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  1. The deeper wisdom of God Episode 85 - Stephanie takes us on a stroll through Proverbs to uncover the meaning, reach, and dangers of pride. Proverbs, alongside all of Scripture, teach "grace to the humble, but justice to the proud." Is that good news? Is justice what we seek? Or, do we desperately need grace? We focus on pride. What is it? How does it manifest itself? How can we avoid it? Good pride, bad pride... how do we know the difference? This episode challenges us to see that anything short of begging for grace is sheer folly. So, what does it mean? The previous episode in ou
  2. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Episode 84 - We are resuming our journeyr through the Book of Proverbs after our amazing guest interview with Jill Briscoe in our previous episode. Today, Stephanie takes us deep into the topics of fear, insecurities and anxiety in order to ponder the Christ-centered alternative: faith and trust. Many proverbs are centered on the concept of fear--both as something to avoid when it is the fear of man, and as something to nurture when it is the fear of God. What do these proverbs mean, and what can they teach us today? As has now becom
  3. With Jill Briscoe: practical tips from a lifelong worrier who overcomes daily! Episode 83 – Stephanie has quite the treat for you today! The one and only Jill Briscoe is sharing with us her life lessons on worry, aging, and prayer. She shares about obedience from faith as the solution against worry and worldly cares. She teaches us, in her trademark style and accent, the tools SHE has used for decades to become a vessel God used mightily. So, you are invited to put the kettle on, steep some tea (preferably with milk—how British!), maybe enjoy a few scones with clotted cream (Stephanie's favo
  4. In a world of deceit and hypocrisy Episode 82 - How can we cultivate spiritual integrity? We beckon you deeper into the Book of Proverbs this week. Once again, Stephanie introduces us to a fictional character. This week, his name is Brian, and he struggles with an addiction to people's approval of him. This leads him down to dangerous places of self-worship, deceit and manipulation. These are our key themes this week in Proverbs, underlying the concept of spiritual adultery. In this episode, we will learn to see our heart as the driver behind our will (yes, the pun is absolutely in
  5. A Christocentric approach to the Book of Proverbs: wisdom from above the sun. Episode 81 -- Welcome to our new Gospel Spice season in the Book of Proverbs. Stephanie hopes to provice a Christocentric approach to the Book of Proverbs as "wisdom from above the sun." If you are NEW to Gospel Spice, we invite you to discover us at gospelspice.com. Stephanie teaches about 2/3 of the time here, and then has amazing guests for the rest of our time! For example she recently welcomed Liz Curtis Higgs and Geof Morin to celebrate Easter. And now, we are back to our usual rhythm with our new Prover
  6. Mary of Bethany role-models authentic worship. Episode 80 - There are times when words just don't suffice to express excitement and wonder. Today is such a day! Get this: Stephanie welcomes Liz Curtis Higgs. Yes, THE Liz Curtis Higgs! Stephanie has grown in wisdom at her feet, and is delighted--utterly--to share her words of beauty and wisdom with you this Easter. Liz beckons you into an Easter experience like no other. Oh, beloved, come and enter into the beauty of Easter today. Liz weaves the story of Mary of Bethany in that timeless moment when she worshipped Christ, on the Saturday
  7. A Palm Sunday experience for the Covid-stricken Episode 79 - Geof Morin, CEO of Biblica, comes to us today as a Bible teacher to marvel at Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. Stephanie is delighted to bring you Geof's insights on Jesus' famous Triumphal Entry... on a little pony. Geof challenges us to behold this event through an unusual lens, weaving your local DMV and Disney's Aladdin into a powerful question: do you know the power of what you are holding in your hand? This question, so relevant on Palm Sunday about palm branches and the quest for freedom from oppressi
  8. What if there was a healthy alternative to the trap of comparison? Episode 78 - Stephanie is welcoming a guest today. Make sure you have also listened to our previous two episodes, episodes 76 and 77, on the Cross and the Resurrection. Stephanie was teaching us about unique glimpses into the truth of Easter! They are part of our Easter celebration! Over the next two weeks, we will have two very special guests for Palm Sunday and Easter. Then, on April 5, we will start a brand new series taught by Stephanie on the Book of Proverbs! So, make sure to FOLLOW the podcast to get a reminder when a
  9. A faith grounded in reasons and in miracles: Ten reasons Episode 78 - In this final episode on the Gospel of Luke, Stephanie ponders how we ground our faith in reason and in miracles both. We tackle TEN REASONS that make the resurrection true. From the anchoring in Jerusalem, to the disciples' testimonies--our humble prayer is that you will discover an angle that you have not yet considered, and that it will draw you deeper in worship of Christ as our true, risen Lord. These ten reasons are: 1- The Easter Sunday whispers started in Jerusalem itself. 2- The resurrection
  10. Jesus' words on the cross reveal the depth of His love for you today. Episode 77 - We are entering deep into the Easter season with two episodes to take us at the feet of the Cross through the gospel of Luke. Today, we ponder the seven statements that Jesus made from the cross. You may be familiar with them, but we sprinkle fresh gospel spice on these seven famous sentences today--and you just might be poised for an explosion of fresh flavors that will usher you into a worship experience of our crucified Lord. Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. That's the first s
  11. Expect life changes through prayer! Episode 75 - Have you ever wondered if there was more to prayer than you've experienced? Stephanie welcomes Janet McHenry today for a refreshing look at the importance of prayerwalking. You've maybe heard the term. Do you know what it means, and how simple it actually is? Few practices yield as many results and exciting growth as prayerwalking. Janet McHenry discovered the organic connection between praying and walking out of necessity--for health reasons. But she discovered far more than that--she discovered a lifestyle, the lifestyle of praying al
  12. Relationships. Marriage. Identity. Choices. It's all in "Staying Power," Carol Kent's latest book. Episode 74 - Stephanie is thrilled to welcome bestselling author and international speaker Carol Kent. We tackle many topics around the theme of external circumstances bringing strain on marriages, and the great crises of life. Carol shares with openess and vulnerability about the unfathomable struggle of her only son's lifetime incarceration for first degree murder. In this context, she is co-author of her latest book, Staying Power. Too often, when a life crisis hits, a marriage suf
  13. Jesus opens the heart of the Father to us. Episode 73 - "If you only knew...", Jesus tells His disciples. What would you change in your life, if you only knew?, He asks us today. "If you only knew what I have in store for you; if you only knew how much the Father loves you; if you only knew who you are in His sight; if you only knew how truly breathtaking in glory and splendor and meekness I am..." Jesus has much to teach us about how to see ourselves, and God, in His light. In this episode, Stephanie takes us behind the scenes of the two betrayals by the very disciples of Christ. Juda
  14. Unity within disunity Episode 72 - Stephanie beckons us to continue our way through the gospel of Luke by experiencing alongside Jesus what it feels like to be attacked by enemies. With His usual meekness and boldness, He addresses their needs and ignores the facades they seem to put up to trap Him. What does this tell us about how we are called to behave? Have you noticed how people of different opinions can suddenly unite against a common foe? We see it happen today when 4 distinct people groups, who mutually hate and despise each other, come together in unity against their foe - Jesu
  15. Breathtaking stories of faith, hope and redemption. Episode 71 - Stephanie welcomes Darren Carlson, executive producer of the famous award-winning movie, Jesus in Athens. John Piper called it "moving and convicting." Training Leaders International president Darren Carlson came to Athens with the intention of teaching the Bible to migrant leaders. That was the start of a seven-year journey, as he began to uncover the story God was telling. Based on hundreds of hours of research, this is the story of some of the most marginalized people in the world, God’s chosen outcasts, as they come o

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