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  1. Our adventure at the American Fork Indie Author Day Well, my son Simon and I were able to take part in the American Fork Indie Author Day last Saturday. It was very enjoyable and I must say, insightful in many respects. Though the library didn't have as many teens show up as I'd hoped, my true intent was to be there, have a new experience, and mix with 'my people'. Yes, I wanted to meet readers of Chronicles of a Hero, which I did--and thank you for traveling so far to see me, you beautiful people--but I hoped to learn something new. I did. After all the conversations, and dir
  2. Finally got the popper working so I could communicate with Höbin. Wouldn't you know it--the problem was solved by something as simple as a little blue button? Gnomes. Anyway--we received a questions from one of our new readers from Russia, who was curious about Wendell. Höbin goes to the WantedHero.com database he's been building for the initial part if the answer, and I share the reasoning behind our heroes creation. What You Should Know... HOW TO GET OUR BOOKS The Chronicles of a Hero novel series, are available in digital, print, and we've started making th
  3. Seriously, I'm clever. Due to some medical concerns, I volunteered to take over for Jaime today. I thought it wise for us to have a little time alone--get a few things out in the open, so we have a clear understanding. Oh, don't worry--you're not in trouble, I just want to have a word with you. Clarify anything that may have been befuddled by Jaime in the previous podcasts. - Höbin What You Should Know... HOW TO GET OUR BOOKS The Chronicles of a Hero novel series, are available in digital, print, and we've started making them into audiobooks! If you'd like to support
  4. I'm having to contact tech support for the popper. Much as I try, I just can't figure out how this thing is supposed to be configured--and I'm not a tetchy person. Honestly, I think Ruby (my 2 yr old) got in there and started flicking switches--so it's still going to take some time to connect with Höbin. GOOD news, is that we will cover two questions at the same time today. NEWS: I will be traveling to do a book signing at the American Fork Library in Utah on November 20th, from 10am-2pm if you'd like to come say hello!
  5. Why every Teen should listen to this podcast This podcast has been so long in the making--and after Mahan messing about with me in the last 72 hours, he's pushed me too far this time. I'm starting the show, ready or not, perfect or not--with the right tools or not, and I'm going to explain why. This is an exciting moment for all of us at WantedHero, and many kind and dear people have assisted us in helping us get to this point, so we're not going to waste another moment! Hope you enjoy the introduction--and if you do, please tell a friend. Oh, and if you'd like to submit your
  6. Life of Fiction is coming! After pondering on this project for nearly eight years, Life of Fiction is coming to life. Author and creator of Wanted Hero, Jaime Buckley, will be taking you on an adventure into his mind. Oh, don't be afraid--it's all about the fantastical world he's created just for teens. You'll get to meet people like Höbin Luckyfeller, the famous gnome historian, and Finley Greenhopper, the prodigy zoologist, as well as a score of other characters...as soon as Jaime can convince them to come on the show. Take a deep dive into the creative mind that's cons
  7. Love this, and appreciate the material more than you know. So much to learn, so many features--but I'll get them all humming and singing soon enough! Thank you. 😍
  8. Trapped in a decontamination chamber with Finley Greenhopper This was not what I was expecting for my first interview, but here it is. During my personal tour of H1-C-FIN101 (a.k.a. PINWHEEL), armed with my cheap portable recorder, I was shoved into a decontamination chamber to avoid being assimilated by a walking, human-sized fungal parasite, chasing Finley and I. Under the hum of the air ventilation systems, I try to ask what questions I can think of. I was actually here to talk with Finley about the classifications of dragons he'd discovered--but sometimes you just get what you
  9. How to help your kids be popular (and not Troll food). We used to work with a brilliant gnome scientist, a Dr. Deborah Harper, who wanted to warn parents about how they can help their children avoid some of life's rougher circumstances. Ridicule Peer pressure Being eaten by Trolls. This is the studio session we did with Dr. Harper...which saved thousands of gnome lives.
  10. ...because you deserve to laugh, like a kid. Howard was suffering from severe anxiety and depression, which nearly killed him. Luckily his loving wife got Howard to the doctor in time.
  11. ...watch your fingers. When we sat down with our gnome staff, we wanted to come up with a unique way of telling people about the eComics. ...then someone mentioned they had a pet gator, named Pookie.
  12. eComic vs 600lb pond gator As our comics became more popular, the staff wanted to do a comparison in public, to see what the population in Clockworks City truly thought. So we set up a test, out on a busy street, and asked citizens to participate. We were delighted by the overwhelming results in favor of Wanted Hero.
  13. When your wife won't stop laughing in the background. This is why most gnomes have an office away from home. *sigh*
  14. Fun run with bloopers on top... Today I'm bringing you the second show I did with my oldest daughter in 2005 called 'Rappin' it Up' with Ditto and Cosmo, which was based on my original comic book series. Listening to this brought back memories of working at home, doing hundreds of takes to get the show right and also reminded me that working with youth isn't always easy...but always worth it. Today's show has another custom commercial and then at the end of this episode, bloopers were included from the whole process. It was a fantastic experience for all of us and I hope this will

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