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  1. Tommy Lee & Pamela Anderson's Marriage and Infamy A musician's review of the Hulu Series on Tommy Lee & Pamela Anderson, their life together in Hollywood, and the infamous sex tape.
  2. Narration by Lauren Comele Morris A narrative reading of The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere by Henry Wadsworth Lonfellow with orchestral music.
  3. The Invasion of the Texas Border 2021 This show highlights the U.S. Border Immigration Policy and what has changed since 2006, and what it is doing to this country. The U.S. Border is open under Joe Biden. We are being invaded. A country that cannot control its borders is not a country! So far, 1 million have entered from over 140 countries. Don't miss the wrap up at the end regarding Thomas Homan and Antifa. With permission from Imprimis, a publication of Hillsdale College. All music is original and produced by Lauren Comele Morris.
  4. How COVID is Being Used to Control the Masses We weigh in on life long personal experience with upper respiratory disease and bring news from Conan Milner's article in the September 22 edition of the Epoch Times on the history of managed health care and what independent physicians are saying about the COVID catastrophe.
  5. Podcast Review of Centrism with Special Guest Walter Bean Lauren and Walter Bean discuss the simple view of Centrism in response to a review that the podcast is "Right Wing", based on the earlier episode on Critical Race Theory.
  6. How Criticism & CRT Align to Destroy A Better World How has the era of "Don't say anything negative" has harmed our ability to talk to one another. How Critical Race Theory defines us by our skin color. CRT is the heart and soul of Marxism. Replacing beautiful literature in our elementary schools. Dialectic of equity is reformulated Marxism.
  7. Excerpts from Trevor Loudon Article on the Marxist Revolution in the U.S. Military Commentary on how the Marxist Revolution is advancing on the U.S. Military. Recorded outside with the birds and the waterfall on my cellphone.
  8. Current Palestinian Israeli Conflict How the conflict is revealing itself on the streets of the United States. It is a bad scene all around and my predictions for the future. Recorded outside on my cell phone. Pay to slay. Biden's refunding of Palestine. The core of the agreeement.
  9. Nakba and The Third Intifada Original audio from a Texas Nakba protest and commentary on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. First war, and two intifadas. Was this the third intifada? Palestinians won't denounce Hamas and attacked Jews in the streets of the UK, Canada and the U.S. Guest host Robert Mitchell.
  10. Transgender Children Caught in the Crossfire Texas Legislation is hearing bills regarding whether or not endocrinologists can continue to prescribe puberty blockers to children as young as age 2. Can trans clinics conduct double mastectomies on 13 year olds? Is Kaitlyn Jenner a good voice for women's sports? How do the Christians repond and how can we engage in more dialog to solve these critical issues? See many articles on drag queens and the transgender issue at www.laurencomelemorris.com. Find us on Facebook at The Centrist Project. We are a 501c3. Donate to our work today and support independent journalism. Thank you.
  11. Fostering Dialog In A Radical World & Audio Documentary! Audio Documentary and Commentary: We seek to foster dialog in a rapidly changing climate of turmoil and radicalism designed to destroy civil society. We expose corruption, terrorism and weaponized narratives and their effects on politics, communities and culture. We seek to promote logic, reasoning and understanding towards safer and better functioning societies. You will hear podcasts in the developing world of narrative non-fiction audio documentary combining music, sound design, foley, excellent audio production and narrative content.

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