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  1. Hour 2: 5/17/2021 Stacey Owens of the American Stroke Association Utah on Cycle Nation events -- DWR warns drought could bring bear
  2. Hour 1: 5/17/2021 Group offers free training on Utah open records law -- USU graduating fewer students
  3. AJ & McCall Show 05-18-21 Apparently there's a new teeth policy McCall has implemented for AJ. AJ can not hide his rage over none of the VFX staff seeing one particular movie. AJ's family is notorious for 'text baiting' him and he can't stand it. McCall is crazy for wanting to add her neighbor on social media as opposed to just saying hi right? Does AJ need to make a trip home to strike intimidation for the Debate At 8? Why would you want a vehicle with rust on it already?!
  4. Debate At 8 05-18-21 McCall has new neighbors for the first time ever and wants to be friends but isn't sure how to go out about. AJ thinks her initial idea is AWFUL for the Debate At 8. Speaking of being friends, AJ's oldest sister seems to be in quite a serious relationship but AJ hasn't met the boyfriend. Should he make a special trip just to meet him?
  5. Florida Or Not 05-18-21 Story #1 - Burglar with samurai sword stole a vehicle but left his phone Story #2 - Four guys were busted for running cars off the road during a funeral procession Story #3 - Police caught a guy using a stolen ID to buy a car because he let the dealership take a picture
  6. Monday & NBA Today on The Full Court Press - Eric Frandsen & Ajay Salvesen talk: Jazz finish as #1 seed in West & NBA NBA Playoff preview High School Spring Sports update Recap the weekend
  7. AJ & McCall Show 05-17-21 Who gave AJ such a crappy birthday present? It's not a challenge, but everyone has ruined their day in less than 15 minutes. Drive thrus are not that complicated but AJ & McCall witnessed a miracle of wrong. Why does McCall want to know if everyone has been knocked out? Americans are WAY overconfident in the animals they can take in a fight. How about instead the hypothetical of fighting food mascots. Apparently, that's a repressed fear for McCall for the Debate At 8. What's the policy on borrowing swimsuits?
  8. AJ & McCall Debate At 8 What is wrong with Americans? More than 0 Americans think they can take a grizzly bear, lion, elephant and other animals with their bare hands. McCall doesn't even think AJ can take a basic woodland creature with his bare hands. The AJ & McCall Show don't want people picking fights with animals, so instead a hypothetical ranking of food mascots. It's a repressed fear for McCall though once we get to cereal.
  9. Florida Or Not 05-17-21 Story #1 - Lady steals a car and fills it with containers of gas, gets in a high speed chase and crashes Story #2 - Cops are called on lady trespassing in hotel pool which she says is "Because my body looks better." Story #3 - Video owner hired people to steal stuff and sold it on eBay
  10. Pioneer Valley Lodge staff talk about the benefits of assisted senior living
  11. With temperatures warming up, Mark Anderson talks about the plants that you can put in gardens. Also, how to conserve water in your lawns and flowerbeds.
  12. Hour 2: 5/14/2021 Hour 2: FTP Movie Show: Those Who Wish Me Dead

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