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  1. Marriage Meet-Up: the smart way to stay joyfully married! Episode 103 - Stephanie welcomes Bill & Pam Farrel today to discuss marriage. Bill and Pam both grew up in highly dysfunctional homes with backgrounds that statistically guaranteed failure in their relationship; yet here they are, many decades later, with a thriving marriage and a full-scale ministry, LOVE-WISE, dedicated to coming alongside couples in every stage of married life. They say, “If you want a great love life, you must grab a hold of God’s wisdom.” This applies to all meaningful relationships! So, whether you are
  2. Embrace your identity in the battle Episode 102 - Stephanie invites us into the Father's heart today. We start by deciphering the meaning of "downpayment of the Holy Spirit." Staying away from Christianese, we taste the beauty of experiencing the Holy Spirit today. The downpayment of the Holy Spirit as guarantee of our inheritance is a drop of heaven, that makes us long for the ocean of it. Then, we look at what we call "the cross-shaped dimension of the gospel": Finding our identity in Christ means growing in intimacy with Him. The depth of your desire to know the secret things o
  3. Our identity in the battle Series Episode 101 - Welcome to our brand new Gospel Spice series, Identity in the Battle. Over the course of the next eight weeks, we will take deep dives into the letter to the Ephesians with a focus on putting on our God-given identity, and then putting on the armor to fight the battles of this life, grounded in who God says we are. In this first episode of this new series, Stephanie ponders that embracing our identity and calling in Christ takes a lifetime. It is a slow process of discovering, accepting, embracing our identity--and doing this, daily by let
  4. It's a party! Peek behind the Gospel Spice scenes Episode 100!!! Whoa! What a celebration today here at Gospel Spice!! We are rejoicing over God's relentless faithfulness as we reach this symbolic milestone. ONE HUNDRED episodes! That's over 65 hours of content, and countless hours of teamwork. What better way to celebrate with YOU, our beloved listener, than to invite you to join us behind the scenes and discover how the Gospel Spice Ministries work to serve YOU each week?? Stephanie is joined by the entire Gospel Spice team: Chera, Linda, Angel, Lindsay, Angie and Beth, not to mention
  5. Christian ministry from a yoga mat BONUS Episode - Stephanie welcomes Miranda Jo Davis, author, speaker, Seminary-trained and Christian yoga instructor. Do the words "Christian" and "yoga" belong in the same sentence? Can one be a full-on, on-fire worshipper of the one true God in Christ Jesus through the Holy Spirit, and practice yoga? What happens if a Christian tells you that yoga is wrong, but your doctor tells you it is good for your body and your health? How do you reconcile these contradicting views? How do you identify toxic practices in yoga? What are the red flags that i
  6. Discover God at work through culture and language BONUS episode 98 – To continue our special celebration leading up to our 100th episode next week, Stephanie welcomes Naina Mall, program manager for Pak7. Pak7 is a Christian media ministry serving Pakistanis in Pakistan, providing high-quality content targeting specifically women and children. Naina joins us to share her story: born in Pakistan, she emigrated to the United Kingdom under her parents’ guidance when she was merely five years old. She grew up British and attended university there, specializing in media, before God called her two
  7. from legalism to grace: a Pharisee's journey from prison to freedom BONUS Episode 97 - Stephanie welcomes Michelle Rayburn today. Michelle is a self-described former legalist Pharisaic believer, and she is well on her way to recovery through sheer grace. The very fact that she can talk about it shows the depth of the transformation that the Holy Spirit has woven within her. Michelle grew up in the church, and discovered that her legalistic spirit was keeping her from the very One she was pursuing. With admirable vulnerability, she describes the years of daring to step out of the comfort
  8. A Cinderella story from ashes to beauty Stephanie welcomes Jessica Hottle today. Her story is a classic Cinderella sage, from ashes to beauty. She grew up in a very toxic home environment, but found Christ and freedom as a young adult. This didn't mean that all her problems were solved... far from it! She learned to take every thought captive to Christ--how do you forgive those who hurt you deeply? How do you identify lies you've believed your whole life, and how do you then replace them with truth, practically? How do you reframe your entire identity on the foundation of Christ, and Hi
  9. Embrace God's work for the most broken BONUS Episode 95 – This week, we celebrate our upcoming 100th episode by highlighting ministries that serve the world in the Name of Christ in various ways. We will release one episode EVERY DAY this week. Today, Stephanie welcomes Christy and Vinita to talk about the rescue work of NaiAsha, a safe house for survivors of human trafficking and sex abuse in India. Vinita is Indian, and the director for NaiAsha. Christy is American, and Vinita’s fiercest supporter. They had nothing in common, until God united their hearts for a common passion against
  10. Summoned: answering a call to the impossible Episode 94 - Stephanie welcomes friend Megan B. Brown to discuss the intricacies of full surrender and complete commitment to the Lord amidst a whirlwind of difficult life circumstances. Today, discover the story of someone who challenges others to dare to step up as she has been challenged to step up. We discuss the challenges of a military career, as Megan's husband is currently actively deployed overseas. Megan is a missionary to American military communities around the globe. We discuss what an active missional lifestyle looks like on a d
  11. See the world--and yourself--through God's eyes Episode 93 - Stephanie welcomes Tessa Afshar, bestselling author of historical and biblical fiction. Tessa grew up in Iran in a nominally Muslim family before emigrating to the UK. She became a Christian in her twenties, and it has dramatically affected her life's focus. She had a dream about Christ, and she says, "I am one of the only persons in the universe to ever say that my first reaction to Christ was... disappointment"! But then she saw His eyes and she discovered "unbroken love." Tessa writes biblical fiction to draw us deep into t
  12. Surrendering to Christ, the secret of the spiritual heart Episode 92 - What is wisdom? What is righteousness? Who are the primary role-models in wisdom and righteousness in the Old Testament, and how do they point us to Christ? As we conclude our last episode in our Gospel Spice Proverbs series, Stephanie invites us to take a final look at what righteousness and wisdom truly are, and then we will gaze at the Face of Him who is our righteousness. We ponder perseverance and endurance in the faith in oiur struggle against lust--in whatever form. On righteousness: Proverbs talks a
  13. A Christ-centered life: parenting, marriage and ministry the Forté way Episode 91 - Stephanie welcomes former NFL running back Matt Forté and his amazing entrepreneur wife Danielle to discuss their faith, their marriage and parenting, the importance of truth in our search for deeper intimacy with God, and much more! In this candid and genuine conversation, Matt and Danielle share the secret of their successful marriage, and their endless pursuit of more of God in every aspect of their lives. They take us back to their own childhood and coming to faith, and how they aim to role-model authenti
  14. Will we dare to diagnose our distractions? Episode 90 - Will we dare to diagnose our distractions? This heavy topic is on our mind today as we ponder the lessons from the Book of Proverbs about priorities, and distractions. Stephanie introduces us this week to a new fictitious character, who constantly seeks to maintain herself in a state of numbing and escape from the real world. And so, we look at the ever-increasing numbing that comes from seeking pleasure or relief in the wrong places, so predominant in our culture today. We talk about misplaced loves: we are wired for joy and pleas
  15. Will I dare ask myself if greed is an issue in my life? Episode 89 - Will I dare ask myself if greed is an issue in my life? What is keeping me away from God today? Could greed be a problem? There’s a French saying: some people are so poor, all they have is money. Today we are talking about replacing greed, and all forms of idolatry, with joy. Greed. What does the Bible say about it? Proverbs 1:19 - Such are the ways of everyone who is greedy for unjust gain; it takes away the life of its possessors. Proverbs 11:28 -Whoever trusts in his riches will fall, but the righte

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