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  1. Interview with Rosie Makinney by Daniel and Christina Im Porn proofing our kids doesn't have to be scary and overwhelming. Today we're bringing you this uplifting and practical conversation from Daniel and Christina Im on the IMBetween Podcast and our very own Rosie Makinney. 4 steps to help porn-proof your children Signs to look for to know if your child is watching porn How you can support your child if they are struggling with a porn addiction Incredible age-appropriate resources to help you continue this important conversation with your kids and teens To buy Fight For Love click here To join Fight For Love Facebook private support group click here To ask the team and question or check out our resources click here. Resources Mentioned During the Episode: To find out from about the IMBetween Podcast Listen to IMB previous episode with Rosie, My Spouse Is Addicted To Porn Media Savvy Moms Podcast Parents Aware.info Fight The New Drug Fortify: Science Based Support For Lasting Change (program for ages 13 to 17 years old) Your Brain On Porn Protect Young Minds.org Culture Reframed.org Protect Young Eyes.com Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr: A Simple Plan to Protect Young Minds by Kristen A. Jenson Good Pictures Bad Pictures: Porn-Proofing Today’s Young Kids by Kristen A. Jenson Bark.us Quotes and Tweets: When it comes to the issue of second-hand porn in our homes, there is still a collective blind spot despite the overwhelming evidence that parents’ porn consumption negatively impacts children. @RosieMakinney Porn activates the sexual part of a child’s feeling-bring before their thinking-bran even knows what sex is. @RosieMakinney Porn is the quiet killer of families, slowly and progressively destroying trust and intimacy between mothers and fathers. @RosieMakinney It is natural to want to shield your kids from the truth when it involves compulsive porn use, but experts say that it is actually worse for the child to be kept in the dark. Pretending that everything is fine will backfire. @RosieMakinney Average age of first exposure to porn is eleven. Other studies say the figure is closer to eight. @RosieMakinney My top piece of tech advice to parents is to ensure that you restrict your child’s ability to download apps onto their phone without your knowledge. You need to keep on top of what black holes your child has access to. @RosieMakinney Porn-proofing your kids does not happen in a single conversation. It is an on-going dialogue.@RosieMakinney Even when your kids’ dumb decisions trigger you, don’t forget to take a few deep breaths before responding. Your goal here is to keep the channels open. You want your kids to come to you when they have questions about something they have seen. @RosieMakinney Remember: a child who is struggling with compulsive porn use is a child whose brain has been hijacked. @RosieMakinney
  2. Interview with Gigi Hopkins - Wives Care Coordinator Listen in to Gigi Hopkins, Wives Care Coordinator at Be Broken Ministries, describe her gentle introductory 6 week course for wives of porn addicts. If you have fears and apprehensions about taking the next step into recovery, this may be just what you are looking for. For more information about Be Broken Ministries wives care group click here. To buy Fight For Love click here To join Facebook private support group click here To ask the team and question or check out our resources click here.
