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  1. When you come to the end of your rope in disciplining your child, never get mad. Get even. A clever parent doesn’t have to be mean to be understood. What comes to your mind when I say ‘discipline’? Do you think of punishment? Restrictions? Maybe how you had spankings or time outs when you were a kid? If you look in the dictionary, you’ll find this: dis·ci·pline -- the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience. Did you catch that? “The practice of training people…” That’s what I’d like us to focus on—because this isn’t about pain, or inflicting things on our children. This is about teaching them and training them. Find the full article on my blog here: https://jaimebuckley.com/fine-tuning-discipline/
  2. Cause we can all use more hope. The greatest hope for the future, is in the proper raising of the next generation. ‘Hope’ is an important word to a parent. “I hope my child understands.” “I hope my child gets good grades.” “I hope my child will be able to get into a non-bat-crap-crazy college or better yet, a trade school.” “I hope that smell of dog crap isn’t my child walking across the carpet.” “I hope that wasn’t MY child who spray painted the cat purple.” Hope keeps us going when so much seems to let us down, and allows us to cope with variables better. But I’m here to tell you that your WHY can fill you with that hope, when you see your labors over time come to full fruition. Find the full article on my blog here: https://jaimebuckley.com/providing-hope/
  3. Cause some days are just...hard. An average parent endures. A good parent sees worth. A great parent enjoys each and every moment for what it truly is—the privilege of shaping hope for the world around them. The challenges of being a parent don’t always come directly from your children. Many times it’s the outside forces and the variables that wear us down, put a pebble (or ten) in our shoes, or flat out hit us in the face. Having to deal with variables makes staying focused, being consistent, and keeping that smile on our face quite a challenge. Today I want to talk about something most parents do not consider, about themselves, that could change that frown into a smile. Find the full article on my blog here: https://jaimebuckley.com/staying-motivated/
  4. If you expect nothing from your children, don’t be surprised or criticize them when that’s exactly what you get. Nothing. I hope by now that you’re seeing not only the pattern I’m laying out in these podcasts, but the connections—how each of these subjects build upon the previous one. What’s special about this point in our parenting adventure, is the clarifying experience of watching how our WHY affects our child. That in the moments of being challenged, being ignored, or on the flip side—being listened to and respected (hey, it happens for many of us), we develop expectations. As time passes, you begin to truly see the capabilities of your child and though you’ve always wanted the best for them—you start to gain a clear picture of what that looks like. That's what I want to share in the podcast today... Find the full article on my blog here: https://jaimebuckley.com/creating-expectations/
  5. A mother is the most under appreciate person in the world…and we should be spanked just for that fact. As I’ve said many time, society wants to convert you, or destroy you. Many don’t share that view with me, but I’ll argue that society doesn’t give a damn about the family, and it works hard to dismantle ‘traditional’ family values. Fathers are portrayed as walking jokes or people to be embarrassed by, while mothers are mocked for wanting anything other than a career, while Uncle Sam claims to be a parent in your family structure. BTW, Uncle Sam is no longer invited to family functions. He’s proven to be creepy as hell. So why am I bringing this up so far into this series about your parenting WHY? Find the full article on my blog here: https://fundamentalsofparenting.com/dealing-with-outside-forces/
  6. "I can’t," is a lie we tell ourselves when we simply find something uncomfortable or inconvenient to do. When you’ve discovered your WHY, thought ahead, maintained consistency, focused on what it means to BE a parent, it can build unity in a marriage. That unity fosters in us a growing control over our unwanted/needed emotions, which allows us to focus on what’s MOST important in our lives. Today I'd like to go over a special moment I had with one of my own children, and how my WHY helped me to stay the course as his father. Find the full article on my blog here: https://jaimebuckley.com/generate-strength-and-resolve/
  7. Leave the 'squirrels' in the park! "Miracles can happen when we focus on the MOST important things of life.” If there’s one thing you count on in life, it’s distractions. Life and society tend to fill every crevice of our attention with something. A place to go, a person to talk to, something to do…but when I stop to think about it, are these things the MOST important things to do? If you haven’t seen this video, I highly recommend you take the few minutes to watch it. I know, I know—just talked about being distracted, and now I’m giving you a YouTube video to watch! But I promise this is important and will give you a particular perspective on king focused upon the MOST important things. Here's the YouTube link... Today we're going to talk about the WHY and HOW of staying focused, so we can kick butt when it comes to raising our kids! Find the full article on my blog here: https://jaimebuckley.com/keeping-your-focus/
