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  1. Orange County's only live podcasting channel. Orange County, CA's only online community radio station and live podcasting channel, giving businesses and community groups a voice on the Internet. Streaming…not screaming talk radio.
  2. Internal communications are critical to building an informed and connected workplace. What happens what you intend to communicate doesn’t have the outcome you desired? This is what happens when you don’t listen and frame messaging the wrong way. Today, we live in a world where every internal communication can easily become external and trending on Twitter. As communicators, we have to understand this and navigate the environment to write for outcomes. The graveyard is littered with companies who have died when they were abandoned by their customers. In this podcast, we will learn how to write a communication for the desired outcome and not fall into the trap of tone-deaf. About Courtney Hughes Courtney has extensive communications experience, currently leading communications for the Client Product Group at Dell. Over the last seven years at Dell, she’s held various roles in internal and executive communications, most recently leading communications for Client Solutions Group Sales. Prior to joining Dell, Courtney was a writer, video editor, DJ, and radio personality.When she’s not writing, creating and executing communication plans, you can find her cooking, working out, modeling, watching and playing sports, spending time with her daughter McKenzie, eating snacks in the closet and answering “yes” to mommy for the gazillionth time. Courtney is a West Virginia native, who grew up in the small town of Beckley, W.Va. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in integrated marketing communications from West Virginia University. ___________________________________________ WVU Marketing Communications Today is hosted by Michael Lynch from West Virginia University which is a program on the Funnel Radio Channel.
  3. Show Notes Paul, today’s subject is not a light one. In fact, it may be one of the most troubling subjects I have discussed on the show after more than 130 episodes. Today is about very deep human pain and suffering, AND the potential learnings that can result, if one chooses to take that path. Although we may love learning about life and our deepest inner selves… the path there is often most unpleasant. David Whyte alludes to the power of suffering when he writes, “Suffering is as inescapable and inevitable as breathing…” If suffering is inescapable and inevitable, it might be asking us… to see suffering as our constant and instructive companion…” “Suffering asks us not to look for an alternative path, because there is no alternative path.” Now… none of this eludes the pain and despair of suffering. It is not something to anticipate with glee. It sucks. Yet if suffering is inescapable, we are asked not only to expect it and learn from it, but also to actually embrace it as our unwanted “instructive companion.” My very special guest today, Dr. John Bash, is most accustomed to suffering as well as the deep learning that comes from it. As a successful minister and church planter, In John’s resume I read… “John’s heart for leaders is a natural outgrowth of a life spent watching God turn pain and tragedy into comfort and healing. His planting churches spread from East Coast to West with one church in Chicago; John’s unlikely story was always highlighted by what he calls “Two Sides”. John Writes, “Often it is in the secret vulnerable pain and embarrassment behind our stories that we find the deeper truth - grace is more than a concept.” John’s story has given him a passion for those affected by abuse, addictions, tragedy, and pain. So, let’s bring on John and benefit enormously from his life and teachings.” For more with Charlie Hedges please visit www.thenextchapter.life
  4. Program host, Jim Obermayer, read a recent press release from LeadMD and what caught his eye was the 133% growth figure for their year over year sales so far in 2019. “Why” is the question Obermayer asked the company. The answer prompted the interview for this program with Justin Gray the CEO of LeadMD. His response is both interesting and predictable for a company that counts several thousand companies as its clients. Justin Gray bio (Founder, CEO) Justin Gray is a serial entrepreneur who has launched four multi-million- dollar companies, become a recognized speaker and has been published over 350 times throughout his career. Justin is the CEO and founder of LeadMD, a role he’s held for the past ten years. He also co-founded PaidSuite, a SaaS payment technology provider, and led the company through a successful acquisition in 2017. He is the co-founder of Greyson Organics, an organic farm in rural Missouri he co-owns and operates with his father, as well. Justin and his wife, Jennifer, met over marketing in 2013, welcomed their first child, Grayson, in 2018 and are expecting a daughter in November 2019. Bob Blount bio (Vice President of Sales) Bob Blount is a passionate sales/marketing and business development leader focused on profitability, accountability, and results. He has 20 years of sales and marketing experience and 10 years of business development, SaaS, marketing, account-based marketing, digital communications experience. He is a former Board Chairman of MedicAlert Foundation and has received recognition including top sales awards, most profitable sales team awards and has been named one of Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) top 100. Bob joined LeadMD as Vice President of Sales earlier this month. About LeadMD LeadMD is the number one performance marketing consultancy in the U.S. Launched in 2009, LeadMD empowers marketers to drive revenue and customer success. The company focuses on people, processes, and technology that create predictable and sustainable revenue for high growth and enterprise brands. LeadMD has helped thousands of brands improve and deliver value through strategy and proven tactics that work. For more information, visit https://www.leadmd.com or email at go@leadmd.com.