  3. Tools to help you find something safe to watch Watching movies and shows today in recovery is extra challenging when sex and nudity have pretty much become the norm. Here are some of our favorite websites and services that take all the hard work out of finding something safe to watch, which enables you to actually relax and enjoy your time together. https://kids-in-mind.com/ https://www.commonsensemedia.org/ https://www.pluggedin.com/movie-reviews/ https://www.pureflix.com/ https://www.vidangel.com/ For more resources or to ask the team a question go to http://fightforloveministries.org
  4. Interview with Rosie Makinney by Dr Juli Slattery from Authentic Intimacy Listen in on this great conversation between Dr Juli Slattery, president and founder of Authentic Intimacy, and our very own Rosie Makinney. Here they talk about equipping women with the appropriate steps to fight for their marriages, how to help their husbands, and find support for their own healing. Where do you draw boundaries? How do you know if he’s in a healthy support group? Is it okay to take time off from sex? They address all of those questions and more in this episode of Juli's own podcast Java with Juli. Grab your java and join us! More information on Juli Slattery and Authentic Intimacy can be found at: Website Facebook Instagram Twitter To check out Juli's follow up resources to this episode go to https://www.authenticintimacy.com/resources/21440/321-taking-your-marriage-back-from-porn?source=blog
  5. What it feels like to be hurled down the rabbit hole of recovery. For the benefit of our new listeners we are rerunning one of our first episodes to help you understand what you in for when you embark on this journey of recovery. We give you an overview of the whole process, and explain the different stages of recovery. We also share what it was really like having to embark on this challenging and unknown journey, not because of something we had done, but because of something our husbands had done. Looking for a Certified Sexual Addition Therapist near you, or an online group, or an online addiction self-assessments - go to our resource page https://www.fightforloveministries.org/resources
  6. Interview with Lyschel Burket, Lead Hope Castor and founder of Hope Redefined Ready to take that next step and reach out for your own support ? This could be just what you have been looking for. Today I interview Lyschel Burket. She has been working with women since 2008 as they take steps toward healing and their pursuit of God as they face sexual betrayal in their marriage. She has facilitated support groups specific to partners since 2013 both locally in Knoxville, TN and online through Vicki Tiede Ministries. After serving in these two spaces for almost 5 years Lyschel returned to school and obtained her coaching certification in recovery work. Lyschel is a Professional Coach, and Certified Partner Coach with APSATS (The Assoc of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists). Lyschel is the Lead Hope Caster and Founder of Hope Redefined. She desires to be a part of something so much bigger than herself as she continues to expand the reach of support for women who are facing similar things to her own recovery story. She and her husband Garren live in Knoxville, TN with their 5 kiddos. Lyschel and Garren have been on the road of recovery since 2006. Hope Redefined is 501(c)3 not for profit that supports women facing sexual betrayal. They offer online support groups, one to one coaching, an intensive healing retreat, a private online community, and community education. This ministry is a community for women to link arms and walk their paths of healing. You can learn more about Hope Redefined on their website at http://www.HopeRedefined.org Hope Redefined is 501(c)3 not for profit that supports women facing sexual betrayal. They offer online support groups, one to one coaching, an intensive healing retreat, a private online community, and community education. This ministry is a community for women to link arms and walk their paths of healing. You can learn more about Hope Redefined on their website at http://www.HopeRedefined.org To access our resources or ask the Fight For Love team a question go to http://www.fightforloveministries.org
  7. Discerning what level of sharing will help and what will harm. Whether you want to know everything or absolutely nothing that is going on inside your husband's head, it's good to know what level of sharing from him is going to help you heal and move forward and what is going to hold you back. Learn why being your husband's primary accountability partner is a bad idea, and also why basing your feeling of stability and safety on his thought life is a precarious and ineffective strategy. To access our resources, ask the team a question, buy the book Fight For Love, or join our support group go to http://www.fightforloveministries.org
  8. Questions to ask a potential counselor or therapist To help you discern whether the person you have found will be able to help you navigate through the tricky waters of recovery, I have enlisted the help of my husband, Mark Makinney, a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist, to talk us through the important areas to consider. To access national databases of CSATs and APSATS (Certified Sexual Addiction Therapists and Association of Partners of Sex Addict Trauma Specialists) check out our resource page on our website http://www.fightforloveministries.org For more information about Mark Makinney's therapy practice go to http://www.resolvetherapy.org
