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  1. The Adult Cartoon Of Podcasts Dubbed, "The Adult Cartoon of Podcasts" by one of it's ShiFthead fans, The LeRoy & Earl Show is many things. Is funny one of them? You be the judge. No matter what you think of the show, you won't be able to deny that it's different. Join fans from Michigan to Nigeria in listening to one of the best podcasts out there.
  2. www.leroyandearl.com Once again testicle difficulties plague the show Leroy Carleeezy couldnt go live but they made the worst of a bad situation and did a show anyway
  3. www.leroyandearl.com Leroy welcomes new cohost Carleeezy to the show Ricky is demoted back to intern
  4. www.leroyandearl.com Leroy has some big news for the showagain What is it Well listen to the show and youll find out Leroy plays some Call of Duty Modern Warfare He reviews Jack Daniels legacy series 2 and he does some other stuff
  5. www.leroyandearl.com Leroy does a Thanksgiving special and delivers some really bad news about Earl Leroy makes claims of having a plan for the future of the show We will see
  6. www.leroyandearl.com Leroy actually does a hole show of original material No replays Wow He plays Would you Rather with Ricky Talks about the Cleveland Browns debacle with Saul Gorman and theres other stuff
  7. www.leroyandearl.com Leroy does a show It has Carleeezy It has part of a replay It has news It ends
  8. www.leroyandearl.com Leroy tries to do a show through his grief Grief over what Well youll just have to listen and find out Theres other stuff on the show including a replay of a hilarious episode Well part of it anyway Leroy is just trying to fill time until Earls return
  9. www.leroyandearl.com Leroy welcomes long time Shifthead Denny the Trucker to the show for thew first time Denny tells some trucker jokes Leroy does a tech review on TV streaming services and Saul does his NFL picks of the week
  10. www.leroyandearl.com Leroy didnt have it in him to do a show this week but he did take the time to remaster episode 23 Up the Butt No Babies for you ShiFtheads
  11. www.leroyandearl.com Leroy talks about the Area 51 invasion coming up and he talks to Saul about his NFL picks Leroy finishes the replay of episode 15 NFL Merkins
  12. www.leroyandearl.com Leroy tries having Nana in studio but things dont work out so well So Leroy ends up doing a show replay Saul calls in with his NFL picks
  13. www.leroyandearl.com Leroy plays a Phil Hendrie clip and hope everyone had a great holiday weekend
  14. www.leroyandearl.com Leroy has a interesting guest on to talk about immigration And he plays three cuts from the forth coming album theres more too
  15. www.leroyandearl.com WOW What an amazing show Leroy did After a two week hiatus Leroy comes back with several bits that are sure to please and one that will probably make you somewhat sad Either wayoh and Earl has a small guest spot as well Earl For real yo

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