  5. I used to believe that conflicts between sales and marketing were so much trash talk between competing team mates. When confronted with the question of which blade of the scissors is most effective it is obvious that one can’t do the job without the other. Leadership has its responsibilities to minimize conflict within the company for the benefit of the investors and the bottom line. That the issue between sales and marketing has been allowed to fester can only be laid at the doorstep of the company president. If the presidents didn’t get a grounding in sales or marketing early in their careers, they are forever avoiding the nonsense that their sales and marketing managers perpetuate as they point fingers at each other because of failed revenue attainment. In this interview with Patrick Morrissey, General Manager of Overland Altify, we discuss how Patrick has solved this issue to get sales, marketing, and customer service to work together. His approach may surprise you. About Patrick Morrissey Patrick Morrissey is the General Manager at Overland Altify, responsible for all operating aspects of the company. Prior to becoming the GM Patrick was the CMO for Altify. Morrissey is also the host of Revenue Optimization Radio sponsored by Overland Altify. Prior to joining Altify, he was CRO of Simpplr, and has held multiple executive positions in sales and marketing at Salesforce, DataSift, Savvion and Business Objects. You May Also Like: How Did the Revenue Team Gets Lost in Translation? 5 Questions to Prioritize Your Sales Enablement Budget for 2020 Cracking the Content Code - Morrissey Reports From the Seismic Shift Sales Enablement Conference ___________________________________________ SLMA Radio is hosted by James Obermayer of Funnel Media Group which is a program on the Funnel Radio Channel. Funnel Media Group is the sponsor of SLMA Radio
  6. This week's episode is entitled "How to Win (and Keep Winning) Bigger Deals" and our guest is Lisa Magnuson, Founder of Top Line Sales and the author of The TOP Sales Leader Playbook: How to Win 5X Deals. I ask Lisa in 2020, what should sales professionals be thinking about and prioritizing as they stare at the quarter in the year ahead of them? She shared one of the things that they absolutely are thinking about is that pipeline, but most importantly inside that pipeline, they're thinking about what are their biggest opportunities. Because the smart sellers know that if they identify a couple of really big accounts... I call them 5X accounts, worth about five times their average deal... if they identify a couple of those and really work them, diligently work them, they will get those in 2020 and it will be a game changer for their year. This and a lot more. Listen in NOW or read the entire conversation on the Heinz Marketing blog starting Monday, 1/27/19 at 6am PST. Sales Pipeline Radio is hosted by Matt Heinz of Heinz Marketing which is a program on the Funnel Radio Channel. ______________________________________________________________________________ Sales Pipeline Radio is sponsored and produced by Heinz Marketing on the Funnel Radio Channel. I interview the best and brightest minds in sales and Marketing. If you would like to be a guest on Sales Pipeline Radio send an email to Sheena.
  7. This week's episode is entitled "How Your Board and Investors Think About Marketing" and our guest is Robert Pease Managing Director at the Cascade Seed Fund.I ask Robert, as a board member, as an investor, how do you not just think about marketing, but when the company comes back and describes their marketing plan, describes how marketing is doing and how they're reporting on it, what do you as an investor want to see? What are you looking for? You'll love his message around audience message and offer. I also ask him, thinking about the life he's lived, the career he's had, the mistakes he's made....What's a piece of advice, or a lesson, or an experience you would share with others that hopefully they can learn from as well? Listen in or read the full transcript on the Heinz Marketing Blog starting 1/20/20. Sales Pipeline Radio is hosted by Matt Heinz of Heinz Marketing which is a program on the Funnel Radio Channel. ______________________________________________________________________________ Sales Pipeline Radio is sponsored and produced by Heinz Marketing on the Funnel Radio Channel. I interview the best and brightest minds in sales and Marketing. If you would like to be a guest on Sales Pipeline Radio send an email to Sheena.
