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  1. A beautiful little tweak to the word "Win" to have in mind during tougher moments during Practice or Competition Winning produces probably the most thrilling and desired feelings 🔥 to have in Sports. On this (not so) ‘Quick Bring it On’ Episode, I provide a little important tweak you can take with you around the word “WIN” . This one is for a deeper focus on the present moment during practice or competition (and to what the game asks from you), and a not so deep fusion with your emotionality and thinking sides that are creeping in there and becoming unhelpful. ( Essential
  2. A Conversation with a Performance Psychologist helping Leaders on Public Speaking, and Athletes with Anxiety Joining in EWS is Dr. Nick Lazaris, 👴 with +30years of Experience working on Performance areas and helping Athletes mostly regarding the perils of Anxiety. A conversation that combines stories, examples, and applicable ideas to assist in your Sports Practice and in some tougher moments where anxiety can start to feel really big and impact negatively your performance. Tune in if you're interested on dismantling some troubles you have been getting and obstacles you don’t know
  3. Some Stories and Lessons coming from an Actor, Public Speaker, and most impactfully, a Soccer Referee - on "How Not to Take Things Personally" We all get triggered by some things, in some way or another. 😤 This can be good to mobilize one's energy for the sake of a good performance, or it can block an Athlete's optimal performance. What about being able to not letting criticism get the best out from you, and picking on the useful information that is coming from the sensitive topic pointed at? As the Author of this Speech, the Referee Frederik Imbo tells: “Most of us are referees
  4. Hoping that you (Athlete) shake it off some rules you have around depending on certain feelings to perform "well". Well enough is key, here An IQ to shake some preconditions and expectations 🤕 Athletes usually have in regards to their own levels of performance on training sessions or competition matches. This will inspire a reflection for yourself about your feelings and the way you look at them. Plus, on how they are influencing what you’re bringing (or being able to bring) to the pitch - to your performance. I hope in the end, you will not need (depend) that much of feeling X o
  5. Alittle tricky play on the popular game of "Would you Rather" and drawing on some implications applied to Sports A QBIO to entertain your brain for reflection (😬 vs 😳). How does the prospect of regret may influence your sporting practice (on training ground and during competitions)? How so, being embarrassed for some mistake, may contain a gem to be picked for learning? Examples are provided, and with this one, I would really love if you wrapped your mind around this and delve in it a bit more. So for that, you can share more by going on the 3rd link below: ___ -- We ap
  6. Some Essential Notes and Data from Fresh Science Research around Sleep Regarding to Elite Athletes + Notes for and from General Population This one is to highlight 💤 the essential roles of Sleep towards serving Performance levels. I’ve studied for a month from 2 world-known experts on this field, and I lay out here some theoretical considerations about Sleep + I talk about the evidence out there in relation with Athletes and Sleep, coming from two super Fresh Reviews of Science Literature, from 2019 and 2021 (links below). The purpose for this is right upon stressing how Sleep is
  7. Several wise accounts about approaches in Peak Performance & Dealing with difficult times in Sports A talk about 🚧 “overcoming obstacles to excellence” - and more! This is just to honor our guest’s motto in the work he does as a Clinical and Sport Psychologist in the USA - Dr. Eddie O’Connor. This one filled me of joy, and I consider this one of the most useful and essential for any athlete! Hands-on approaches are shared for athletes to relate better with themselves in tougher times, as well as managing unhelpful feelings and reactions related with performance. Our convers
  8. On Mental Poise, and the process Russel uses to perform under pressure and dealing with life's difficulties On prioritizing Mental Training 🧠 (and Mental Health). A set of reports from an elite NFL player - Russel Wilson, retrieving from a TedTalk he gave. A great 6min informal speech naturalizing life hardships in sports contexts, and sharing a few stories from himself, and how he went about them coping the most efficiently possible. He speaks, about shifting gears to neutral to regain some mental balance, as it also helps to get ready to perform (even under pressure(s)). -
  9. Dissecting a bit the motivational cliché of "believing in yourself" and that you can improve. A critical element 🚣‍♂️ for any process of learning or improvement: BELIEF. To believe that oneself is capable of improving is often considered as the pivotal aspect that must accompany a person so that that improvement occurs. We all also know that this is too broad of a matter, and that it often sounds as a motivational cliché. Like: “believe in yourself! You are capable of anything” type of statements. Either way, from this episode, I want to show a power
  10. Condensed Topics Retrieved from SM Profiles of this Reference in Sport Psych A Special Episode for EWS! 🦸‍♂️ It is with one of our most seeked Sport Psychologists, Dan Abrahams, and it is in a new format - I prepared some topics in a PowerPoint presentation, where me and Dan went along live talking about them. It was one of the hardest Interviews to prepare so far, since I knew Dan could cover many topics with expertise and eloquence. That’s why I decided to change the style a bit and found it to be one of EWS’ most complete conversations. We've covered a range of themes on: - I
  11. A Quick Poll to EWS Listeners (you included, especially if here for the 1st time!) Please answer our Poll so we can become more responsive and aware in the content we produce to you Athletes, Coaches, and Parents
  12. On facing and dealing efficiently with Plateaus. Not an experience to be dreaded. We lay out 2 possible routes for one to go about them On facing and dealing efficiently with 🧱 Plateaus. Not an experience to be dreaded. We lay out 2 possible routes for one to go about them. (more soon) ___ -- We appreciate your feedback: By leaving a Review for EWS HERE, you are automatically helping athletes/youngsters in need (see website) >>> https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/ews-building-psychology-for-op-1017732 -- Explore EWS Fully >>> https://flow.page/
  13. Brett Ledbetter brings in a Stellar conversation around Failure to tweak our Perception of it for Good (Extra Clip from Kobe Bryant) What Drives Winning? 😼 A cool way to introduce this PotW from one of our favorite Youtube Channels. Here Brett Ledbetter brings in a Stellar conversation around Failure to tweak our Perception of it for Good (plus, with an EXTRA clip from Kobe Bryant! - one should look closer at this man's Legacy 🙏). So, I hope we finally hammered this home to hone the goodies of making mistakes. When you fail at something... Do you usually get frustrated? Demorali
  14. A Special Episode regarding Gratitude Considerations, practices, benefits, and potential risks of engaging with it the wrong way A Special IQ Episode laying out 🙏 some Scientific benefits shown for Gratitude; some thoughts and considerations; ideas for practice; and some ramblings about potential risks you will probably not here anywhere else, as they are 3 elements that EWS Founder came up with and wanted to raise awareness to! We speak about virtues here, how deliberately practicing Gratitude regularly can be helpful in what regards to your performance as an Athlete, some ideas to ke
  15. Talking about Parental Practices. Common displaced Behaviors and Intentions. Excited to receive 💥 TedX Speaker and "Changing the Game Project" Founder, John O'Sullivan! Sharing knowledge and resources especially for Parents and Coaches in Youth Sports. _____ Quotations: "My favorites parts of the week are getting out there with the 13yo boys that I coach in Soccer, because that really keeps me connected to everything that I'm doing - as a Parent, as a Coach, as someone who is trying to create an experience for children that is not transactional, but Transformational (...) not

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