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  1. The coolest aspects of life come from not what we know, but what we do not know. Sometimes the way everything works is an enigma, a complex tale, a confusing riddle. Like when you wake up from a dream and can never remember every fine detail of it. What is truly amazing about us as people is that we understand life in our own unique way. Is it the way, however, that life is meant to be looked at? With the right angle to visualize, life can take on brand new meanings. From the classic existential ideas that this series has brought so far, to the simple act of going to bed, life is never truly understood. Not every question that life will throw at us will have an answer, or will it? Today, I am merely here to take a look at how we visualize all the little things around us. So let’s go and see what we can really see on Clean’s Chats.
  2. There’s a spider in my windshield. Well, not anymore at least, but the story of it serves as a model for a style of life I am constantly trying to achieve maximum efficiency at. This model of life is one where you never have things nagging at you in the background. One where you are no longer pushing things into a forbidden closet, never to be opened again. Not anymore. This time, you are on top of your game. You have reached the apex of this mountain you are trying to climb. It is empty at the top, but you can rest up, and get ready…to climb the next one. What height shall we reach today? Tomorrow? Next week? It is all about the efficiency you allow yourself to be put through. That is where you win. Let us get ready to ascend today on Clean’s Chats.
  3. Many times in life you want to go all in, 100% effort, no stone left unturned, going in as deep as you can into something with all that you’ve got. But what if you have yet to simply cover the surface? That’s this series...so far at least. A simple idea of me overanalyzing way too much on topics that can be really easy to think about. So as we continue on this journey, let’s make sure that we know where we’re starting. Hi! My name is Zach and what is it that’s really about me? Why am I the way that I am? And what do you guys think about those ways? What questions do you have? Well, let’s find out today on Clean’s Chats.
  4. July 17th, 2021. I am at a state I have rarely been in my entire life. In fact, I am not even in a state during this time. I am in a country. A different country. In a sheer ironic coincidental turn of events, being both mentally and physically lost at the same time has its quirks. At some point when you are as far down as you can go, there is only one way left. One direction to take. And that is up! In this day and age, life is learning about the right times to disconnect to step away. I have talked about time and its movement, but in the grand scheme of it all, it is not going anywhere. That might not make complete sense, but people, friends, connections, experiences, are always going to be there for you. And when it is time, they will be ready. So now, get ready for the wildest Summer yet today on Clean's Chats.
  5. Life is beautiful. Every day you get to experience all its wonders. Sometimes, it is simply just nice to take it all in on what it has to offer. It has so much to do and see and know that it is overwhelming. You do not know what to do sometimes, and it is impossible to do everything, so what do you do? For me, it is so important to simply know where I am and how I got here because man is it crazy going through the motions of life. Many times I feel that I need to take a step back before taking huge steps forward. Because of where I am at in life, the most important thing that I need to know is that I am not alone. For me, and for you, it is all about knowing that you're not the only one growing up. So thank you for being here for Clean's Chats. Accompanying Audio: Chris Christodoulou - Risk of Rain 2 OST
  6. ​ Let's have a chat, shall we? Every episode brings a new, simple topic for me to think way too hard about! Let's see where this takes us! 😄 ​ Let's have a chat, shall we? Every episode brings a new, simple topic for me to think way too hard about! Let's see where this takes us! 😄
  7. What if you knew how much time was left? “Time left...in what?” you might ask. Well, anything. How much time before you finally finish that big project you’ve been working on. How much time before you settle down and get married. How much time before you think that you’ve hit it big in your career. How much time that UberEats or DoorDash order will actually show up. When you wake up in the dead of night half-asleep struggling to find out how much time you have left to sleep before you have to get up. The wonders and mysteries of life can always revolve and find their way back to time, and what if you knew how much time you had before it ended? Before it all ended. How would you spend the passing moments and how would knowing the time left change your ways of thinking. Time is everything, and it is one of my greatest friends and enemies. So thank you for being here as I to explore the mystery of time today on Clean's Chats. Accompanying Audio: Andrew Prahlow - Outer Wilds OST
  8. Many of life's events that you go through are unexpected. Whether you plan months in advance, or they just happen on the fly, in the end, there's no telling how a certain experience could go. We can't truly predict what next week or even tomorrow will bring for us as we’ve seen this year. All there is to do is step in and see it all for yourself, and I had the joy of experiencing this feeling last January when I flew to San Antonio to meet people I've never met before in a city I've never been to. My brain has no idea how to plan for the weekend I'm about to undergo, but in the end, that's the best way to prepare. Just, not knowing. Some of the best things you experience are the ones that you don't expect to know what's going to happen. So let's see what became of this event where I simply knew nothing but came out learning something. And thank you for being here for Clean's Chats. Accompanying Audio: David Housden - Thomas Was Alone OST
  9. March 13th, 2020. It is considered to be the last "normal" day of the year as chaos was being thrown all over the world. Funny enough, it also happened to be Friday the 13th. Sports, events, vacations, daily lives were out the window, and the outside became a ghost town within a week. I remember the vivid emotion of uncertainty as I was packing my things to head home as I had no idea what I was about to undergo. It is very amusing to look back on how I was getting excited about a two week Spring Break, which is quickly turning into a yearlong slog. Five months later exactly and here we are as the world is still not 100% okay as many people, schools, and jobs are trying as hard as they can to return to normalcy. All there is to say is that life has changed. And while it is continuing to change, it is never a bad idea to look back and see how we got here. In the end, stay safe and thank you for being here for Clean's Chats. Accompanying Audio: Toby Fox - Undertale OST
  10. Friends are truly amazing people. When you think of them, memories of your interactions come up, and those are unchangeable events. Even if things between those you know change over time, they will forever be a part of your life. Whether it was way in the past, right now as I speak, or sometime later in the future, your life will always be intersected by others, which is really nice to think about. These people. Your friends have willingly chosen to be a part of your life, and on the other side, they have chosen you to be a part of theirs. Today, I just want to think about what it truly means to be a friend to others, and perhaps draw out some new ways to think about those around us. And I thank you for being here for Clean's Chats. Accompanying Audio: C418 - Minecraft: Volume Beta

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