  9. Interview with Cat Etherington, Head of Recovery at Naked Truth Project In this rich and candid interview Cat draws from her personal and professional experience of dealing with betrayal trauma. Here's a therapist we wish we could clone for all our listeners! This is a MUST LISTEN! Cat Etherington is Head of Recovery for UK based charity Naked Truth Project. Naked Truth Project formed with a vision to Open Eyes and Free Lives fro the Damaging Impact of Pornography. As a multi skilled practitioner, international educator and speaker, Cat has pioneered multiple online recovery and healing resources for men and women impacted by problematic sexual behaviours, both their own and that their spouse or partner. Drawing on her own personal addiction and betrayal trauma recovery journeys, as well as her multiple professional trainings and certification, Cat (along with the rest of the Naked Truth Recovery team) supports men and women from around the world with skill and compassion. For more information about Cat Etherington and The Naked Truth Project go to http://thenakedtruthproject.com/ To access our resources on ask the team a question go to htttp://fightforloveministries.org
  10. How we have partnered with LifeWay to bring you new resources In this episode I have the pleasure of being joined by Jenaye White, publicity and marketing guru at LifeWay, to talk about two exciting new initiatives that can help you bring the message of Fight For Love to women at your church. Firstly, we talk about a seven day devotional for wives of porn addicts, and secondly we explain a terrific new initiative called Stay On The Same Page, created to help churches stay connected and study together at this challenging time. After we explain how 'Fight For Love - Stay On The Same Page' works, we tackle all the possible objections you might face from others and from your own brain! To join the Fight For Love Leaders team click here To download the Reading guide click here To buy Fight For Love for $5 click here To access the Fight For Love Ministries Webpage for resources or to ask the team a question click here Free Webinar with Rosie Makinney Where: LifeWay and FightforLove Facebook pages When: July 1 at 2pm CT for one hour What: Featuring teaching from Rosie and a time for Q&A Mark your calendar and join us for this important webinar, designed to answer your questions and equip you to address this issue in your church. BH_FightForLove_SaveTheDate.webp
  11. Is it possible to re-fall in love? Is it okay if he looks at me instead of porn? On this episode the team tackle two very common questions: Will I ever feel the same way about my husband again? Will it help if I take pictures of myself for him? To access our resources or ask team a question go to http://www.fightforloveminsitries.org
  12. Interview with Ruth Even if your husband remains unrepentant and refuses to seek help there is still great hope for a joy-filled transformed life for yourself and your children. In this episode Ruth describes her own healing journey beyond her divorce from her porn addicted husband. Join our FaceBook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/FightForLoveFellowship For more resources or to ask the team a question go to http://www.fightforloveministries.org
  13. How and when to set your boundaries **A must listen for anyone who doesn't believes that porn use affects relationship** In this most vulnerable of episodes we share exactly how our husband's porn addictions affected us, and what it was like to draw that initial line in the sand on porn. It was not knowledge that drove us to set boundaries it was sheer pain. If we could go back and tell our younger selves one thing this is what we would say! Private Facebook Support Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/FightForLoveFellowship For further resources or to ask the team a question go to http://www.fightforloveministries.org FREE 7 Day Devotional for wives of porn addicts available at YouVersion http://bible.us/r/4xZ FIGHT FOR LOVE Book available from Lifeway on sale for $5.00 (Limited offer) https://www.lifeway.com/en/product/fight-for-love-P005817188 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fightforloveministries/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/RosieMakinney Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/fightforloveministries
  14. Interview with Jeneane Nicodemus: Hope and practical help for wives dealing with an abusive spouse To help us unpack what to do when your porn addicted spouse is also abusive, we have enlisted the expertise of Jeneane Nicodemus (Associate Marriage and Family Therapist), a survivor of domestic violence and therapist at Stand Strong, a women's shelter for survivors of domestic violence in San Luis Obispo County, California. F Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline. Support, resources and advice for your safety 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) https://www.thehotline.org/ Betrayal Trauma Recovery - excellent resources for women who are dealing with the trauma of betrayal https://www.btr.org/ Jeneane's organisation in San Luis Obispo https://www.riseslo.org/
  15. Statistics, Self-care and Support. True to form, we're kicking off our new season by getting real about how this pandemic is kicking our collective butt, and we're not even in the heat of an active addiction. In this episode we share the reality of a rapidly growing global porn pandemic, and emphasize the importance of upping up your self-care and seeking support. To join the Fight For Love Fellowship private Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FightForLoveFellowship For a list of online support groups from other organizations: http://www.fightforloveminsitries.org/resources
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