  8. Host Bart Zandbergen and Co-Host Letitia Berbaum kicked-off the New Year with a candid conversation on goal setting. The duo shared how they individually approach goal setting and what they do to keep themselves on track throughout the year. As most people know, the resolutions that are often set in the New Year can fade very quickly, so the key is learning how to revisit the goals after they are set to monitor progress. In this episode, learn:-How approaching goal setting with gratitude can lay the right foundation -How proper planning for goals can trigger behaviors to work towards goals -Why it’s critical to check in with yourself on goal progress often to get back on track if needed -How assessing what you did in the last year that did and did not work can be helpful in setting new goals A Quote to Consider:“You must be willing to do what others won’t do, to have what others won’t have.” -Les Brown The Zandbergen Report, where wealth strategies, investment wisdom and pop culture collide, is led by host Bart Zandbergen, with featured guest host Letitia Berbaum, every Tuesday at 2pm on OC Talk Radio. In addition to being streamed live in real time, the show is also available on Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Podbean and Stitcher. Catch up any time with any episode on the platform of your choice. Interested in being a guest on The Zandbergen Report? Email podcast@bartzandbergen.com. Learn more about Bart Zandbergen by visiting www.BartZandbergen.com
  9. Measuring the return on investment for communications and marketing initiatives is essential across all industries today but how does data-driven decision making differ for non-profits, especially for those operating in the public policy arena? Today’s guest on WVU Marketing Communications Today is Ann DeFabio Doyle, Vice President of Communications for The Pew Charitable Trusts, a non-partisan, global research and public policy organization. Ann and host Susan Jones will discuss how mission-driven non-profits use data to make a difference in their work and how Pew has created new communications initiatives to reach key audiences. About Susan's guest: Ann DeFabio Doyle directs Pew’s communications efforts to advance the organization’s policy and information goals worldwide. Her portfolio encompasses strategic planning, institutional media, public opinion research, and all digital, creative, and advertising programs. She also oversees Living Facts, an initiative to share facts about America and Americans, and Pew’s podcast, “After the Fact.” Before joining Pew, Ann served as Deputy Assistant Administrator for Public Affairs at the U.S. Agency for International Development. Her government service also includes work at the U.S. Department of Treasury, where she was the Director of Strategic Initiatives in the Office of International Affairs. She also directed communications for the Global Economy and Development program at the Brookings Institution and served at Burson-Marsteller, where she led large-scale public education campaigns. Ann started her communications career at Bank of America in San Francisco. Ann holds an M.A in International Relations from the John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and a B.A. in English from the University of Washington. ___________________________________________ WVU Marketing Communications Today is hosted by Susan Jones from West Virginia University which is a program on the Funnel Radio Channel.
  10. Julie McCoy Today's guest is Life Coach Julie McCoy. SAFFIRE LEGAL PC’s founder and principal attorney Teresa McQueen talks with Julie about how to silence our inner Saboteur - that little voice in our head that touts self-doubt and fear. Listen in as Julie provides some valuable insight into how to evict (or at least muzzle) that inner critic and reach your full potential in the year to come! Workplace Perspective is a regular podcast series for employers and employees focusing on education, training, and the law to help organizations of all sizes develop and maintain successful employer / employee relationships. "The bigger the goal, the louder the [Saboteur] voice." - Julie McCoy Highlights From This Week's Workplace Perspective: * The inner critic can be a positive force for improvement, but the Saboteur's voices is always going to try to trip us up. * The main thing that characterizes the voice of the Saboteur [is that] the Saboteur is a liar. * You'll never win an argument with the Saboteur, but you have within you positive voices that can talk back and help silence the inner critic's monologue. Julie's Tips for Employers and Employees * Recognizing that the Saboteur is never going to fall silent is one of the first steps to turning down its volume. * Confront the Saboteur head-on and identify its message. Once you identify the message you can figure out what parts are true and which parts are false. Work with what's true and turn up the volume; lessening the impact of the Saboteur's false message. * Identify and work to bring forward the positive voices. Focus on the voice of positivity when the Saboteur raises its voice and tries to step to the front. Thank You To: Julie McCoy Special Thanks To... Paul Roberts (Engineer/Associate Producer Extraordinaire!) Melissa DeLacy (Associate Producer Extraordinaire!) Stephen Vercelloni (Composer Extraordinaire! Today’s episode features the song Grifter) James Bohannan & The Knave At Knight (DJs & “Radio Angels” Extraordinaire!) Thank you for listening! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to the show (using the links above or below) to receive new episodes on your podcast player the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. Raise The Bar At Workplaces Everywhere! by getting the word out about this podcast. Rate and review this show at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher Radio, Google Play, Blubrry and Tunein and be sure to share this podcast with a friend. Connect with us and reach out with any questions/concerns:

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