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  1. Jesus' words on the cross reveal the depth of His love for you today. Episode 77 - We are entering deep into the Easter season with two episodes to take us at the feet of the Cross through the gospel of Luke. Today, we ponder the seven statements that Jesus made from the cross. You may be familiar with them, but we sprinkle fresh gospel spice on these seven famous sentences today--and you just might be poised for an explosion of fresh flavors that will usher you into a worship experience of our crucified Lord. Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. That's the first s
  2. Expect life changes through prayer! Episode 75 - Have you ever wondered if there was more to prayer than you've experienced? Stephanie welcomes Janet McHenry today for a refreshing look at the importance of prayerwalking. You've maybe heard the term. Do you know what it means, and how simple it actually is? Few practices yield as many results and exciting growth as prayerwalking. Janet McHenry discovered the organic connection between praying and walking out of necessity--for health reasons. But she discovered far more than that--she discovered a lifestyle, the lifestyle of praying al
  3. Relationships. Marriage. Identity. Choices. It's all in "Staying Power," Carol Kent's latest book. Episode 74 - Stephanie is thrilled to welcome bestselling author and international speaker Carol Kent. We tackle many topics around the theme of external circumstances bringing strain on marriages, and the great crises of life. Carol shares with openess and vulnerability about the unfathomable struggle of her only son's lifetime incarceration for first degree murder. In this context, she is co-author of her latest book, Staying Power. Too often, when a life crisis hits, a marriage suf
  4. Jesus opens the heart of the Father to us. Episode 73 - "If you only knew...", Jesus tells His disciples. What would you change in your life, if you only knew?, He asks us today. "If you only knew what I have in store for you; if you only knew how much the Father loves you; if you only knew who you are in His sight; if you only knew how truly breathtaking in glory and splendor and meekness I am..." Jesus has much to teach us about how to see ourselves, and God, in His light. In this episode, Stephanie takes us behind the scenes of the two betrayals by the very disciples of Christ. Juda
  5. Unity within disunity Episode 72 - Stephanie beckons us to continue our way through the gospel of Luke by experiencing alongside Jesus what it feels like to be attacked by enemies. With His usual meekness and boldness, He addresses their needs and ignores the facades they seem to put up to trap Him. What does this tell us about how we are called to behave? Have you noticed how people of different opinions can suddenly unite against a common foe? We see it happen today when 4 distinct people groups, who mutually hate and despise each other, come together in unity against their foe - Jesu
  6. Breathtaking stories of faith, hope and redemption. Episode 71 - Stephanie welcomes Darren Carlson, executive producer of the famous award-winning movie, Jesus in Athens. John Piper called it "moving and convicting." Training Leaders International president Darren Carlson came to Athens with the intention of teaching the Bible to migrant leaders. That was the start of a seven-year journey, as he began to uncover the story God was telling. Based on hundreds of hours of research, this is the story of some of the most marginalized people in the world, God’s chosen outcasts, as they come o
  7. Life in the middle, between valleys and mountaintops Episode 70 - Stephanie invites you to taste the spices of the gospel today in a live teaching recorded at a women's event about Luke 12-16. It feels a little like traditional Bible Study, with a live audience and all the sounds that accompany it (Bible pages bristling, anyone?). Most of our lives are spent "in the middle." Not in the deep pits of the darkest valleys, and not in the breathtaking moments of the mountaintops, but in the daily, mundane, normal middle life. So today we talk about life in the middle ground. How do you make
  8. what will you choose to do this year? Episode 69 - Stephanie takes us deep into two very, maybe overly familiar stories: the bleeding woman Jesus heals, and the young daughter Jesus resurrects. And yet today, we invite you to discover new flavors in this "common" recipe. We dive deep in the meaning of the 12 years, and the tassels on Jesus' garment, the famous "tzitzits." We discover the deeper meaning of the prayer shawl He wore, and the color of the Throne Room of Heaven. It has to do with being seen, and never invisible to the God who loves us personally, and fiercely. This is 2021.
  9. 2021: Embrace Daily Declarations to Break Cycles of Negativity Episode 68 - Stephanie is totally giddy to welcome one of her dream guests, Margaret Feinberg, to celebrate the beginning of a new year, unique among all others. When they first met, Stephanie was drawn to the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit in Margaret; this triggered a curiosity that is led to today's episode! They talk about Margaret's latest book, More Power to You, and they invite you to start 2021 with this 52-devotions powerhouse of a book to embrace God's full purpose for you in 2021. Margaret says, “I devot
  10. What are your dreams for 2021? Episode 67 - Stephanie Welcomes Connie Albers to look back at 2020 to place it in its proper place even as it comes to an end. How did God use 2020 to grow you? How has 2020 allowed you to remodel areas of your life that needed attention? Connie and her family have been through 2020 bearing much loss and grief. We can all relate, and like many of us, her experience has been particularly extreme. So, she comes today to share the lessons she learned, and the insights she gleaned. What will you remember about 2020? How will you look back on 2020, and re
  11. Episode 66 - Merry Christmas! Stephanie has a multi-faceted gift for you this year. First, this is a double-length episode, very near and dear to her heart, that she worked at with meticulous care, to make it as much of a gift and labor of love for you, as possible. Today, she invites you to ponder John the Baptist's question to Jesus: Are You the One? What a timely question this Christmas, as we celebrate the Incarnation of our One. Stephanie invites you deep into the meaning of the various answers that we all give to this question--on many different levels. Enjoy! Then, we announc
  12. how do we let Christ be our light? Episode 65 - In this special Christmas episode, Stephanie welcomes Cynthia Ruchti to discuss the role of light in our lives. Using her latest novel, Afraid of the Light, we tackle the root issues of any form of hoarding--whether as a mental illness, or a struggle, or a spiritual tendency reflecting a sin of the heart. To celebrate Christmas, Cynthia gave away two copies of her latest book, Afraid of the Light, to two Gospel Spice listeners! The winners were Marci R. and Sammy B. This particular giveaway is now closed, but we have several new ones sche
  13. Taste the full Christmas spice rack from Luke's chronicles Episode 64 - Stephanie beckons you into the full Gospel Spice Christmas experience today, in an episode that she took great delight in preparing for you today. Do you long for fresh spices to flavor your spiritual experience of the Incarnation of Christ? Are you tired of stale clichés that taste like microwaved Christmas dinner leftovers? Are you hungry for an explosion of fresh flavors in your Christmas devotions? We invite you to experience a Gospel Spice Christmas alongside the shepherds, and to discover how to make your
  14. Episode 63 - Today, we crack open the pages of the gospel of Luke. What were the good physician’s intentions as he picked up his quill to write down what he had discovered about the facts of the life of Jesus Christ? He introduces several key players early on. They are familiar to us. Zechariah, Elizabeth, Mary, Joseph, John, the angel Gabriel. Stephanie also makes a couple of exciting announcements in this Christmas episode. First, she opens the giveaway to win prizes! Go to gospelspice.com/giveaway to enter. She also invites you to become partner with Gospel Spice Ministries (all dona
  15. How do you cultivate your God-shaped dream? Episode 62 - Stephanie welcomes Merritt Onsa, who longs to see the love of Jesus set women free from the bondage of fear, comparison and imposter syndrome. We talk at length about the concept and danger of imposter syndrome, and how we can remediate by following Christ in deeper ways! In this honest and transparent conversation, we engage in our own struggles to come alongside others and, together, dream the dreams that God has ordained for us. As host of The Devoted Dreamers Podcast, Merritt creates faith-based media and programs that help Ch

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