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    Commute stories James has an interesting encounter at Penn station and Max gets attacked by a wasp. Music by Bensound.com
  2. commute stories Work, Max, and James talk about proper bus hygiene and many other things.
  3. commute stories Max and James talk about bus driver eye contact and skating in rainy conditions.
  4. commute stories Max talks about dating swipe strategies and James talks about a funny uber experience.
  5. commute stories Max talks about bad omens while James informs Max about bicycle anger.
  6. commute stories Max and James discuss new years resolutions and why you should pay attention while high on the bus. follow us on instagram @standclear_nyc
  7. Commute stories James tells Max how you sometimes have to change your attitude when food is involved.
  8. Commute stories James rides the subway high and a homeless guy gets a free ticket😅.
  9. Commute stories James tells Max why you shouldn't mess with the church lady on the bus.
  10. Commute stories James don't like Magic tricks😂. How do I feel about coincidences?🤔 Music by www.bensound.com
  11. Commute stories James got a new insult and I'm trying not to visualize it😂😂
  12. Commute stories The bus is one of the most common form of transportation, but some of the people that get on them ehhh, not so much lol. Music: www.bensound.com
  13. Subway stories If you've ever taken the subway in NYC, you know who they are. Music: www.bensound.com
  14. We finally got to put this thing together and we're excited!
  15. Commute Stories Remember that time you saw that naked guy on the bus, or when a party broke out while you were on the Q train. Listen to Max and James tell their best commute stories on the Stand Clear podcast. See what happens when going from point A to point B has you asking Y.

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