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  1. In this episode, I discuss a number of popular nursery rhymes, as well as their dark origins. Merch Store
  2. In this episode, I discuss the life and influence of Vincent Van Gogh, as well as the struggle of mental illness. Recommended episode Voices For Justice: Angela Green (Part 1) https://www.stitcher.com/show/voices-for-justice-2/episode/angela-green-part-1-80648256 Merch Store http://tee.pub/lic/HkCR5dJiQak
  3. This is the first episode of season two, and I discuss some of my plans for the podcast. Teepublic store: http://tee.pub/lic/HkCR5dJiQak
  4. It's Christmas Eve, and for this special episode, I recorded outside of my room. In fact, I recorded at work, with my first guest, my favourite coworker, Sarah.
  5. In this episode I discuss the stories of three bridges. How The Soviet Helped Vulcan, An American Town, Get a Bridge | Amusing Planet
  6. In this episode, I discuss every Disney live-action remake, including the upcoming ones.
  7. This episode literally took a week to make. In it, I discuss historical events which happened at the same time that you wouldn't expect to happen at the same time.
  8. Part two of me listing my favourite YouTubers and why I like them.
  9. In this episode, I talk about some of my favourite YouTubers. This is part one of a series.
  10. I've been listening to podcasts for awhile, and for this episode I thought I'd shout out some of my favourite ones. 2qjFwUQuVaRYGlxQKskS
  11. In this episode, I cover a number of popular conspiracy theories. From a US president supposedly murdering celebrities to celebrity faked deaths. Hopefully this will be the first in a series.
  12. Ubisoft is by far my favourite game company. In this episode, I gush about them for almost an hour and a half.
  13. The Zodiac Killer is a still unidentified serial killer who terrorised the Bay Area in the late 1960s, early 1970s. In this special Halloween episode, I cover the case.
  14. This is my first episode on the podcast hosting site, Podcastics. In this episode, I basically just talk about the current state of the podcast and some of my current and future plans.
  15. A random podcast about random things I tend to ramble while talking, often digressing multiple times before (maybe) getting back to my original point. In this podcast, I will discuss random things that interest me or are on my mind.
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