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  1. Condensed Topics Retrieved from SM Profiles of this Reference in Sport Psych A Special Episode for EWS! 🦸‍♂️ It is with one of our most seeked Sport Psychologists, Dan Abrahams, and it is in a new format - I prepared some topics in a PowerPoint presentation, where me and Dan went along live talking about them. It was one of the hardest Interviews to prepare so far, since I knew Dan could cover many topics with expertise and eloquence. That’s why I decided to change the style a bit and found it to be one of EWS’ most complete conversations. We've covered a range of themes on: - I
  2. A Quick Poll to EWS Listeners (you included, especially if here for the 1st time!) Please answer our Poll so we can become more responsive and aware in the content we produce to you Athletes, Coaches, and Parents
  3. On facing and dealing efficiently with Plateaus. Not an experience to be dreaded. We lay out 2 possible routes for one to go about them On facing and dealing efficiently with 🧱 Plateaus. Not an experience to be dreaded. We lay out 2 possible routes for one to go about them. (more soon) ___ -- We appreciate your feedback: By leaving a Review for EWS HERE, you are automatically helping athletes/youngsters in need (see website) >>> https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/ews-building-psychology-for-op-1017732 -- Explore EWS Fully >>> https://flow.page/
  4. Brett Ledbetter brings in a Stellar conversation around Failure to tweak our Perception of it for Good (Extra Clip from Kobe Bryant) What Drives Winning? 😼 A cool way to introduce this PotW from one of our favorite Youtube Channels. Here Brett Ledbetter brings in a Stellar conversation around Failure to tweak our Perception of it for Good (plus, with an EXTRA clip from Kobe Bryant! - one should look closer at this man's Legacy 🙏). So, I hope we finally hammered this home to hone the goodies of making mistakes. When you fail at something... Do you usually get frustrated? Demorali
  5. A Special Episode regarding Gratitude Considerations, practices, benefits, and potential risks of engaging with it the wrong way A Special IQ Episode laying out 🙏 some Scientific benefits shown for Gratitude; some thoughts and considerations; ideas for practice; and some ramblings about potential risks you will probably not here anywhere else, as they are 3 elements that EWS Founder came up with and wanted to raise awareness to! We speak about virtues here, how deliberately practicing Gratitude regularly can be helpful in what regards to your performance as an Athlete, some ideas to ke
  6. Talking about Parental Practices. Common displaced Behaviors and Intentions. Excited to receive 💥 TedX Speaker and "Changing the Game Project" Founder, John O'Sullivan! Sharing knowledge and resources especially for Parents and Coaches in Youth Sports. _____ Quotations: "My favorites parts of the week are getting out there with the 13yo boys that I coach in Soccer, because that really keeps me connected to everything that I'm doing - as a Parent, as a Coach, as someone who is trying to create an experience for children that is not transactional, but Transformational (...) not
  7. On Dealing with the apprehension of not being able to correspond to expectations. Dealing with Others' opinions You know the apprehension 😳 of not being able to correspond to the expectations of important others. A fear of what other people think of you or of your levels of performance can influence your thoughts and behavior for worse... We don't want that to happen. So we enter here on a ramble for assisting with these situations. Besides some orientation, we direct to 2 options of professional help for given cases. -- The Episode Referenced from Dr. Patrick Cohn Here _____
  8. Struggles he had ; Specific parts of his Journey ; Relationship with his Father ; Boxing episodes ; Low Depressive times ; Contrasts between Boxing & Acting EWS receives former World Heavyweight Boxing 🥊 Champion Michael Bentt! Michael is an inspiring figure in the Boxing world, and a protagonist in Netflix Series, “Losers” - Starring out on the Pilot. On this long and rich conversation we dive on Topics that go beyond what Michael passed anywhere else. We talked about Struggles he had ; Specific interesting parts of his Journey ; Relationship with his Father ; Boxing episodes ;
  9. On moving from the banal concept of "Feedback", to the updated "Feedforward"... What if all the comments 🗨️ you received when performing a task were powerful enough to make you happy you listened to those, as well as useful for learning and improvement?? We're talking about the different ways of providing feedback! What different impacts they can have? (check episode #20 btw! On this QBIO we will not explore this big Theme in-depth for sure. But we present a creative idea (coming from John Kessel) on transforming the energy attached to the assumptions around "Feedback" and "Criti
  10. An Overview and 2 examples from the Podcast Sport Psychology Hour, from Dr. Andrew Jacobs Listen in for an Overview ⚗️ of a big reference on Podcasts on this realm of Sport Psychology. The Sport Psychology Hour hosted by Dr. Andrew Jacobs, who has +40 years of experience working on the field as a Psychologist. I mention a talk he had there recently with Amanda Clements, about Failure and Expectations. Alongside this all, I made some important notes for any Athlete, Coach, or Parents to have in consideration regarding the work of a Psychologist, especially regarding strategies pro
  11. About a key Characteristic that distinguishes good players, from stellar players... Technical abilities 🏌️‍♂️ are not enough to be a great player. Adding to that Physical and Tactical excellence and it’s still not enough to be stellar! So what does it take to achieve expertise and become a player that stands out from the rest of the competition? Hint: an ability to see into the future... How is it, exactly?? Wishy washy stuff? No, you will keep focused, super attuned in the present moment... And with practice, the rest will come. Magic happens. On this IQ, grabbing from the pract
  12. On Efficiently Working one's Parenting Approaches, from a "Non-perfect Dad" A big one for Parents, finally! 👨‍👦 “Non-Perfect Dad” Richard Shorter joins EWS to talk with Host Gonçalo Marques about Parenting Approaches to youngsters in sports. Keep in mind that this go crosswise and there's Educational gems packed here. We go through what may be healthier, and more enriching for a proper athlete and child development, and through what can be more inappropriate, or maladaptive in that sense. Always in mind that our main purpose is to promote reflection into one’s Practices and view
  13. On Minimizing the Risks of Excessive Preparation. Get Unstuck from Internal Constraints and Perfectionism Having imprecise shots 🎯 in your practice (whatever they may be)? Great!! How so “great”, are you kidding??! No, these fails and imprecisions are good for development. They can be your little coaches voicing to you what you need to adjust the next time. So, we didn’t incur on a mistake on writing the title for this QBIO. This one is to make you remind that the off-target attempts in your practices (i.e. shots, passes, technical executions...) CAN BE effective teachings! Teachings
  14. Ever wondered that many obstacles you have in front of you are literally helping your physical and mental development? Check that out! It’s common sense that Obstacles 🕸️ block, or impair, one’s level of performance. But what if some obstacles can propel better learning + great developments in your performance? This can certainly be true, and there’s Science to back it up, as well as real case reports in favor of that. This is based on the CLA (Constraints Led Approach) and we learned about it from THIS GUY & from *THIS PODCAST* (reference of this PotW!) See, the main lo
  15. You Optimize your Performances by Doing Your Best, Right? Speaking about the Appropriate 'Best' for E-W-S Giving your best 🚅 is super appreciated by Teammates, Coaches, and Society in general. But does this really mean? And what does one's best involve? Is it static? Is it malleable? On this co-produced IQ episode, we dive in the intricacies of what it means to give our best in the activities we partake. In sports or otherwise. We pay attention to some issues connected with this big topic (that can touch on so many important elements to take in consideration!). I know there's much

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