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  1. Part 3 "Begin with prayer." That sentence is simple for some and impossible for others. But the amazing thing about prayer is that it is really just having a conversation with God and then looking for the answer in your life. This reality is true with blessing our friends and neighbors as well... listen in and learn how!
  2. BLESS | Week 2 Being B.L.E.S.S.ed and B.L.E.S.S.ing others is not immediately accessible, but it’s not out of reach. It’s a result. It’s sowing and reaping. Blessing is determined by outcome and purpose. Remember God’s plan for loving your neighbor and changing the world is through B.L.E.S.S.ing them not converting them!
  3. BLESS | Part 1 The focus of blessing in Christianity is always about who, not what. Blessed people are at peace with God, others, and themselves. Since Jesus valued and prioritized peace with God, ourselves, and others, and since we want to be a blessing to our community, we need to learn how we might share the blessing of Jesus to our family, friends and community.
  4. Part 1/1 Jesus is greater than any power or any problem. There is nothing He can’t save you from and there is no place you can go that He is not there. And... Jesus will find you no matter where you go or the size of your problems. The biggest decision to help us in life is not HOW to overcome but rather WHO we choose to follow. Listen and learn why choosing to follow Jesus gives life more meaning.
  5. James Part 12 By nature, we are all living for today. The ability to wait, plan or tolerate trials to gain greater character is really hard in our American culture. The book of James says, however, that patience is the key to character. The chapter even goes “back to the future” to gain a greater understanding of how to be patient with our money and with others. Join us in James chapter 5 as we learn the four major ways of gaining greater patience in our lives.
  6. James | Part 11 God wants to be in our lives. He wants to be more than a God that “just saves” us from our sins. He desires to be intimately involved in all we do… including our future plans. But to have this type of relationship with God, it requires some simple steps so that He can “draw near” to us. Listen and evaluate the four steps James lays out in his book on how to be closer to God… follow them and experience an amazing walk with God as he seeks to bless your life.
  7. James | Part 10 There is so much coming at the Christian in the world today. American Christianity might call it "temptations, trials, or weaknesses"... sometimes with the people we trust we may dive deeper into the addictions and habits that come our way. James the brother of Jesus talked more in tune with the rest of the disciples in suggesting some of our struggles with has to do with "spiritual battles." Come discover how he suggests we might battle against the spiritual warfare that comes our way.
  8. James | Part 9 God highlights many things in our lives… especially through the work of the Holy Spirit. But he also uses the powerful creative writing of the authors of the New Testament. Listen in as the brother of Jesus encourages us to grow in the gentle wisdom from God and why it’s such an important part of his book in helping us overcome the trials of life.
  9. Take Mine | Pt 1/1 Mike Silva, a man that reaches out into the Spanish speaking world to share the good news of Jesus, he brings his wisdom and gift to share with us. He reminds us that God is FAR greater than we imagine.
  10. James | Part 7 Words are powerful. They can beat us down and lift us up. They wound and they heal. And the right words at the right time can be exactly what we need to hear—or what we need to say. Join us in the book of James as he teaches us in chapter 3… how to tame our tongue!
  11. James | Part 7 Revival is an old word gone "good!" It's a reminder to the Christ follower why we live, how we should live and how as brothers & sisters of Jesus Christ we should follow the "Royal Rule" to love one another and the community around us. The book of James in chapter 2 outlines 6 simple steps in bringing revival back into our hearts.
  12. James | Part 6 When Jesus walked the earth, he challenged his disciples with this word called “Love.” But the kind of love Jesus talked about was costly and frankly challenging. It requires us to look deep into our lives to see where we need to grow. Jesus’ younger brother James took this to heart and had much to say about this “golden rule” called love.
  13. YOUnited | Part 1/1 We're blessed to live in a nation of laws. But what do we do when our rights clash with the rights of others? The answer is surprising.
  14. James | Part 5 We have all been around a Christ follower who was just different than most Christians. They seemed like they knew God and didn't just know about Him. Essentially we conclude that they hear to voice of God as if he were speaking to them! James tells us in his book that everyone can be this way. Everyone can have the same access to hearing from God as these special people in our lives. Listen and learn about the 5 simple steps of how we all can hear the voice of God.
  15. Fathers Day What if life could be more than becoming better but be more about becoming greater? What would that kind of change look like? Jesus re-calibrates what greatness looks like and points us in that direction.

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