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  1. Dec. 4, 2021 USU football wins the Mountain West Conference Championship after the Aggies beat San Diego State, 46-13. They'll play in the Los Angeles Bowl, Dec. 18. Hear reactions from Coach Blake Anderson, players and fans.
  2. Dec. 4, 2021 Pregame show before USU's championship game against San Diego State, including comments from coaches Blake Anderson and Brady Hoke
  3. Nov. 4, 2021 Real estate and Santa's Soldiers
  4. Hour 2: Dec. 3, 2021 FTP Movie Show: King Richard, Holiday movie preview
  5. Hour 1: Dec. 3, 2021 New Utah Democratic Party Chair Diane Lewis -- Sky View student letter to the editor over racism claims
  6. AJ & McCall Show 12-03-21 Why in the hell would the government let debt collectors DM you?! McCall can't remember what day it is while AJ apparently had the Mandela Effect happen when it comes to Christmas songs. If our understanding of decorative towels stuck from all the scoldings, then decorations aren't meant to be played with. First, AJ thought it was the Mandela Effect, then he thought it was wrong but he actually wasn't wrong (completely) about the Christmas song. What did you believe for way too long? This is just the start of Cache Valley Secrets; the most delicious dog treats and w
  7. Debate At 8 12-03-21 AJ came in fully to prepared that he was wrong with the lyrics, but now he's not so sure. Is this the Mandela Effect when it comes to 'Here We Come a Wassailing'? Either way, parents need to make sure to send their kids out into the world with the right information like how to spell Santa Claus (for McCall) or correct info about skin. This is just the start of Cache Valley Secrets as the worst birthday gift ever, most delicious dog treat and a whole bevy of cheese puns are confessed.
  8. Florida Or Not 12-03-21 Story #1 - Woman set a slot machine on fire after losing and then was shot by another woman Story #2 - Pizza guy was 'hanging out by himself' in a convenience store parking lot and claimed 'I didn't know I couldn't do that.' Story #3 - Police were carjacked while out investigating another carjacking
  9. Dec. 2, 2021 USU basketball losses a close one to Saint Mary's, 60-58. Hear reactions from Coach Ryan Odom and fans.
  10. Dec. 2, 2021 Pregame show before USU basketball's game against Saint Mary's. Including comments from coaches Ryan Odom and Randy Bennett.
  11. Hour 2: Dec. 2, 2021 USU Women & Leadership director Dr. Susan Madsen -- US Senate candidate Becky Edwards
  12. Hour 1: Dec. 2, 2021 Charlie Schill talks about holiday theater previews -- Pickleville sells out Logan's largest theater
  13. AJ & McCall Show 12-03-21 Is there a national and international pie day? While AJ & McCall both would love to stay in the Home Alone house (it's an Airbnb), McCall is concerned about travel and AJ says there's something missing to make him totally in. Would you rather get advice from 15 or 115-year-old you? McCall may make her teen energy drink problem worse while AJ would just be curious what the secret to long life was. Is road kill stew a deal breaker in a relationship? If not, not taking a proposal would definitely be as AJ & McCall try and navigate both for the Debate At 8. Choc
  14. Debate At 8 12-02-21 What would be worse; eating road kill stew or not having a proposal taken seriously? Apparently, a roadside deer made up a stew for one couple who is now concerned they're just too different to be together. AJ & McCall give a consensus no vote on having it, but think it's a healthy boundary that can be set. However, a lady proposing and continually hearing 'I want to do it right.' from her fiance while no planning gets done seems like it's not going to go well for the future of the relationship.
  15. Florida Or Not 12-02-21 Story #1 - 64-year-old man at the beach was told the bathrooms were closed so he pulled out his machete and threatened the staff Story #2 - Guy claimed the big snake invited him over to his neighbor's house Story #3 - Guy caught speeding called the cops to report a robbery across town
  16. Hour 2: Dec. 1, 2021 High social media use and memory issues -- Utah Supreme Court transparency ruling
  17. Hour 1: Dec. 1, 2021 Speak to the Mayor with North Logan Mayor-elect Lindsay Petersen
  18. AJ & McCall Show 12-01-21 There are definitely cars we've had bad experiences with and can't stand, but are they the psychopath ones? Are inflatable Christmas decorations tacky? How does one become a Professional Organizer? A friend suggested to AJ to help with his apocalypse planning, but he's not sure how one qualifies for that. Experience Gifts have caught on and are better if you have no thing you need, see AJ's family refusing to do money or gift cards, but what are cost effective ones? It's quite the experience to get snowed in, especially with 60 other people. Could you handle this 'e
  19. Debate At 8 12-01-21 AJ has made no bones about his frustrations trying to come up with a Christmas list for family when he doesn't need/want anything, so what about an experience gift? The challenge is all AJ thinks of with experience gifts is travel, and that's not cost effective. What are cheaper ways to give an experience? Speaking of a story to tell, 61 people were snowed into a pub with a cover band in England. Could you handle this, let's call it, extreme camping?
  20. Florida Or Not 12-01-21 Story #1 - A man with a Tesla face tattoo got drunk and flipped a minivan Story #2 - A man couldn't pay for his ED medication so he stole it and then refused to give it back when the pharmacy said they'd let him go Story #3 - A man robbed a video game store...with a clear plastic bag covering his head
  21. Hour 2: Nov. 30, 2021 Utah Foundation report: Growth in Northern Utah -- DABC report revives liquor store privatization debate

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