  8. "It’s only a lack of control you should fear, not feeling too much.” Have you ever wondered if how you feel gets in the way of what you should do? I have. We are creatures of emotion, by nature. But those very emotions that can grant us strength to barrel through something difficult, can also hinder us from making the right choice at times. Emotions can taint perspectives, even love…and if we’re not careful, can be the cause of harm to our children. Today I'd like to talk about the WHY and HOW we can get control over our emotions, so we make the right choices in raising our kids. Find the full article on my blog here: https://jaimebuckley.com/eliminate-unhelpful-emotions/
  9. Can you say, "I love you"? "Never allow a day to go by without taking a moment, getting the full attention of your sweetheart and saying, ‘I love you, with all my soul.’ …and if they beat you to it, reply, “I love you back.” Men and women have specific roles to play in the lives of their children. Though we might compensate for each other from time to time, it will not be as beneficial as two loving and united parents. Part of this is how we strengthen, support, and reinforce one another. Today Id like to talk about the WHY and HOW we can get on the same page with raising our children. Find the full article on my blog here: https://jaimebuckley.com/create-unity-between-parents/
  10. What you do MATTERS--even if no one else sees it. "I can think of no greater goal than to leave this world better than I found it, by providing more love and determination to do good through my children." There are times in life when parenting is a very lonely profession. Times when you are striving to do all the right things for all the right reasons, and it feels like the world’s against you. As if each and every decision you make is fought, argued, ignored, and rejected. Welcome to being a parent. It’s a long-term battle…but I promise you it’s worth it--and today I'm going to show you WHY and HOW. Find the full article on my blog here: https://jaimebuckley.com/create-meaning-in-what-you-do/
  11. "Magic happens in a relationship between child and parent, when the child knows they can count on you in any given situation to be fair and just." If there's one thing a parent should worry over--it's their own conduct in being consistent. Fail to be consistent with your children, and you're likely to be thought of as a liar. Oh, they won't say it out loud, but the child's mind will know the truth--you don't keep your word...and isn't that the basic definition of a liar? In today's episode I go over the process I use with my youngest child, Ruby, and how it relates to any communication you have with your child. Find the full article on my blog here: https://jaimebuckley.com/maintaining-consistency/
  12. "Your children are always watching you…especially when you think they aren’t. The most powerful thing you can do is lead by your example." Not has changed much with my voice, and sleeping one hour at a time is proving to be a bit challenging, but we work with what we have. The point is to keep life as stable as much as possible for the children. That's a decision Kathilynn and I made when all this started snowballing in our lives. Making your decisions ahead of time can save you from a great deal of emotional weight. You may not think that's a big deal--but when you're having to keep a family together and sane as loved ones are passing from this life, it becomes more important that you realize. Find the full article on my blog here: https://jaimebuckley.com/the-decision-has-already-been-made/
  13. ...cause it all starts with "why". "Nothing you achieve in life will compensate for your failure as a parent." We start off the season (which is all completed and on it's way), by talking about 'Discovering Your Parenting WHY'. There's a ton going on in our lives here in my home right now--me being ill and seasonal bronchitis, my wife gone to be at the birth of my granddaughter...and my noble son, Simon is sitting at his grandfathers bedside upstairs, just in case he passes away. UPDATE: Asia had the baby 12 minutes after this recording was completed. She is fine, her new daughter is fine, and my awesome son-in-law Kolby is also fine. I guess what I'm trying to explain is--I'll do the best I can with whatever I have and whatever I'm going through...because this show and it's content is important. YOU are important. Your FAMILY is important,...and I wasn't willing to wait any longer. Find the full article on my blog here: https://jaimebuckley.com/discovering-your-parenting-why/
  14. a podcast for the mental. Bed wetting. Eating Toilet Paper. Dungeons & Dragons. Naps. Poo. The evil of HOA's, and let's not forget Jordan Peterson. Yeah, don't try to connect them without proper context...you'll hurt yourself. Bestselling author, illustrator, and Dad of 13, Jaime Buckley talks about art, writing, and experiences in life that often sounds like something from one of his fiction novels. Luckily he's joined by someone to keep him on track and relatively sane--his oldest son Evan. Join us for conversations to make you think, argue, and laugh 'til you hurt, that's our goal. There's no email lists to join or websites to follow. We don't give a crap about stuff like that--this is OUR time together. We just thought you'd like to join us.
  15. Your new favorite podcast for parents FUNdamentals of Parenting is going to be your new favorite podcast for parents and families. How do I know? Because I'm going to bring you real life solutions to real life issues--and if you have any questions, all you have to do is ask.

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