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  1. Theme: Should've Seen By Now OOO mama I hope you're ready for the kahuna of this week. First, the gang must use the Pokeflute to start the show and our hosts before we jump headlong into the anime classic Akira, from 1988. This manga adaptation from Katsuhiro Otomo is so goddamn good and worth an immediate watch that the gang can't stop salivating over it. Or, is that saliva...? Tetsuoooooooo!
  2. Theme: Should've Seen By Now It's a sessual episode as the crew tries out their accents, and dabble in some xenobiological foreplay. Zea gives a very unnecessary lesson on figging that you won't unhear. We then jump into Mox's pick of unwatched classics with the 2006 film, Children of Men. This sci-fi thriller has choreography, direction, and movie magic that the gang all loves and thumbs up for you. Mmmmm, good movies tasty!
  3. Theme: Should've Seen By Now A wise Jeep once said, "life is better topless", and a wise NAFC crew once wondered, "what else can go topless?" Gibbs recalls his chance encounter with the topless-loving vehicle and the whole crew minus Izzy gets into what you really want to know: what's the difference between a dick and an asshole? This cock talk is meant to remind you that NAFC is "Not Always Family Conscious", ESPECIALLY the first pick in Gibbs' theme of "Should've Seen By Now": the immortal The Shawshank Redemption (1993). The gang takes on another Stephen King story and dissects why this m
  4. Theme: Vampire The wrecking crew bursts into the new year and expatiates (mmmm) on the peculiarities of calendars and the concept of time, which is what the last film of the Vampire theme is called: Cronos. For director Guillermo del Toro's debut film, this 1993 movie about an older Mexican antique store owner's chance encounter with a bloodthirsty device features some sweet gore. But will it make Gibbs' list of his top 5 favorite vampire movies of all time??
  5. Theme: Vampires We recap the end of the year with our takes on recent video game awards, including Gibbs' and Zea's favorite, It Takes Two. The gang records a liiittle early since Izzy is off for a stay in a cabin, AKA a murderden, The pick this week is the Korean horror-drama-romance? Thirst (2009), from the director of Old Boy - a twist on the classic vampire tale as a priest-turned-vampire gets hot and heavy with .. a regular ol' girl.
  6. Theme: Vampires Hope you're ready for a SMACKEROONI of an episode, since the gang is armed and loaded with bullets of laughter. First they fire off about recent Netflix adaptations and what the next series should be, which leads them to ponder about adapting the Bible, particularly as a wrestling opera. Speaking of recent adaptations, how about The Wheel of Time? More like Wheel of WASTE of Time, according to Izzy. We then get into Gibbs' awful-yet-great pick for this week, BloodRayne, coming from the demented mind of filmmaker Uwe Boll. If you like to laugh at terrible movies, this is your
  7. Theme: Vampire mmmm this is a real juicy one as the gang fantasizes about the soundtrack to deliciousness, then pauses to consider how to make offensive pop music and if Awkwafina's representation of the Asian community - Mox and Izzy are not fans. They verbally salivate over puddin before diving into our newest theme: vampires. Izzy starts us off with the recent Netflix film, Blood Red Sky (2021), about a *spoiler* German vampire mom who protects her kid on a flight from terrorists, Nosferatu-style *spoiler*. Mixed reviews all around but a decent vamp tramp, bramp.
  8. Theme: Dreams Gibbs and Izzy take this episode on their backs and carry it to glory. They explore the logistics of polyamorous relationships, their reactions to the first couple episodes of new Cowboy Bebop, and the black hole that reboot culture that has become. Spookiness everywhere as Gibbs recounts his viewing of The Shining on a full Beaver Moon night. They cap off the Dream theme with 2001's Waking Life, a rotoscoped "film" of philosophy and visual madness. It's a boo from our bro-hosts as they unravel the mindfuck they watched for your entertainment.
  9. Theme: Dreams Join us as we reconvene from an Internet-outage delayed episode, where we witness the birth of Santa Turkey. The guys profess their love for the new tactical RPG Wildermyth, Izzy reviews Netflix's Midnight Mass and Arcane: League of Legends. We then dive into the brilliantly ridiculous and surreal Brazil (1985), from Monty Python member and noted weird moviemakerTerry Gilliam. We'll let Izzy's review of the film speak for itself: "this is cinema".
  10. Theme: Dreams What if, like, when you teleport, you aren't the same person anymore? And, like, what constitutes "you"? Such gems of profundity can be gleaned from an exquisite episode this week; you better wear a helmet, because we're gonna blow your mind. The gang discusses Gibbs' Future Self ©, the weird lingo of the workout community, and what to do when you want to say something is "meta" now. We then review the 2016 Netflix film Before I Wake, which gets mixed reviews from the crew with scores ranging from 50-78%. Spooooooky dreaming kid!
  11. Theme: Dreams Fresh off the spice kick of watching Dune in an IMAX theater, Gibbs begins his ascension towards Muad'Dib-dom and all lay witness. Other than an express review of the new Dune, the gang also gets into the new Cowboy Bebop teaser and Izzy tells us about the latest Bond film, No Time To Die. Oh yeah... and that Chappelle special too. We wonder too about the state of live action anime and just Hollywood overall: where is the originality?? We get a good dose of originality as the new theme of DREAMS gets kicked off with the 1995 European-combo film, The City of Lost Children (
  12. Theme: Ritual Where in the world did South Korea come from?? Other than Asia, we attempt to answer this question as we wonder about recent Korean hits like Squid Game and BTS. We jump over the Sea of Japan to pontificate on Japan's future, including the release of the newest Demon Slayer episode (spoiler: Izzy doesn't like it) and anime series like I Want to Eat Your Pancreas. Some listener fanmail probes the crew's tastes in dinner and sexual positions before the main entree to conclude the theme of ritual, David's Lynch Dune (from 1984). Don't let Izzy shitting all over this movie deter yo
  13. Theme: Ritual Izzy is so on top of things this episode you can even see up his shirt, you weirdo - he's got Community talk, an explanation for gaming terms like "whale", and even a 007 movie VIP experience to discuss in the near future. The rest of the gang is pretty much speechless from Izzy's topitude, other than Gibbs longing for the new Smash character Meta Mario. Izzy then makes a brave pick for the theme of ritual with the 2017 English film, The Ritual. This Swedish-hiking, band-of-hiking-buddies horror movie has enough in this hour and a half for some spooks, including chainsaw trees
  14. In preparation for No Time to Die (in theaters October 8 ), Izzy explores the Daniel Craig pantheon of James Bond movies.
  15. Theme: Ritual Gooooood morning Mox, and welcome to the show! We wake him up with a listener email about Evangelion while we mourn Zea's absence due to a brand new cherry-flavored booster shot. We fill the devastating void by reviewing the recent My Little Pony: A New Generation movie, along with Japan S(t)inks and Star Wars Visions. We also create your favoritest new DnD character, the Lo-Fi Bard. It's really just a swell episode around, including our review of the 2016 Belgian film Raw, where a vet school vegetarian has to eat meat for the first time as part of a hazing ritual, and things g

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