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  1. We live in our human body without even thinking about it, but what are the real purposes our body serves? Discover them here… We live our entire life in a human, physical body. We learn to walk, talk, play and sleep without thinking about it. But what exactly is the purpose of your body, and how does this impact your day-to-day experience of life? Listen to the full episode to learn: ** The four different purposes your human body serves. ** The systems that keep your body functioning ** The process of perception and creation. READ THE ARTICLE HERE - https://li
  2. Discover how to create a new semester plan for architectural students. Download your FREE planner template to get started now. Do you find yourself 3 or 4 weeks into a semester feeling overwhelmed, disorganised and falling behind? Does it take you this long to start to get into a groove and then spend the rest of the semester trying to catch up on the time you’ve lost and juggle all your deadlines? Listen to the full episode to learn: ** How your semester plan fits into an overall productivity system. ** How to create a simple, one-page semester plan. ** What to do with y
  3. What is what you’ve been told about God is not entirely true? Religion and society try to tell us what God is. But what if, from a broader, spiritual perspective this is not entirely correct? What is god in spirituality compared to what we have been told about god in religion? And how does the truth about god in spirituality affect our daily lives? Watch the full episode to learn: ** God in religion versus God in spirituality. ** What God is not. ** The essence of what God is READ THE ARTICLE HERE - https://lizwatt.com/articles/what-is-god-in-spirituality
  4. Good design considers 9 critical factors. Find out what they are... cts. READ THE ARTICLE HERE - https://archimash.com/articles/architecture-design-factors WATCH THE VIDEO HERE - https://archimash.com/videos/architecture-design-factors-2 RESOURCES and LINKS ** All of my free gifts in one place - https://archimash.com/free ** My favourite tools, apps and resources - https://archimash.com/resources CONNECT WITH ME ** Website - https://archimash.com ** Newsletter - https://archimash.com/free/news ** Social Media Channels - https://archimash.com/conne
  5. Humanity is experiencing a shift in consciousness from 3D to 4D to 5D. Find out what this means. There’s a lot of talk in the spiritual and truth communities and about the 3D 4D 5D shift in human consciousness. But what does this mean? Are we going somewhere? How do we move between dimensions? And when will this happen? So many questions that need to be answered. Listen to the full episode to learn: ** What are dimensions and densities and how do these apply to 3D, 4D and 5D? ** What is the shift from 3D to 4D and 5D? ** How will humanity shift from 3D to 4D to 5D?
  6. What you’ll learn, what to expect in architecture construction class, and why. When you discover you are enrolled in an architecture construction class, you might be asking why? Why do you need to be on a dirty building site amongst bricks and pipes and concrete, so why do you need to understand about building? Architects design buildings, right? And builders, build? So why do you need to know how to build? Listen to the full episode to learn: ** The purpose of construction in architecture and construction class. ** What to expect in a construction class and the sort of things
  7. Discover what that exactly it means to keep an architecture design journal and what you should put in it. In most of your design studios, you are going to be asked to keep an architecture design journal or sketchbook. Sometimes it may be part of your assessment to show your engagement, process and completion of the required work. Even if you’re not asked to keep a design journal it’s a really good habit to get into. Listen to the full episode to learn: ** What is a design journal, why keep one and how to choose one. ** What to include in your design journal or sketchbook.
  8. We live in a reality driven by laws, rules and regulations that tell us what we can do, think or say. How are they really affecting you? Universal law, Natural law, Human law are impacting and affecting the way you live your life and the choices and decisions you make on a daily basis. Chances are, there may be different types of laws that nobody told you about and you may not even be aware of. Listen to the full episode to learn: ** What is law, universal law, natural law and human law. ** What are the implications of these laws and how are they affecting your life and your r
  9. Thoughts are one of the most powerful tools we have. Find our what they are. All day, every day we experience thought or thoughts through our minds, either consciously or unconsciously. We may be aware of some or all of the thoughts passing through the mind, or they may be operating on total autopilot. It may be useful, if not essential to understand this powerful tool that we all have access to. Listen to the full episode to learn: ** What are thoughts and how are they created? ** Are thoughts yours? ** What are collective thoughts? READ THE ARTICLE HERE - ht
  10. Architecture is way more than just design. Find out what it takes to complete a full architecture project. Architecture school often places a big emphasis on design. But it is important to understand that design is only one of the architecture project stages. The process first finding a client through to getting your design built and the client moving in involves a lot of very different stages. Listen to the full episode to learn: ** The eight stages of every architecture design project. ** The main activities and responsibilities of an architect in each stage. REA
  11. Far too many of us are denying or ignoring the contribution we make to the collective reality in our daily work. You’re just doing your job” no longer cuts it, when it’s directly or indirectly contributing to destroying people, other species and the world. Far too many of us are turning a blind eye or waiting for someone else to fix the problem or tell them what to do. Far too many of us are denying or ignoring the contribution we make to the collective reality in our daily work. It’s time for this to stop. Listen to the full episode to learn: ** The real impact your job has on the
  12. We often hear mind, body soul, or mind, body, spirit, or mind, body heart. But which is correct? The Holy Trinity is often referred to as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, or Holy Ghost. We often hear mind, body soul, or mind, body, spirit, or mind, body heart. But which is correct, what do these phrases refer to and how does it relate to the Holy Trinity? Listen to the full episode to learn: ** What is the REAL Holy Trinity. ** How each of the mind, body, heart and soul operate individually; and ** How they operate and come together. READ THE ARTICLE HERE - ht
  13. Becoming an architect takes a bit of time, so you might want to understand the process before you commit. Becoming an architect requires a particular series of steps, including study, practical experience and registration. If you want to discover how to become an architect in Australia, listen to the full episode to learn: ** Study requirements. ** Options for study. ** Architectural registration process. ** Different state requirements for registration. READ THE ARTICLE HERE - https://archimash.com/articles/how-to-become-an-architect-in-australia WATCH T
  14. Learn the meanings of the terms source, spirit and soul and how they are different. The terms Source, Spirit and Soul are used a lot in spirituality, often interchangeably. Source spirit, soul spirit, source soul... They appear to mean the same thing, but when you get into the detail, they do not. While they are connected and part of a whole, they are different. Listen to the full episode to learn: ** What Is Source? ** What Is Spirit? ** What Is Soul? ** How they are different. READ THE ARTICLE HERE - https://lizwatt.com/articles/source-spirit-soul WATCH THE VI
  15. Communications is an essential part of architecture and design. Discover exactly what you'll need to learn. When you start architecture school, you may be required to take a class called communications, or visual representation or something similar. This is going to be new to most people whether you have done any kind of drawing, graphics or design before. So it’s important to know the point of a Communications class. Listen to the full episode to learn: ** The purpose of architectural communication and classes. ** Types of architectural communication. ** The teaching sty

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