022 Charlie Schill reviews The Choir of Man, Jazz Night in downtown
  11. AJ & McCall Show 01-13-22 AJ was raised by home remedies but who really is believing the guy on the internet saying to drink urine to deal with COVID? While AJ has very little patience for airline employees because they don't seem to care, he has to give them some understanding after the TSA released their top confiscated items of 2021. With COVID, and the loss of sense of taste and smell, there has been an examination to how important the senses are so would you rather be color blind or lose your sense of taste? Money can't buy happiness, but it can fix plenty of things. If you could put a
  12. Debate At 8 01-13-22 In possibly the most power ever handed out on the AJ & McCall Show, what word or phrase would you want to put a fine on? A bar in Ireland fines patrons for talking about the pandemic and for AJ this sounds like the perfect solution to stop those annoying family marriage or baby questions. Though, AJ is considering putting a fine on weather talk? Money can't buy everything, but it can fix some things...including minor inconveniences? Would you spend money to solve small problems, like maybe waking up just before your alarm?
  13. Florida Or Not 01-13-22 Story #1 - Two men set a small fire on New Year's Eve got caught because they were recognized by the bartender...for not tipping Story #2 - A transplant surgeon lost his license because he was burning his initials into his patient's livers

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