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  1. We are not here to have a better argument; we are here to move in power. Kris Vallotton delivers a timely message about moving in the power of the Holy Spirit. It is time for the gospel of power to be poured out into the world.
  2. As children of grace, we should continuously seek to become developed by grace. Using the parable of the laborers in the vineyard, Dann Farrelly delivers a powerful message about the grace of God and the nature of His Kingdom. How do you learn to love the manifestation of God’s grace on someone else's life, even when it seems unfair?
  3. Bethel Sermon of The Week. Sunday Morning sermon with pastor Bill Johnson.
  4. The power of Christmas is not found in a manger; it's an inheritance. Kris Vallotton delivers a powerful Christmas message on the lineage of Christ. When you receive Christ, you are integrated into His lineage, which flows through priests and prophets.
  5. Revival is alive in you. In this bonus Sunday evening service special guest David Hogan delivers a powerful word, from first-hand experience, about walking in the miraculous. Increase your faith to heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, and cast out demons.
  6. For many years, Bethel has been dedicated to the building up of people, ministries, cities, and nations. In order to prepare for the next phase of this dedication, it's time to build a bigger building. On this Commitment Sunday, Bill Johnson shares the history, mandate, and heart behind building our future Collyer campus. God builds upon your "Yes."
  7. Our world needs the dawn. If there was ever a season to talk about the light of the Lord, it is now. Paul Manwaring teaches how each and every one of us can awaken the dawn in others. You are a dawn-carrier.
  8. Gifts such as serving, leading, and hospitality are often undervalued because they don't seem supernatural. But loving and leading people are a sign and a wonder. Kris Vallotton shares on the indwelling and equipping of the Holy Spirit so that we may minister to one another. Learn to walk in the measure of grace God has given you.
  9. We need to have true value for every individual's faith and conscience. Using Paul’s instruction about food in I Corinthians 10:28, Bill Johnson teaches how to manage our freedoms in order to steward the faith and values of others. We must learn to preserve what remains.
  10. Our main goal in life should be to intimately know the Lord. Chris Cruz teaches on the significance of abiding in our connection to God. Be inspired to prioritize His presence in your everyday life.
  11. Supernatural wealth—relationally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically—is the design of the Lord. Bill Johnson teaches from Psalm 67, explaining that it is the design of God to bless us so that the world knows He is a good Father. Learn to declare the goodness of God in your life.
  12. We have not exhausted our pursuit of revival. In this launching service, Bill Johnson and Kris Vallotton commission Dann Farrelly as Bethel's Lead Pastor and Chris Cruz as Associate Pastor. Hear from Dann Farrelly as he teaches on Bethel's history of revival in order to demonstrate where we are going. Grow in your grace to be the Church with one another.
  13. The renewed mind illustrates, demonstrates, manifests, and approves of Heaven on earth. Bill Johnson delivers an impactful message about the significance and purpose of a renewed mind. We have the responsibility to portray the heart and mind of God.
  14. Bethel's Missions Pastors, John and Cindy Taylor, invite us deeper into God's love for the nations. Through powerful testimonies and Scripture, they give insight on how we can practically live out the Great Commission every day.
  15. Our relationship with God must benefit the broken, homeless, fatherless, and poor. Using examples from the life of the prophet Elijah, Kris Vallotton teaches on restoring the nations by fighting fatherlessness. There is a Malachi mandate on all of us to turn the hearts of the nations back to God.

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