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  1. How Addicts Can Help Their Partners Heal. Empathy by the recovering addict for their betrayed partner is essential component of reconnecting and healing, but learning how to become empathetic takes work and practice. Joining me today to talk about her powerful Early Recovery Couples work is the wise and wonderful Carol Juergensen Sheets. With it's focus on developing those all important empathy skills, Carol's workbook Help Her Heal not only helps addicts understand what their betrayed partner is feeling but also lays out a roadmap for rebuilding lost trust and intimacy. Grab a cuppa, and ge
  2. Using Artificial Intelligence to Scan for Porn in Real Time. We are know there is no silver bullet when it comes to preventing our loved ones from accessing porn, however today we introduce you to man whose company's mission is to get as close as possible. Using technology developed in Israel to scan for nudity in real time, Canopy offers a level of protection and range of features not yet seen in the US market. Sean Clifford, CEO of Canopy invites Fight For Love listeners to be part of the next generation of this software, using our feedback to help thousands of other couples world wide!
  3. Hope and Healing for Women who have an Affair Today we come alongside those of you who are feeling tempted to seek, or have already sought, comfort outside of your marriage to cope with the pain of being neglected and/or betrayed by your spouse . Christy Neal is an advocate for women who feel tainted and cast out after adultery. As the author of Don't Ever Tell and the podcast host of Everyone Has a Voice she is the catalyst for hope and healing she desperately needed but never found a decade ago after her own affair.
  4. Living with an intimacy avoidant partner If you feel crushed and broken by your partner's persistent emotional distance and neglect, this is the episode for you. Today we are so blessed to have Karen Rellos, Certified APSAT coach, Certified AASAT Intimacy Anorexia Coach and founder of Restored Hope Coaching & Redeeming Love Marriage Ministry, with us to share her incredible story of finding her voice and restoring her marriage after years of soul-crushing emotional neglect and abuse. Grab a fluffy blanket, a cup of tea, a box of tissues and join us for this validating, honest and inspir
  5. Unbecoming who you were never meant to be. If you have ever felt invalidated, confused and manipulated, found yourself second guessing your instincts, or had trouble making decisions, this episode is for you. Living with someone who is intentionally, or even unintentionally gaslighting, is a confusing, painful and lonely prison. Eroding your ability to connect with your authentic self, gaslighting steadily robs you of your self-worth and true power. Sarah Morales, relationship coach, host of Deconstructing Gaslighting™ podcast and speaker, joins me today to help you understand and identify
  6. What recovery can do for you! We keep talking about "Recovery" for partners and how important it is, but what does that actually mean? What will you actually be working on when you enter recovery, and why is it so important to find an experienced guide? Joining me today to give us a candid closeup of three stages of the healing process is Lisa Taylor, an APSAT trained Christian counselor specializing in sex addiction and betrayal trauma. The Three Stages of Betrayal -Trauma Recovery: Stage 1 - Establishing Safety Stage 2 - Remembering & Mourning Stage 3 - Reconnectin
  7. Finding strength in your weakest moment A heartfelt message from me to you, my dear exhausted sister. A short exhortation to encourage and equip you to stand firm when the enemy tries to convince you that you are not strong enough for this fight. Music credits Lucid by The Seraphim Project https://www.worshipstart.com/royalty-free-music/p/bg-horizon-by-hoyle-96wha-6krzg-yyxy6-ge9hl-44nr3-ax5j7-wggmy-25zrf-lf3d3-rfx3z-lzhaz-p9znc-3rs4w-hbrfw-yr8y4 Loop 4 by Soundology & Co https://www.worshipstart.com/royalty-free-music/p/bg-horizon-by-hoyle-96wha-6krzg-yyxy6-g
  8. Dealing with a parent's problematic sexual behavior Whether or not you have a daughter, this is a ministry that you need to put on your radar. From her unique perspective as a betrayed wife and daughter, and a Certified Pastoral Sexual Addiction Specialist, Kristin Cary of Living Truth shares a message of hope and help for those impacted by a parent's problematic sexual behavior. Plus you are not going to want to miss hearing about their unique and totally free support group for daughters between the ages of 15-30. For more information about Living Truth's Men in the Battle and Women in
  9. Using our own vulnerability to help others If you are passionate about the topic of Human Trafficking, but the sheer scale of the problem leaves you feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed, this is a conversation that will hopefully turn things around for you. In this episode Raleigh Sadler, Author, Founder & Executive Director of Let My People Go shares with Rosie how acknowledging our own vulnerability is key to being able to identify and come alongside the most vulnerable people in our community, those who are often hidden in plain sight behind our false assumptions about human trafficking
  10. Embracing a beautiful healthy life after betrayal Whether you are newly divorced and thinking about dating again, or wanting to relaunch yourself in your marriage, Jenni Rochelle brings an inspiring message of hope and healing. With her contagious vibrancy, Jenni unpacks the daunting process of learning to trust again, and makes it seem possible for every women to embrace her own big sexy comeback. Don't forget to check out Jenni's podcast - Beauty after Betrayal and her 8-week Big Sexy Comeback Mentorship Group. Special offer for Fight For Love listeners : Use the code Worthy100 f
  11. Helping wives discern healthy recovery groups If you or your partner are currently in, or are thinking about signing up, for a Pure Desire group this is an episode you don't want to miss. Ashley Jameson, Author, Speaker and International Women's Group Coordinator, joins me today to chat through many of the questions and concerns that I have received from wives over the years about Pure Desire groups. Remember your job is not to fix your husband, but to help get him to a professional or a group who can. However, in order to do that, you need to know what to look out for in a good group. How c
  12. Creating beauty out of the ashes of betrayal. Calling all of you who are feeling weary and hopeless, come, sit and be comforted and inspired by Matthew & Joanna Raabsmith as they take you through their practical and profound step-by-step approach to creating a beautiful biblical level of intimacy out of the ashes of betrayal and addiction. With their unique and irresistible style, Matthew and Joanna take us on a journey through the stages of honesty, safety, trust, vulnerability and intimacy. This is one to listen to with your partner. This is why we FIGHT FOR LOVE!
  13. Behind the Scenes at Boulder Recovery If you are curious about what really happens at a residential trauma intensive, take a listen to my conversation with Matt Wenger, Clinical Director of Boulder Recovery as he takes us behind the scenes at his 14-Day Intensive for men struggling with sex, porn, and relationship issues. The program uses the TINSA® treatment model (Trauma Induced Sexual Addiction) to heal the traumatic experiences and attachment wounds driving addictive behaviors and problematic thinking around sex and intimacy. Boulder Recovery is also the only Christian intensive in North
  14. A deep neurobiological dive into trauma, triggers and trust. Dr Jake Porter, Licensed Professional Counselor, and founder and president of Daring Ventures, joins me today for a rich and deep dive into the brain of a betrayed partner. Drawing on his vast expertise in relational neurobiology and attachment theory, Jake compellingly explains the following: How betrayal trauma affects the brain Why triggers can feel overwhelming How you can begin to rebuild trust when your entire history feels like a lie. Why healing happens in relationships Why a full disclosure
  15. Conversation with Heather Creekmore of Compared to Who If you are struggling with feeling like you will never measure up in your husband's eyes, this is the episode for you. In this exploration of this dreadfully painful subject we shoot you straight with both the reality of the problem and the solution. Although some parts of our conversation may be hard to hear, dragging everything into the light is the only way forward. The biblical truths that Heather Creekmore, (author, speaker, and host of Compared To Who podcast ), shares today hold life and power to set you free from this debilitatin

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