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  1. Theme: Madness Oh how sweet it is to be reunited. Gibbs and Zea are back and tell of their Southern vacation tales, including a memorable trip to a New Orleans vampire bar. We then round out the theme of Madness with Mox's pick, the French 1967 film Playtime. Dizzying choreography and visual gags mark this 2-hour loonfest, and comes recommended from Dunkey himself.
  2. Just Mox and Izzy again. Netflix's Kingdom America: The Motion Picture Izzy's 3D printer Trash talk about Gibbs and Zea The Batman circle jerk Thoughts on theatrical releases during covid Upcoming movies The Tomorrow War is having a sequel?! What are movies that need to be on the big screen?
  3. Zea and Gibbs are out this week! Izzy and Mox go bonkers and records a 2 hour rant on everything they've been doing recently. Mox goes deep into exploring all the current issues with the anime industry. A Quiet Place 2 Othercide It Takes Two Rick and Morty Season 5 The Tomorrow War Rurouni Kenshin live action movies The Conjuring 3 Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song Wonder Egg Priority I give up... there's way too much to keep count...
  4. Theme: Madness Izzy makes his triumphant return as an educator of Mexican food. Zea inevitably initiates some kink talk and we get to the sexiest myth out there, Bigfoot. Gibbs finally picks a film people want to watch with Stephen King's Misery (1990), a horror masterpiece and our highest-rated movie as reviewed by the gang.
  5. Theme: Madness It's the episode where Izzy is gone, so you know that means: 1) Dinosaur talk. 2) Crosswalk talk. 3) Video game immersion. 4) Our sponsors Movie Review Timestamp: 33:00
  6. Theme: Madness Have you heard about the curious case of Benjamin Belly Button? Gather round the podcast as the gang reminisces on his age-defying exploits. Izzy knows the secret to baby powder, and it's not pretty. Also not pretty: Gibbs having Timmy removed at the "baby factory". Zea tries to understand the mythos of Santa and cryptocurrency, while Izzy tries to understand why he dreams of being a sleeping Abe Lincoln's chair. It's a weird episode and movie, Persona, which is a 1966 Swedish film made by Ingmar Bergman. If you like artsy movies, this is your lingonberry jam; otherwise it's a
  7. Just some behind the scenes on how we get our SyncTracks started. We hope you all appreciate the time and effort we spend on making these for you! Also, police brutality is not funny guys.
  8. Theme: Space Watch out, it's another boomer rant as we reflect on the Internet was ruined by boomers. Gibbs has an idea to take advantage of the touring Summer Olympics... or maybe he doesn't. In true empathetic fashion, we mourn the loss of children in British Columbia, Canada, allowing Zea to reflect on her previous vampire origins. This somehow leads perfectly into our last "space" film, the 2004 made for TV film Dracula 3000, a real stinker of a film which makes for some stupid fun. Movie Review Timestamp: 29:24 And don't forget, you can always watch the movie with us
  9. Theme: Space It's never a bad time for toilet talk! Gibbs has found a secret bathroom at work, and he's excited to share with everyone, or not. The gang recounts their nice bathroom experiences and decides it's time for someone to make a map of the best bathrooms. Zea learns about squatty potties and is floored. Then we jump into the recent Korean science fiction thriller Space Sweepers (available on Netflix). Though the characters can be corny at times, we all agree it's a fun watch.
  10. Theme: Space The gang is back from a vaccination break spacier than ever. We explore the Trader Joe's mask experiment that Zea and Gibbs are running and ponder if vaccination badges need to be a thing. Gibbs has a Pokemon trade of deep regret that he needs to get off of his chest, while Izzy needs to unload about his superiority complex for his Sam's Club shopping. We wonder if everyone else has also gained pandemic pounds (...or COVID kilo's) since Izzy is starting his intermittent fasting, and speaking of dropping things, what's the deal with Captcha? Will we forever be doomed to prove our
  11. Theme: Space What's the deal with... all the rampage Mario makes and the mess left behind? And with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (which Zea reviews)? And with the lack of good video games in the Star Trek universe? And with Gibbs' apparent slurping? And with Zea thinking Asians eat loudly? And with Zea not finishing.................. her sentences? So many deals to get through this week. Mox then kicks off his chosen theme of Space with the 2020 Russian film, Sputnik, a science fiction-space horror story about a cosmonaut who brings back some extra baggage from space. For having a $2 million
  12. Theme: Nicolas Cage It's a ball-tingling episode as we get straight to discussing cock-and-ball torture and remembering the day we learned about testicular torsion. If that isn't sexy enough for you, Zea shares her first encounter with a bikini barista, and we wonder how other jobs can be sexified. Then it's on to the last of the Nicolas Cage films, 2019's Color Out of Space, where Daddy Cage meets Lovecraftian cosmic horror in a delightfully dark story. Ol' Saint Nic is back to his old tricks of putting weird stuff in his mouth, pineal gland stimulation, and of course, MomSon - when family
  13. Theme: Nicolas Cage Surprise, it's another saus fest as Zea sits out what is frankly an exceptionally testosterone-riddled episode. We discuss the misnumbering of musketeers, if unfattening can look good over time, and we're keeping track of all the famous people who are dropping elbees. Then, we watch LIVE with an attached SyncTrack for the 1989 film Vampire's Kiss. It's settled that Cage is best as Cage in this movie, and it's 👍.
  14. Since Gibbs wouldn't stop talking after the episode we got into an interesting discussion about the Zelda series.
  15. You like anime ya nerds? Do ya? I bet you do. Well, we talk about quirks and Narotu, as well as the hottest new game, Amongus. Oh yeah, and memba jukeboxes? And the 80s? They were great. We then talk about the 2017 film Mom and Dad, and Cage is a crazy mudafuga. Def recommend.

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