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  1. Rob, James, and Corey discuss fun rule ideas, making Kraft singles rain, and Russell Wilson's bruised vagina.
  2. Fuzzy and Aneesh show up to talk about improving motivation for the consolation bracket, should we change the wildcard rules, the trading meta in the league, and Aneesh explains what a "Patriots level player" is.
  3. Find out what fantasy football was like in the 80s and 90s, ideas on having a draft in person, and whether Aaron Rodgers should be banned from the league
  4. Three Washington fans and a disgusting Cowboy's supporter talk about fantasy football, how dumb people that don't tank are, how much Fuzzy enjoys tanking, guess at the power rankings, how we should be negotiating with Heinicke as a standard measure of value. Probably some other stuff IDK it happened on Saturday and now it's Monday night and I just was forced to learn how to edit in Audacity cause my internet crapped out while we were recording.
  5. Listen as Jimmy, Brandon, and Corey discuss conditional trades, Jimmy sets his lineup live for the first time in weeks, season's first power rankings, whether we should have a league combine, and Brandon's stolen French Bulldog barks at shadows.
  6. I didn't listen before I'm releasing this so proceed at your own risk In this podcast you'll learn things like: Why did Grant start Kadarius Toney? Why does David treat Clemson players like Pokemon? How does Kalani feel about being in last? Should we do the draft in Vegas?
  7. Rob, James, and Corey talk about the draft and prove the meaning of life is This episode is easily one of our best. Highs, lows, friends become enemies, enemies become friends. Imagine being able to watch your favorite movie for the first time again, and combine that sensation withfinding enlightenment in the mountains of Nepal. We discuss the first round, our favorite picks, the most surprising picks, and which teams came out the best. James then talks about
  8. The campanion podcast to the Superflexer dynasty league Members of a dynasty league talk about said dynasty league.
  9. Rule changes, the draft, team values, and the low production value In the first episode Rob, Fuzzy, and Corey go over various topics relating to the Superflexer Dynasty league. Timestamps: 00:00 - Explanation of the podcast 05:39 - Rule change discussion 14:33 - Draft picks per team 20:30 - Which owners need which specific position groups 29:48 - Overall team values from KeepTradeCut 37:45 - What we learned from last year's draft 48:00 - Actually important discussion

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