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  1. The cross displays the beauty of perfect love. Explore the gospel from a new perspective. Bill Johnson powerfully delivers a message of hope from unlikely places. Be ignited into radical obedience through the Father’s faithfulness.
  2. In life, we create narratives. These stories often become our realities. Today, uncover the story God’s writing about your marriage. Be encouraged, restore hope, and rest in the truth Jesus writes into each of our stories.
  3. Scripture tells us that we are more than conquerors, but often the idea of conquering anything feels overwhelming. Clear the haze, and regain a faith-filled life with this empowering word from Kris Vallotton. The dreams God has given you are waiting to be realized.
  4. A lifestyle of obedience does not try to control God but instead is yielded to Him. When we accept the sovereignty of God, we open our lives to freedom only available through Him. Reconnect to God’s heart while gleaning from Bill Johnson's wisdom on obedience.
  5. Come alongside the Bethel family as Gabe Valenzuela ushers in the new year with reminders of the future God has planned for us. Experience renewed hope as we walk through the life of David and his legacy of being a conqueror. Let's run after our Goliaths this year!
  6. Share in the excitement of Christmas with the Bethel family. Pastor Bill extends the joy of noël with unique highlights of the Christmas story, family-wide communion, and a powerful release of the Gospel into 2023. Be inspired to live in the magic of the advent season, everyday.
  7. Receive prophetic insight into 2023, the season of birth, with Kris Vallotton. This revelatory, earth-shaking word allows us to press into God's current move as we welcome this new year. Be reminded that we worship the God of miracles as He's preparing us to release His Kingdom in the earth.
  8. Bill Johnson leads us through the biblical and historical accounts of the Wise Men during the birth of Jesus. Learn how they become known for their wisdom and the role it played in Jesus legacy. God is after pure worship, and wisdom is seeking to do God’s will in fullness.
  9. God designed us to co-labor with Him. The first step toward our purpose is found in surrender. Learn to truly abide in the Lord with this enriching word from Bill Johnson. Discovering what you were made for starts here.
  10. In this season, God has been cleansing and redefining His people. Kris Vallotton shares that as the Church, we are called to greater things. We must learn from the perfect leadership of Jesus to be in the world but not of it.
  11. Our human desire to be led is holy, but it's who we put in leadership that shapes our circumstance. Libby Gordon brings a relevant and powerful word about leadership with encouraging authenticity. Step into the role God designed for you, and let Him step into His.
  12. Our generosity follows our affections. We're a people designed and designated for radical generosity, but what does that look like? Explore David's legacy with Bill Johnson to uncover God's heart for cheerful givers. Align your heart with the affections of the Father, and watch your desire to give grow exponentially.
  13. God is rebuilding society one pillar at a time. Kris Vallotton speaks into Bethel’s movement toward greater capacity. God is expanding His Church as a pillar for generations. We’re dedicated to move as He does, so join us as we welcome greater measures of discipleship, encounter, and revival as God’s will is done on earth as it is in Heaven.
  14. In Jesus, we are fully equipped. Paul Manwaring reminds us of this beautiful truth and walks us through practical steps to live life with the Holy Spirit. Learn to overcome life's obstacles with the resurrected Jesus; the One that defeated death and chooses to live in you.
  15. Surrender is powerful. It brings us to a secret place with God where we're able to embrace our weakness and actively put our lives in the hands of the Father. Today, put down your burden, and learn the power of surrender.

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